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14 Aug 2014 Cheap Yet Superior Amenities in New York Hotels


When ever we care for our hard earn money we just started thinking about the cheap or discount rate of the things which we want to avail. And when it relates to tour of a place like New York, a traveler cannot resist himself/herself from doing that. So, then comes lots of things in mind like the cost of the hotel or air tickets etc.

New York which is the largest city of US is located on the eastern coast of the United States. New York is also known as “Big Apple”. We have heard about Hudson River of the city which is a silent spectator of the city. Again we know about Brooklyn which is larger than Manhattan Island. There are various discount hotels in New York like the hotel Pennsylvania, Sohotel, the Hotel Newton, the Excelsior Hotel, and the Broadway Plaza Hotel etc.

These hotels provide internet connection, full size or queen size bed, private bathe; colour T.V, shopping malls and venues, large show rooms, ATM and fitness center facilities etc are also available there. You can see a tranquil sightseeing of the West Side, Central Park, and Midtown Manhattan from some of the motels. The delicious foods in breakfast are continental or American style breakfast. Another interesting thing is the cheap hotels in New York also serve coffee in the nice lounge of the hotel.

The travelers can have a nice time in better hotels in New York City, which are less expensive and pocket friendly. The superior quality of hotel is of no doubt in New York City. The visitors can easily find the holiday inns or resorts of its kind.

Hotel is the place where people hold for a shot period with its great comfort and pleasure to release the tiredness or pressure from day to day life, when they are on tour and away from home. It’s just like a home away from home. So it’s necessary to make a trip in the holidays or in spare time. Again what can replace the tour of New York City, when you really want to feel the enjoyment of the city by staying in a comfort hotel at an affordable rate.

14 Aug 2014 A guide to discount shopping in New York City

Discount shopping in New York City can be an addiction. Because the city on the whole is expensive, knowing where to shop can become an obsession. Residents will often tell that they hardly ever pay retail. How to shop New York on the cheap? There is always the sidewalk vendors and Chinatown for the knockoffs, mind you I am not advocating anything here, but that is our dirty not so little secret. Many come to the city and insist on visiting Chinatown. It’s on your conscience. Legally there are the discount department stores and outlets and of course the sample sales.

Sample Sales

Everyday of the year except for the major holidays, you can find a sample sale offering top designers, somewhere in the city. Sample sales can yield clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, toiletries, furnishings, just about anything you desire. The caveat you need to know where and when to go, if it is cash only, how to get your purchase home and if you need an invitation. Finding the sample sales is easy if you know where to look. No, I am not talking about walking down the street and seeing a sign.

You need listings and to find the listings. Limited listings can be found in New York Magazine and Time out New York. Online listings that offer free subscriptions include: topbutton.com, dailycandy.com, New York Magazines Best Bets daily newsletter. Many of the sample sales are located in and around the Garment District so plan wisely and dress comfortably.

Department Stores

Century 21. Just about everybody visiting New York City knows about Century’s located at 22 Cortlandt Street between Church Street and Broadway in the shadow of Ground Zero. This location is open seven days and early during the week to accommodate Financial District workers. The best time to shop is between 9 am and noon and again after 2 pm. Avoid during lunch time or go on the weekend. Deep discounts on top American and European designers are available. Many years ago, I purchased my first Dooney and Bourke bag for $90, a basic bag that sold for $150. Stores are also located in Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey.

Find Outlet. Located in Chelsea at 361 West 17th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, Thursday thru Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm and Nolita at 229 Mott Street between Prince and Spring Streets, daily 12 pm to 7 pm. Tons of designer stuff.

Gabay Outlet. Located at 225 First Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, they carry overstocks from high end department stores like Bergdorf Goodman at 50-80% off.

Syms. There are two locations, downtown at 42 Trinity Place, this location opens before 9 am, and midtown at 400 Park Ave. Discounted designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Kenneth Cole are but two of the variety carried. The bigger discount the longer the merchandise is in the store.

Loehmanns. 101 Seventh Ave is now considered the flagship but multiple locations. Loehmanns is not what it used to be. Designers are still available and the Back Room is still there but I don’t think the discounts are as steep as elsewhere. I personally find them to be more expensive than the other locations mentioned.

Enjoy your trip and remember that when shopping in New York City, plan wisely, try planning a route that is easily accessible from one area to the next via public transportation. You will not find parking easily during the week and Saturdays. On Sunday you will have to grab your parking space early and it does not make sense to move the car multiple times. Dress comfortably, layers in the winter and comfortable shoes.

