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How to Choose the Top Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

If you are a professional landscaper or work on larger properties, a commercial zero turn mower will make your jobs more efficient and easier. These mowers have the ability to turn on a dime and can be used to cut grass for several acres at a time. Choosing the right one for your needs will depend on the type of landscaping that you will be cutting and what features you need to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Deck Materials

The deck material of your mower will affect the performance and durability of your commercial mower, so it is important to choose a high-quality cutting deck. Some of the top-rated commercial zero turn mowers feature heavy-duty, fabricated decks that can stand up to heavy use and wear and tear. The deck can also be adjusted to meet the demands of your specific mowing situation.

Hydro Gear Technology

The hydro gear system of a zero turn mower allows you to easily maneuver your machine around obstacles, curbs and other obstructions. It provides the added traction needed to cover large areas without skidding, and it is a great option for hilly terrains that are hard to maneuver on conventional wheels.

Hydro gears are available in multiple configurations and are often paired with transaxles. The most common hydro gear systems are found in Husqvarna, Toro and Ferris models.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of your commercial mower is a major factor in ensuring that your mower is comfortable to use and will not fatigue you during long mowing sessions. Some of the best-rated commercial zero turn mowers offer a dual-coil-over-shock rear suspension with 3D isolator mounts, which help to absorb bumps and vibrations so you can ride long hours in comfort.

Engine Power

The most powerful commercial top commercial zero turn mowers have engines that range from 24 to 38 HP, which are a great choice for landscapers who need to handle heavy duty mowing tasks in rough or hilly areas. These engines are built by leading commercial engine manufacturers, such as Honda, Kawasaki and Kohler, to provide the traction necessary to navigate rough or hilly lawns.

Roll Over Protection

The safety of your commercial zero turn mower is a top priority for many landscapers, which is why it is essential to look for a model with a good roll-over bar. This will protect you and others in the event of an accident, and it will also allow your mower to maintain its pristine condition for longer.

Fuel Tank Capacity

A commercial zero turn mower with a large fuel tank can allow you to do more mowing in a single fuel fill up, saving you money on gas expenses while allowing you to cover more ground with each refuel. The amount of fuel required depends on the terrain, but a zero turn with a fuel tank that can hold up to 500 gallons can be an excellent choice for landscapers who will be working in rough or hilly areas.

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