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14 Aug 2014 Cheap Yet Superior Amenities in New York Hotels


When ever we care for our hard earn money we just started thinking about the cheap or discount rate of the things which we want to avail. And when it relates to tour of a place like New York, a traveler cannot resist himself/herself from doing that. So, then comes lots of things in mind like the cost of the hotel or air tickets etc.

New York which is the largest city of US is located on the eastern coast of the United States. New York is also known as “Big Apple”. We have heard about Hudson River of the city which is a silent spectator of the city. Again we know about Brooklyn which is larger than Manhattan Island. There are various discount hotels in New York like the hotel Pennsylvania, Sohotel, the Hotel Newton, the Excelsior Hotel, and the Broadway Plaza Hotel etc.

These hotels provide internet connection, full size or queen size bed, private bathe; colour T.V, shopping malls and venues, large show rooms, ATM and fitness center facilities etc are also available there. You can see a tranquil sightseeing of the West Side, Central Park, and Midtown Manhattan from some of the motels. The delicious foods in breakfast are continental or American style breakfast. Another interesting thing is the cheap hotels in New York also serve coffee in the nice lounge of the hotel.

The travelers can have a nice time in better hotels in New York City, which are less expensive and pocket friendly. The superior quality of hotel is of no doubt in New York City. The visitors can easily find the holiday inns or resorts of its kind.

Hotel is the place where people hold for a shot period with its great comfort and pleasure to release the tiredness or pressure from day to day life, when they are on tour and away from home. It’s just like a home away from home. So it’s necessary to make a trip in the holidays or in spare time. Again what can replace the tour of New York City, when you really want to feel the enjoyment of the city by staying in a comfort hotel at an affordable rate.

11 Aug 2014 Review Of New York New York Hotel And Casino

New York New York Hotel & Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A visit to this casino is close to an actual visit to New York City, complete with the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. This resort facility replicates the New York skyline, including the Empire State Building. The lower floor of the casino is surrounded with small shops like one would see if in the City itself.

A tourist standing on the second floor balcony is treated to the view of the casino floor and the shops that border the casino tables and games. If you come to the casino from across the street, you can come over the bridge that crosses the Strip directly into the New York New York second floor.

The hotel amenities are first class with well-appointed rooms and extras, if wanted, like whirlpool baths. They do offer special packages if confirmed via the Internet or phone. It is worth the effort to arrange a package deal, as there could be a savings on the room rate for a several days’ stay.

The casino offers a normal range of Las Vegas gaming and excitement. The other offers of the casino are a sports book and an old time Irish Pub. There is also a stage show with different entertainers throughout the year. The shops that border the casino floor offer a variety of items and food services. The ambience of the entire facility is intended to make the guest feel the vibes of a New York visit.

With its location in the heart of the Strip, the New York New York is convenient to any of the other Las Vegas attractions that a visitor wants to see while in town. As with most Las Vegas casinos, they do have special accommodations for VIP guests who are above average gaming enthusiasts. If a customer wants special treatment, the way to get it is to ask for it. Let the hotel know what you want; you may be surprised at how easy it is for them to arrange for your desires.

There are many unusual places to visit and stay in Las Vegas. The New York New York should be on any visitor’s list of places to see while in town. Stop in for a bite to eat, a drink, and maybe a little table action. This casino is worth the visit for any tourist. The New York City feeling is remarkably real to all who stop by.

10 Aug 2014 Hotels in New York – Comfortable Accommodation at Reasonable Rates

Catering to travelers from all over the world, Hotels in New York offers comfortable accommodation facilities for visitors. Equipped with all sorts of modern amenities and services, New York Hotels are suitable for both leisure as well as business travelers.

Various categories of hotels in New York offer lodging according to your requirements and budget. Ranging from luxurious comfort to cheap accommodation, New York Hotels offer all. The different categories of hotels of New York are as follows:

Luxury Hotels of New York – The 5 star hotels of New York offer luxury accommodation for guests. The elegantly decorated air-conditioned rooms are fitted with all kinds of modern facilities like satellite television, direct dial telephone, mini bar, tea/coffee maker, en suite, work desk, Internet access, radio, clock, safes and so on. Various business, recreational and dining facilities are also available at these hotels. Some of the luxury hotels of New York are Essex House A Westin Hotel New York, Hotel Plaza Athenee New York, Four Seasons New York, Mandarin Oriental New York and many others.