11 Aug 2014 Review Of New York New York Hotel And Casino

New York New York Hotel & Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A visit to this casino is close to an actual visit to New York City, complete with the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. This resort facility replicates the New York skyline, including the Empire State Building. The lower floor of the casino is surrounded with small shops like one would see if in the City itself.

A tourist standing on the second floor balcony is treated to the view of the casino floor and the shops that border the casino tables and games. If you come to the casino from across the street, you can come over the bridge that crosses the Strip directly into the New York New York second floor.

The hotel amenities are first class with well-appointed rooms and extras, if wanted, like whirlpool baths. They do offer special packages if confirmed via the Internet or phone. It is worth the effort to arrange a package deal, as there could be a savings on the room rate for a several days’ stay.

The casino offers a normal range of Las Vegas gaming and excitement. The other offers of the casino are a sports book and an old time Irish Pub. There is also a stage show with different entertainers throughout the year. The shops that border the casino floor offer a variety of items and food services. The ambience of the entire facility is intended to make the guest feel the vibes of a New York visit.

With its location in the heart of the Strip, the New York New York is convenient to any of the other Las Vegas attractions that a visitor wants to see while in town. As with most Las Vegas casinos, they do have special accommodations for VIP guests who are above average gaming enthusiasts. If a customer wants special treatment, the way to get it is to ask for it. Let the hotel know what you want; you may be surprised at how easy it is for them to arrange for your desires.

There are many unusual places to visit and stay in Las Vegas. The New York New York should be on any visitor’s list of places to see while in town. Stop in for a bite to eat, a drink, and maybe a little table action. This casino is worth the visit for any tourist. The New York City feeling is remarkably real to all who stop by.

10 Aug 2014 Hotels in New York – Comfortable Accommodation at Reasonable Rates

Catering to travelers from all over the world, Hotels in New York offers comfortable accommodation facilities for visitors. Equipped with all sorts of modern amenities and services, New York Hotels are suitable for both leisure as well as business travelers.

Various categories of hotels in New York offer lodging according to your requirements and budget. Ranging from luxurious comfort to cheap accommodation, New York Hotels offer all. The different categories of hotels of New York are as follows:

Luxury Hotels of New York – The 5 star hotels of New York offer luxury accommodation for guests. The elegantly decorated air-conditioned rooms are fitted with all kinds of modern facilities like satellite television, direct dial telephone, mini bar, tea/coffee maker, en suite, work desk, Internet access, radio, clock, safes and so on. Various business, recreational and dining facilities are also available at these hotels. Some of the luxury hotels of New York are Essex House A Westin Hotel New York, Hotel Plaza Athenee New York, Four Seasons New York, Mandarin Oriental New York and many others.

Mid-Range Hotels in New York – Cozy rooms at reasonable rates make this category of New York hotels popular among visitors. Offering necessary amenities like television, telephone, bathrooms and services like room service, laundry facilities, travel assistance, etc, these economy hotels are an important part of the hospitality industry. Some of the economy hotels in New York are 102 Brownstone New York, 348 Inn Hotel New York, Affinia Dumont New York, Albany Marriott Hotel New York and so on.

Cheap Hotels in New York – Offering all necessary facilities and services, cheap hotels provide lodging for people traveling on a stringent budget. Affordable charges, clean rooms and friendly staff combine to provide comfortable accommodation in New York. American Dream Hostel New York, Bed of Roses Hotel New York, Alternative Business Accommodations Hotel New York, Best Western of Lake George Hotel New York and others are some of the budget hotels of New York.

Leisure as well as business travelers visit New York throughout the year. It is, thus, always advisable to book hotels in advance. Be it luxury or cheap hotels, accommodation in New York is available in a wide range. Hotels in New York are an important part of the tourism and hospitality industry of the city.

09 Aug 2014 Restaurant recommendations: New York City, NY

New York calls to me always, and I’ve made effort, for a few years now, to get in at least one annual trip to my favorite city. We all know that there are a wealth of experiences to be had in the city, and that besides all the sights and sounds, besides the exciting hustle and bustle, in the midst of it all there is food and more food. This April I stayed in Jersey City for two weeks with friends Steve and Alexia, in a cute little store-front apartment just a short little walk down to the Path station and across to Manhattan. I didn’t eat much in Jersey City, for though I’m sure there must exist restaurant gems there, I could not help but be drawn each day into the tunnel under the water, into the city, to feed off the energy, a palpable presence in the subways, on the streets, in the people, the bars, the restaurants, the food, New York energy in the food.

