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10 Aug 2014 Spending a Great Time in New York

Brief overview: -

According to the recent survey made, the most attracted tourists cities are New York, New Orleans, and Charleston- now known as South Carolina and the Portland- the state of Oregon. Each city has its own places and tourist spots like New York is famous for its theaters, boutiques, boutiques, classical music and the stylish people, New Orleans is known for its music and nightlife, Portland is known as the ecological city and also is famous for parks and public transport. Charleston is called as the place of harmony and is known for is flea markets, architecture and the curiosity shops.

Beauty of the New York City: -

When it comes to spend a good time in the break or vacation then most of the people travel to the New York. It is not only for the beautiful nature, weather conditions and the architectures but also because of the cheerfulness among the citizens of the New York. New York City comprises of diverse people. But at the same time the people are known as the trend setters. It is believed that the people of the New York spend their life to full of their extent and spending the vacations time in such kind of environment is the dream of every individual.

Architecture and Structures in New York: -

i.Extreme lavishness can be felt when a visit is made at the hot spot of the Midtown. It is known as the Russian Tea Room which is 4-level restaurant. After the magnificent makeover of the Russian restaurant, it had become even more glamorous. It was opened in the year 1927 and some of the extravagant features are: -

a. Beppe in New York
b. B.B. King Blues Club & Grill at New York
c. Pebbles Restaurant at Orlando

ii. Waldorf Towers, New York- A Conrad Hotel: – it is the separate tower that is rising above the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and is giving the most elegant look to the people and hence attracting many people. Some of the features associated with it are: -

a. The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City
b. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Orlando
c. Embassy Suites at Fort Lauderdale

iii.Lincoln Square 13: an 8 story IMAX theatre which is centerpiece and the most posh place in New York. Really such places are making the people attracted to spend their break time in New York.