Mid-Range Hotels in New York – Cozy rooms at reasonable rates make this category of New York hotels popular among visitors. Offering necessary amenities like television, telephone, bathrooms and services like room service, laundry facilities, travel assistance, etc, these economy hotels are an important part of the hospitality industry. Some of the economy hotels in New York are 102 Brownstone New York, 348 Inn Hotel New York, Affinia Dumont New York, Albany Marriott Hotel New York and so on.

Cheap Hotels in New York – Offering all necessary facilities and services, cheap hotels provide lodging for people traveling on a stringent budget. Affordable charges, clean rooms and friendly staff combine to provide comfortable accommodation in New York. American Dream Hostel New York, Bed of Roses Hotel New York, Alternative Business Accommodations Hotel New York, Best Western of Lake George Hotel New York and others are some of the budget hotels of New York.

Leisure as well as business travelers visit New York throughout the year. It is, thus, always advisable to book hotels in advance. Be it luxury or cheap hotels, accommodation in New York is available in a wide range. Hotels in New York are an important part of the tourism and hospitality industry of the city.

07 Aug 2014 The New York Alternative Hotels

Hotel or Hostel? If you’re traveling on a budget and don’t mind sharing a shower with strangers, a New York hostel might be the place for your to stay while you visit New York City. In the city, some hostels offer services to only one gender. This allows the young, single traveler to rest in safety. You might have to supply your own bed linens and towels, but the lack of house cleaner service is more than made up for by the affordability and proximity the heart of New York City.

The American Dream Hostel is situated on East 24th Street and give the dormitory beds and the private rooms form $40 to $148 for each night stay. This cost includes the complete breakfast, linen and towels. The Big Apple Hostel offers dormitory beds and private rooms in Midtown for $30 to $80 per night depending on accommodation and season. This price includes linens, but not towels in the dormitories. The Central Park Hostel is just minutes away from Central Park on 103rd Street. Extremely affordable dormitory beds and private rooms are available from $26 to $36 per night. Linens, blankets, towels, and lockers are all included in the price.

Would you like to feel famous as well as thrifty? The Chelsea Star Hotel was the house Madonna’s in the early 80’s and offers theme rooms based on popular music and movie stars. Dormitory beds are $20 a night and private rooms can accommodate up to four people for as little as $55 a night. Situated very near to the Madison Square Garden, this hostel offers economy as well as a clever entertainment theme to write the folks at home about. The Jazz On The Park Youth hostel, located on the Upper East Side, is convenient to museums and public transport. Dormitories and private rooms are available from $25 to $68 a night and include linens and breakfast.

Hostels are a great way to tour the city on a budget. Before you set out on your great New York adventure, check with your hostel for registration requirements. Some hostels offer accommodations for only one gender while others offer both single sex and co-ed rooms. Many hostels requite both personal and financial references for before registration is finalized. Travelers from other countries should be ready to present their passport or international student ID at check in. Enjoy your trip!

At all times, analyze hiring one of many fashionable apartments. Holiday lodging rental is a l and more affordable choice touring this part families and travelers with pets should watch with their travel agents to ensure that all the rentals are secured before leaving home, Group would love to involve up a Travel provided their accommodation is affordable. This location is very popular worldwide and people here relish their journey, the best stay offered by this station. The region is not very pricey also and you fill with lesser budgets can relish their stay. So, come and enjoy you journey here

05 Aug 2014 Discount Hotel New York City

Looking for a Discount Hotel? New York City has a surprisingly large selection.

While the sights are alluring, the price tag for a trip to NY can be steep. Many people look for a hotel at a discount, so that they can have more of their budgeted “trip money” to use elsewhere. Because, quite honestly, few NY visitors spend a great deal of time in their hotel rooms.

How to find the best discount hotel New York City has to offer? The internet is hands-down the greatest resource for do-it-yourself travel planners.

You could start by looking at one the big-name travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz. This will give a sense of what they offer as the “best” discount hotel New York City. But keep in mind that there are many other websites out there that may be willing to give you a better price.

Just click any link that you find on the web (they seem to be everywhere nowadays) and check out what that site has to offer. I recommend that you click on several different links that offer a discount hotel in New York City, so that you can really get a feel for what is out there.

You can also search by hotel chain because sometimes going directly to the source will save more than a big travel site (for example: New Yorker Hotel, Red Roof Inn, Super 8 Hotel Times Square). Also consider Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels, Inns, Guesthouses and even renting a temporary apartment.

A few questions to ask while you plan for an ensuing jaunt to NYC:

Where do you want to stay? New York City can be divided into several areas and these areas usually determine the range of hotel fees you’re going to encounter.

Do you want your hotel to be situated in Manhattan, where most New York attractions can be found?