My girlfriend at the time shared with me a passion for food, at the same moment as interested in eating a dirty water dog in Central Park as checking out what dinner was like at the restaurant of one of our favorite celebrity chefs. We would try everything if we only could. The beautiful thing about eating in New York City is that you can have an eclectic day of taste discovery on Monday, followed by a completely different day of diverse dining on Tuesday, and let’s not forget about the rest of the week, so many new opportunities to eat.

Whether visiting or residing in New York, you can easily follow your own food path, and I recommend spending at least one entire day doing so, forging ahead on a discovery of your own, following your nose or merely following happenstance. Wandering, after all, is filled with discovery in Manhattan. There are times, however, when it’s best to have some recommendations, and so here are some of mine to choose from, culled from places I dined in April.

First things first, pair up with a good dining partner. Having along another person who also appreciates food lends unquantifiable value. When you discuss your experiences, you gain more insight into them. Is it possible that talking about the nuances of flavor in a meal can deepen your experience of the meal? Most definitely.

Next, avoid Roy Rogers, even if you are hungry and tempted to eat fast food, do not go inside. Roy would be ashamed of what they’ve done to his legacy. I was also disappointed by Dallas BBQ on 42nd Street. We were seated without any problems and ordered a few minutes later, at 11:49 p.m.,

09 Aug 2014 Cheap Places to Eat in New York

The cosmopolitan city of New York has one of the most diverse and internationally acclaimed restaurant scenes in the world, with new venues opening on daily bases and offerings ranging from the exotic to the innovative.

However, all this magic in the kitchen comes at a price and eating out in such a huge, buzzing city can be an expensive proposition, so here are some tips on eating on a budget in New York!

1. New York burgers with all the works.

America has long been famous for hamburgers (and not least McDonald’s) and New York is no exception. Try Blue 9 Burger on Third Avenue for some authentic food, New York-style, where dinner adds up to as little as $6. This may be a fast-food joint but they’re known for the fresh, hand-cut ingredients, as well as a trademark spicy mango sauce.

2. Deli-icious.

And it doesn’t stop with burgers: the city is renowned for its range of great meals that can be picked up on the cheap. Think cheesecake, club sandwiches and salt-beef bagels… and around the Lower East and Upper West Sides, there are numerous delis serving up these specialties with affordable prices and big portions.

3. Splurge at Happy Hour.

Although discounts at happy hour are not unique to New York, few cities can offer such great value. On weekdays between about 4 and 7pm (which is far too early for those trendy New York night-owls), even the most fashionable cocktail bars and restaurants drop their prices. Head to the Mole Mexican Bar & Grill on Allen Street for a $5 fresh-squeezed lime margarita and some equally reasonable Mexican cooking.

4. Go international.

New York is home to a huge range of international eateries and, even though they do have some more expensive restaurants, Little Italy and Chinatown, typically offer cheaper and tastier meals than touristy neighborhoods like Times Square. The popular Veselka in the East Village serves Ukrainian comfort food that won’t break the bank and (in typical New York-style) stays open until dawn.

5. Eat in.

For the truly budget-conscious visitor to New York, there’s another great alternative for cutting costs – head to one of the lovely small shops clustered in Chelsea or the farmers’ market at Union Square to pick up fresh ingredients, and then create your own dishes! Most New York hostels across Manhattan and Brooklyn have self-catering facilities so guests can sample some of those New York delicacies, even on a shoestring.

07 Aug 2014 The New York Alternative Hotels

Hotel or Hostel? If you’re traveling on a budget and don’t mind sharing a shower with strangers, a New York hostel might be the place for your to stay while you visit New York City. In the city, some hostels offer services to only one gender. This allows the young, single traveler to rest in safety. You might have to supply your own bed linens and towels, but the lack of house cleaner service is more than made up for by the affordability and proximity the heart of New York City.

The American Dream Hostel is situated on East 24th Street and give the dormitory beds and the private rooms form $40 to $148 for each night stay. This cost includes the complete breakfast, linen and towels. The Big Apple Hostel offers dormitory beds and private rooms in Midtown for $30 to $80 per night depending on accommodation and season. This price includes linens, but not towels in the dormitories. The Central Park Hostel is just minutes away from Central Park on 103rd Street. Extremely affordable dormitory beds and private rooms are available from $26 to $36 per night. Linens, blankets, towels, and lockers are all included in the price.

