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The Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica

For decades, Costa Rica has been one of the world’s top surf destinations thanks to its consistent and quality waves. You can find a number of different surf breaks to suit all levels of experience, including some that are very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Some of the best surf spots in costa rica are located on the Caribbean coast. If you’re looking for big waves and an authentic Caribbean experience, Puerto Viejo is a great choice. There, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious Caribbean food, reggae music, and heavy surf while experiencing the culture of this region.

The southern Caribbean is also home to some amazing surf, with the largest wave in Costa Rica – Salsa Brava – and other surf breaks that are more suitable for experienced surfers than beginners. It’s not quite as crowded as some of the more popular beaches in the central and northern regions, so it’s a good option for a relaxing, laid-back holiday that includes surf and sun!

Pavones Beach, located on the Gulfo Dulce, is another fantastic option for surfers. This secluded beach has one of the longest left-hand point breaks in the world, and it can handle very large swells!

There are a number of surf shops around the country that offer rental services. This is a great option if you don’t have your own surfboard and you want to try it for a day or two. In Jaco, Hermosa Beach, and Puerto Viejo for example, you can find surf shops where you can rent equipment for a few days!

Tamarindo, located on Guanacaste island, is a popular surf spot that has several surf spots to choose from. It’s a quiet town during the week but gets pretty busy on weekends. It is also a popular vacation destination with plenty of lodging options, from small hostels to all-inclusive resorts.

Playa Guiones, located on the Pacific side of Guanacaste, is another good option for those who are learning to surf. It’s a 7 km long sand and volcanic rock beach break that can handle big swells but works best when it’s between 2 – 4 ft.

This beach has been called a “swell magnet”, meaning that it’s very prone to channeling the smallest of swells and delivering rideable waves. In addition, the beach is very forgiving and makes for a great place to learn how to surf!

Witches Rock, located north of Tamarindo, is a world-class break that rarely gets crowded. The sandbar is located in front of a giant volcano rock known as Roca Bruja, which has been cursed by a witch!

It’s a great place for surfing all year round, especially during the winter. It’s a little difficult to get to, but it is well worth the trip.

The surf in Jaco is very consistent and it churns out beautiful lefts and rights that cater to all levels of experience. It is also a great location for first-timers who are learning how to surf because it’s less crowded and is easy to get to from the capital city of San Jose.

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