Or do you want to stay in a trendy upbeat area? If so, then the hotels in Soho, Chelsea and similar areas are probably what you’re looking for.

Fortunately for the cost-conscience traveler, one of the best alternatives to a discount hotel New York City has to offer is a Hostel…and they are located all over the metropolitan area. The general price range for a stay at a NYC hostel is anywhere from $15-$89 per night. You can choose from dorm-style or private room. Most come with a free breakfast and all come with clean sheets and towels.

This is a great New York travel deal! I can speak from experience, this is worth looking into.

Who are you traveling with? While hostels offer an amazing deal for lodging, they are NOT for everyone. Those traveling with kids probably will not want to stay in one, unless you can secure a private room for 4 people (which some have).

For those interested in a simple discount hotel, New York City will not disappoint. You can find them all over the city with a range of amenities to fit your traveling needs and budget. The price range for these discount hotels are around $80-$325 per night. The price typically depends on location and amenities of the hotel.

A great NYC hotel tip to keep in mind: If you only plan to use the room to sleep, clean up and change clothes in order to go out again, then consider an accommodation that is slightly outside of the “hot spot”. Transportation (fabulous Metro system, taxis, private vehicles, etc) is easily accessible and readily available most of the time 24/7.

So if you are looking for a discount hotel. New York City will meet or exceed your expectations and provide you with many to choose from. Not to mention all of the fun you can have with the money that you will save by choosing a low-budget accommodation.

03 Aug 2014 New York Apartments For Sale

Before we begin, you should know that our main purpose is to hand out as much valuable information about New York Apartments, as we can fit in a short piece of writing There’s no denying that the Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. It just takes one search of a travel website to realize that even the cheapest hotels often don’t fall within most people’s budget restrictions. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to rent New York apartments for their visits. This is a great alternative as it offers all the comforts of home and you’ll enjoy much more room than any typical hotel room affords. Business travelers frequently find themselves in Manhattan for extended periods of time. This may be because a new office is opening or they have to secure a business deal. Living out of a suitcase and eating in expensive restaurants each night isn’t pleasant. When you are renting one of the many New York apartments that are available, you can cook your own meals each night and then relax in the living room, the bedrooms or the kitchen.

From here on out, we will give you suggestion on what can make this subject a little more helpful to you. Families also find these types of accommodations to be the best deal for their dollar. Unlike many other locales, many of the hotels located within New York City charge extra for any additional family members over the basic two per room. This means a family of four or five will pay substantially more in a hotel than they would in private New York apartments. Another benefit that the apartment accommodations offer is the extra bedrooms. There’s no longer any bickering about who gets the beds and who has to sleep on the sofa sleeper or cot. When searching for an apartment to rent you can specify how many beds you need in addition to the number of bedrooms that would work best for your family. The best way to find this type of accommodation is to do a quick Internet search. This will typically yield a selection of private companies and real estate agents who handle short term rentals for New York apartments. Since you likely won’t be close enough to the city to tour the rentals in person, you’ll likely be given access to images of the apartments that meet your criteria and price range. This can give you a great idea of not only the space itself but of the furnishings that you’ll find there too. If you want to rent an apartment in a building that has a twenty-four doorman or one that provides fitness facilities you should specify this when you make initial contact with the rental agency. Although you can expect the price to be higher on New York apartments with these types of accommodations, you do want to ensure you and your family feel safe and comfortable while you are away. Try searching for a particular keyword from the title of this interesting piece of writing about New York Apartments on your favorite search engine and you are sure to find a wealth of knowledge.

29 Jul 2014 New York Apartment Remodeling: Time for a Cool and Comfy Change

Living right in the city of New York and being surrounded by the 24/7 hustle and bustle of the people and thriving businesses can make a long day longer. At the end of your working hours, you then go back to your big city apartment and be greeted by the unwelcoming sight of all the everyday clutter, wear and tear, and even house areas that screams repair. And you wonder, What would it take to have an inviting place to come home to? The answer is simple. It is time for a cool and comfy change through New York apartment remodeling.

A common challenge that you would have to take on when considering to remodel a New York apartment is space. Though in general apartments can vary largely in terms of square foot area, average living units in big cities commonly have limited areas. But you need not fret as there are home improvement techniques you could use to be able to make efficient use of every inch of the apartment.