Would you like to feel famous as well as thrifty? The Chelsea Star Hotel was the house Madonna’s in the early 80’s and offers theme rooms based on popular music and movie stars. Dormitory beds are $20 a night and private rooms can accommodate up to four people for as little as $55 a night. Situated very near to the Madison Square Garden, this hostel offers economy as well as a clever entertainment theme to write the folks at home about. The Jazz On The Park Youth hostel, located on the Upper East Side, is convenient to museums and public transport. Dormitories and private rooms are available from $25 to $68 a night and include linens and breakfast.

Hostels are a great way to tour the city on a budget. Before you set out on your great New York adventure, check with your hostel for registration requirements. Some hostels offer accommodations for only one gender while others offer both single sex and co-ed rooms. Many hostels requite both personal and financial references for before registration is finalized. Travelers from other countries should be ready to present their passport or international student ID at check in. Enjoy your trip!

At all times, analyze hiring one of many fashionable apartments. Holiday lodging rental is a l and more affordable choice touring this part families and travelers with pets should watch with their travel agents to ensure that all the rentals are secured before leaving home, Group would love to involve up a Travel provided their accommodation is affordable. This location is very popular worldwide and people here relish their journey, the best stay offered by this station. The region is not very pricey also and you fill with lesser budgets can relish their stay. So, come and enjoy you journey here

05 Aug 2014 Discount Hotel New York City

Looking for a Discount Hotel? New York City has a surprisingly large selection.

While the sights are alluring, the price tag for a trip to NY can be steep. Many people look for a hotel at a discount, so that they can have more of their budgeted “trip money” to use elsewhere. Because, quite honestly, few NY visitors spend a great deal of time in their hotel rooms.

How to find the best discount hotel New York City has to offer? The internet is hands-down the greatest resource for do-it-yourself travel planners.

You could start by looking at one the big-name travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz. This will give a sense of what they offer as the “best” discount hotel New York City. But keep in mind that there are many other websites out there that may be willing to give you a better price.

Just click any link that you find on the web (they seem to be everywhere nowadays) and check out what that site has to offer. I recommend that you click on several different links that offer a discount hotel in New York City, so that you can really get a feel for what is out there.

You can also search by hotel chain because sometimes going directly to the source will save more than a big travel site (for example: New Yorker Hotel, Red Roof Inn, Super 8 Hotel Times Square). Also consider Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels, Inns, Guesthouses and even renting a temporary apartment.

A few questions to ask while you plan for an ensuing jaunt to NYC:

Where do you want to stay? New York City can be divided into several areas and these areas usually determine the range of hotel fees you’re going to encounter.

Do you want your hotel to be situated in Manhattan, where most New York attractions can be found?

Or do you want to stay in a trendy upbeat area? If so, then the hotels in Soho, Chelsea and similar areas are probably what you’re looking for.

Fortunately for the cost-conscience traveler, one of the best alternatives to a discount hotel New York City has to offer is a Hostel…and they are located all over the metropolitan area. The general price range for a stay at a NYC hostel is anywhere from $15-$89 per night. You can choose from dorm-style or private room. Most come with a free breakfast and all come with clean sheets and towels.

This is a great New York travel deal! I can speak from experience, this is worth looking into.

Who are you traveling with? While hostels offer an amazing deal for lodging, they are NOT for everyone. Those traveling with kids probably will not want to stay in one, unless you can secure a private room for 4 people (which some have).

For those interested in a simple discount hotel, New York City will not disappoint. You can find them all over the city with a range of amenities to fit your traveling needs and budget. The price range for these discount hotels are around $80-$325 per night. The price typically depends on location and amenities of the hotel.

A great NYC hotel tip to keep in mind: If you only plan to use the room to sleep, clean up and change clothes in order to go out again, then consider an accommodation that is slightly outside of the “hot spot”. Transportation (fabulous Metro system, taxis, private vehicles, etc) is easily accessible and readily available most of the time 24/7.

So if you are looking for a discount hotel. New York City will meet or exceed your expectations and provide you with many to choose from. Not to mention all of the fun you can have with the money that you will save by choosing a low-budget accommodation.

30 Jul 2014 Best guided tours of New York City

To see old New York the way Ellis Islanders saw it, I recommend a visit to the Tenement Museum off Mott Street, between Little Italy and Chinatown, by the old Five Points neighborhood. Its a guided tour that whisks you away for a little over an hour into a world that is gone but not forgotten. Granted it is a guided tour of one building, but it is a journey into what makes New York forever new.

The building in question was built in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is a three story, walk-up tenement crowded with tiny apartments. The original wallpaper is in the dimly lit stairwell. It is a gloomy place where the other half lived. Each floor is furnished with the belongings of a different era’s inhabitants. The rooms crammed with brickabrack and heirlooms look as if the tenants just walked out to their jobs in the Garment District or to purchase some onions from a pushcart vendor on the street. The rooms are full of traces of hardscrabble lives trying to get by in an alien city that offers hard-to-come-by promises.

The guides are full of stories gleaned from extensive research and the stories come alive in the setting. You learn what it was like when the neighborhood wasn’t chi-chi or a tourist destination. You intrude on a private past and come out wiser and grateful afterward. New York remains an immigrant city and this glimpse into its hallowed tenement past sheds light on what happens today in the outer boroughs. We do what we need to get by. We live where we can and we make the best of our surroundings. Where there is life, there is hope and children remember their childhoods fondly. Adversity is a state of mind and there is no shame in being poor or struggling to get ahead.

The Tenement Museum is gritty the way people’s lives are gritty. There but for the grace of the angels go we. Because of those who came before us and worked hard, New York is a great city and America is a great country. The story of New York is the story of America. The story of the people who took ship from faraway lands to take a chance on the Lower East Side in one of the most cramped and congested neighborhoods in the world, is why our country is great.

The gift shop is small and no one is getting rich running tours at the Tenement Museum. They are providing a valuable service. This is not a tourist attraction. It is a learning experience and no one who exits the tenement comes out unmoved. This is not gaudy, flashy, out to make a quick buck or out to paint a fantasy. When you visit the Tenement Museum you get real New York, the New York of yore, the New York where real dreams come true. You get a slice of the city past, present and future in ways you won’t get by riding a tour bus or sampling tapas at restaurants that pay for the pleasure of being included as a stop on your stroll. Buildings and neighborhoods in Manhattan, or anywhere, will take on new meaning after you are guided through the Tenement Museum.

29 Jul 2014 New York Apartment Remodeling: Time for a Cool and Comfy Change

Living right in the city of New York and being surrounded by the 24/7 hustle and bustle of the people and thriving businesses can make a long day longer. At the end of your working hours, you then go back to your big city apartment and be greeted by the unwelcoming sight of all the everyday clutter, wear and tear, and even house areas that screams repair. And you wonder, What would it take to have an inviting place to come home to? The answer is simple. It is time for a cool and comfy change through New York apartment remodeling.

A common challenge that you would have to take on when considering to remodel a New York apartment is space. Though in general apartments can vary largely in terms of square foot area, average living units in big cities commonly have limited areas. But you need not fret as there are home improvement techniques you could use to be able to make efficient use of every inch of the apartment.

What you want to achieve with your New York apartment remodeling project is to make living more comfortable with a new welcoming and airier feel with every room. You would also see to it that everything would look beautiful but without sacrificing functionality. And the solution to all of these is a good focus on storage and furnishing space. To start with, take a thorough look at every corner of your rooms for items and spaces that are seldom used and I am sure your list could get lengthy. Take a box and pack these items to be kept, or you could also opt to sell them. If you go with the box option, keep it in one of the unused spaces like under the bed. You can also replace the bulkier furniture pieces with space-saving but fashionable ones according to your taste

Additional shelves and creatively located cabinetry are also great solutions in organizing your things. When shopping, you are sure to find a wide selection of cabinets and shelves with dimensions that are enough to fit into any corner of any room. You can opt for space-saving designs such as free-standing, corner shelf units or wall mounted. Just make sure that you would also consider a color and texture to match the rest of the décors. But if your idea of New York apartment remodeling is having functional features conveniently installed into the structure of your home, then you ought to find a qualified contractor to work with you.

After maximizing home organization and getting rid of the clutter, integrate elements that create an illusion of more space into your New York apartment remodeling project. Lighting and interior painting can also do wonders in opening up space. The choice of fixtures and color is important as well as the creative implementation of each. To maximize lighting, avoid leaving out areas and create shadows and make use of reflective surfaces and mirrors. With interior painting, texture and application technique should be considered. There are countless ways in which you can inject your style into your New York apartment remodeling project and make your living area more welcoming and comfortable. All it takes is a good dose of creativity.