What you want to achieve with your New York apartment remodeling project is to make living more comfortable with a new welcoming and airier feel with every room. You would also see to it that everything would look beautiful but without sacrificing functionality. And the solution to all of these is a good focus on storage and furnishing space. To start with, take a thorough look at every corner of your rooms for items and spaces that are seldom used and I am sure your list could get lengthy. Take a box and pack these items to be kept, or you could also opt to sell them. If you go with the box option, keep it in one of the unused spaces like under the bed. You can also replace the bulkier furniture pieces with space-saving but fashionable ones according to your taste

Additional shelves and creatively located cabinetry are also great solutions in organizing your things. When shopping, you are sure to find a wide selection of cabinets and shelves with dimensions that are enough to fit into any corner of any room. You can opt for space-saving designs such as free-standing, corner shelf units or wall mounted. Just make sure that you would also consider a color and texture to match the rest of the décors. But if your idea of New York apartment remodeling is having functional features conveniently installed into the structure of your home, then you ought to find a qualified contractor to work with you.

After maximizing home organization and getting rid of the clutter, integrate elements that create an illusion of more space into your New York apartment remodeling project. Lighting and interior painting can also do wonders in opening up space. The choice of fixtures and color is important as well as the creative implementation of each. To maximize lighting, avoid leaving out areas and create shadows and make use of reflective surfaces and mirrors. With interior painting, texture and application technique should be considered. There are countless ways in which you can inject your style into your New York apartment remodeling project and make your living area more welcoming and comfortable. All it takes is a good dose of creativity.

25 Jul 2014 Cheap hotel recommendations in New York City

So you’ve finally decided to take that trip to New York City, the city of lights, action and history, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your accommodations. It might seem like an impossible task to find an affordable hotel option that is still located near all of the wonderful sights that you plan to visit, but with a little planning and the following hotel tips, you might just be surprised.


“St. James Hotel” is located just one block from Times Square and Fifth Avenue. It is a 14 story hotel in true New York styling. While this is certainly not a “high class” hotel, it is very safe (with 24 hour staff) and quite comfortable. This is definitely the best priced hotel in the Times Square Area. Prices vary from $150 to $190

“Amsterdam Court Hotel” is located in the theater district within walking distance to Broadway. This is almost like a boutique style hotel, very intimate with very nice accommodations. The staff is friendly, the rooms are nice and very clean. The amenities are not only semi-luxurious, but they are quaint and stylish. Prices range from $150 to $200


“Howard Johnson Express Inn SoHo” is located less than a mile from East Village, Little Italy, and Chinatown. This hotel is not only comfortable and clean, but offers several great free amenities, including high speed Internet access throughout the hotel, daily newspaper, and breakfast in the lobby. This is certainly a hotel that is well worth the money. Prices vary from $160 to $200

“Allstar SoHotel” has undergone several ownership changes and face-lifts over the years, and is currently the oldest hotel in New York City’s Lower East Side. This hotel is within walking distance of East Village, Chinatown, and many other great sightseeing spots. This hotel is comfortable, safe and clean, and offers air conditioning, safety lock boxes and free wireless Internet access in the lobby. Prices range from $180 to $250+ depending upon time of year


“Pod Hotel New York” is located within walking distance to many of New York’s greatest attractions, including the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. This hotel was recently renovated and is a “budget conscious” travelers dream come true. All of the rooms are cleverly designed with space savers that make the rooms smaller than average, but still very modern and comfortable. The decor is wonderful and this is certainly a great alternative for those travelers who want modern style and affordable prices. Prices range from $165 to $200+ dollars.

“Park Avenue Hotel” is a two star hotel that is located less than five miles from the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Center. While this hotel is definitely not the most luxurious of accommodations, it is still quite safe, clean and the staff is friendly. There is bus service to mid-town Manhattan that is located right outside of the lobby, and there is 24 hour staff on site to meet all of your needs. The rooms were all refurbished, including the beds, bed linens and decor in 2005. Prices range from $70 to $100 per night.

As you can see, even the “affordable” hotels in New York are expensive by the standards of most people, still, you can get a good deal if you remember to plan your trip early, keep in mind that there is an abundance of “mass transit” in the city, so you don’t need to stay steps from the places that you want to visit when you can take a bus or a cab. New York is a wonderful place to visit, save up your money, find an affordable hotel and go for it!

17 Jul 2014 Choose the Right New York Hotel for Your Trip to Nyc

New York Hotels are always in demand, and this keeps rates for accommodations in New York City high. In order to get the best deal possible, you will need to plan your trip well in advance, and perhaps consider a New York neighborhood rather than the downtown theater area.
New York Hotels can be broken into three price categories: Luxury, Moderate and Budget.
Great Luxury Hotels in New York City:
• The Buckingham
A luxurious all suite hotel on 57th St. near 6th Avenue.
AKA balances the long term comfort of a luxury furnished apartment with the style and service of an intimate hotel.
• The Michelangelo
A Travel & Leisure “Greatest Hotels of the World”. On 51st St. and 7th Ave.
• The Waldorf Astoria
The icon of world renowned New York hotels. On Park Avenue and 50th Street.
• The Carlton on Madison Avenue
Entirely renewed and glamorous. On Madison Ave., 4 blocks from
the Empire State Building.
• The New York Palace
55 Stories of unbeatable luxury.
On 50th Street between Park and Lexington Avenue.
• Hilton New York
Conveniently located in the midst
of business and media centers in New York City, at West 53rd
Street and Avenue of the Americas.
Great Moderate Priced Hotels in New York City
• Envoy Club
Fully furnished, elegantly designed suites, available for nightly or extended stays.
Full Hotel Services.
• Hotel Roger Williams
Just blocks from Grand Central and the Empire State Building in the heart of New York City.
• Broadway Plaza
A very reasonable hotel at 27th Street and Broadway. Featuring large rooms and modern amenities.
• The Marmara
An Upper East Side hotel where old world hospitality mixes and modern amenities and the most cosmopolitan of locations.
• Park Central
The vibrant choice of 3 midtown New York hotels offering great value and comfort.
• On the Ave
A distinctive Upper West Side hotel. A Michelin winner for 2006 and 2007.
Great Budget Hotels in New York City
• Park 79
Tranquil and friendly, you’ll appreciate the rates at this Upper West Side hotel.
• The Pod Hotel
High style and modern with low rates and a dynamite midtown location.
• Days Executive Hotel
Just across the Hudson River, minutes to Times Square. You can save big and still “do” the city by day and by night.
• Wolcott Hotel
A terrific value, steps from Macy’s, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and much more .
• Thirty Thirty NYC
Comfort and convenience of a European-style hotel at an affordable price. Near the Empire State Building, Macy’s, MSG, and Union Square.
Parking is also very limited in New York City, and parking in a hotel lot will run over $25/day. So plan your visit around public transportation and taxis instead of your car.
To get the best rates, ask about corporate rates, discounts, and packages. Sometimes you can save 10% off the hotel rate.
Most hotel rooms are small, and older hotels which are high rises sometimes have poor water pressure. You may want to forego that view for a better morning shower.
Don’t forget to plan for New York hotel taxes which are 13.6% New York State Tax, and a $2 New York City hotel Room Occupancy tax.
A great online guide to New York Hotels can be found at www.newyork.com.

15 Jul 2014 What to Expect From a Cheap New York Hotel

If you are planning a trip to New York city and you are heavily limited on your budget, rest assured that you can still have a meaningful trip. The only thing is you will need to sacrifice on some of the luxuries and save on other expenses such as food and souvenirs. One thing you can do to minimize expenses is to stay in a cheap New York hotel.

Cheap does not necessarily mean a bad thing especially when we are talking about a New York hotel. You will just have to be extra careful because some establishments abuse the word cheap and they would offer horrendous services. A stay in a New York hotel need not be expensive and while you may want to spend a little on it, you can still get at least the basic accommodations and necessities anybody would expect.

Here are a few things that you should expect should you decide to stay in a cheap New York hotel room.

1. No Internet access.

This may not be very important especially if you are not on a business trip. After all, you are there to see the city and not to surf the Internet in your New York hotel room. And if there is no Internet connection, you may also not expect a computer. You can just bring your laptop with you and surf the net in a coffee shop. There are plenty of coffee shops and other establishments that offer free Internet connection.

2. No cable TV.

You have plenty of time to watch your favorite shows on cable television back at home. This is also a good thing because there will be less distractions and your attention will be focused more on planning your itinerary for the rest of your stay.

3. There is only one complimentary meal.

An inexpensive New York hotel will offer just one complimentary meal or none at all and it is usually breakfast. Go try it during your first day at the hotel but if you find that the food is of such low quality, then you can just go out and eat. New York City has so many restaurants and offer the best in every form of dining.

4. No telephone

Although this may come as a standard equipment in a hotel room, some hotels will not include a phone to help cut off the expenses. No worries there. You can just bring your cellphone with you or you can always call at the reception.

5. Size does matter

If you are paying less, then you should not expect to get a suite. A standard room may just be the right size for two people or even just one. Don’t expect to find a king size bed, a walk in closet or even a full size bath tub.

These are just some of the things that you should be aware of if you are staying in a cheap New York hotel. Another thing worth mentioning is that the farther away from the center of the city the hotel is, the cheaper the price of the room goes down. Keep these things in mind and may you have a pleasant trip.