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27 Jul 2014 Best hot dog stands in New York City

New York owes a hot dog cart full of gratitude to Jimmy Durante and Eddie Cantor. Why? Because in 1916 these two celebrities encouraged young Nathan Handwerker to open a hot dog stand on Coney Island.

He listened to them and started selling his hot dogs for a nickel each to the thousands of the well heeled but hungry New Yorkers visiting this vacation mecca every day.

Nathan’s is still only a wee walk from the ocean. The hot dogs now cost a whole pile of nickels but the sensation of eating a Nathan’s hot dog on Coney Island is well worth the price. Nathan’s is about more than hot dogs. It’s about history an aspect that has a direct bearing on how the hot dog tastes…to me anyway.

When you take that first mouthful, I strongly suggest you close your eyes and open your ears. If you listen very closely you can still hear the soft rustle of heavy skirts, the thumping of thousands of little feet on the boardwalk and the far off sound of a brass band playing.

If you listen very intently you can also hear the crack of bat meeting ball as Babe Ruth, the Yankee’s Sultan of Swat, puts another one out of the reach of frustrated outfielders…all while New Yorkers chowed down on hot dogs.

New York and hot dogs.

For taste…sheer New York Taste…I have to suggest “A Hot Dog from the Vendor Cart Guys.” Head to Central Park and look for the Vendor Cart Guys. You will find their silver carts at every entrance to Central Park.

Order a hot dog with everything and watch them slather the sesame seed bun with mustard, onions, relish, ketchup and peppers. Take your treasure into the park and find a bench or a patch of grass in the sunlight. Or try Strawberry Fields, the tiled John Lennon monument…or settle in by the Alice in Wonderland statue…or join a massive lineup of people hoping to get free Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

A hot dog will never EVER taste as good as it does in Central Park.

Or Coney Island.

A hot dog is a hot dog. But eating hot dogs from of either of these New York institutions is a vital part of the Big Apple experience.

Badda boom…badda bing!

28 Jun 2014 A singles guide to visiting New York City

New York city is a heaven for single people! I have been to New York city many times. I started going there when I had a friend who lived there because of his studies. I did New York with him many times. I then started going alone because I was familiar with the city and found out that is what I preferred. I also brought my boyfriend and though I loved going around and making him discover the city for the first time, I did not have the feeling of being by myself in that fabulous city.

Many single people, especially women, are afraid to travel alone. There is no need to worry about traveling alone. Some women fear for their safety alone and some other fear of finding being alone lonely. Don’t fear about both things! If you follow simple safety rules, like you would do in your own native city, you won’t have anything to fear. I always buy a Metrocard and take the bus everywhere, even at night. I always stay in Murray Hill and the buses leave you in front of your hotel so there is nothing to fear. If you are still skittish, take the bus and not the subway. That will probably make you feel more safe. You can cab it at night if you went out someplace that is less convenient for public transportation and you don’t feel safe.

As for being lonely in New York…I shop and sight see during the day. I often take walking tours and every time I meet people like me who are alone or like last time I met a woman and her daughter, who was around my age and a teacher like me, and we ended up chatting it up during the tour. I sensed that I could ask them for dinner and that they would have been happy to include me in their plans because the older woman, being a mother, was concerned about me being alone in the big city! Since I don’t get lonely, I did not push for dinner with them. I did another walking tour once where we ended up going out for a beer afterward. You get more occasions of meeting new people when you are alone then you are with a boyfriend.

As for eating alone…I love eating alone at the bar with a magazine. You always end up chatting with other single people like you or chatting with the bartender. I once had dinner at Campanile, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, and ended up talking with 2 NYPD retired cops and spending the evening there and having a wonderful time. They even payed for my dinner! Since they were well into their sixties, it was really a conversation without flirting involved.

I have a hard job, I am a high school teacher, and going to New York alone helps me take my mind off my job. I never think about the stress of my job when I am in New York. I always feel light and bubbly. Shopping and eating does that to you!

02 Jun 2014 Guide to visiting New York City with teenagers

New York City, a metropolis teeming with diverse people and places, is sure to delight even the surliest of teenagers. The biggest challenge of a family trip to New York is simply choosing between the countless attractions. When planning the itinerary, consider your teenager’s interests.

1. Museums

If your teenager loves art classes or enjoys history, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is a terrific place to start. Although your family could spend the day roaming through stunning galleries, try to pick a few places of interest to make the most of your time. Be sure to check out the ancient Egyptian section and display of medieval weaponsyou won’t be disappointed. For history buffs, the Museum of Natural History is a must-see. The halls filled with dinosaur skeletons and sparkling gems capture the imagination at any age.

2. Broadway

Maybe your teenager is involved in theater at school, or simply enjoys great entertainment. The colorful streets of Broadway offer a myriad of Tony award-winning plays ranging from Wicked to the Lion King to Rent. If possible, try for the less expensive matinee tickets, which offer a bargain for the entire family.

3. Food

New York City boasts some of the best food in the entire world. From the hot chestnuts peddled by street vendors to the flavorful dishes of Chinatown and Little Italy, New York City is the perfect place to chow down on delicious fare with the family. Encourage your teenager to try new menu items. New York City is where I discovered falafel, a Mediterranean pita dish with chick-peas. With an open mind and a good appetite, your family will enjoy New York’s food.

4. Central Park

New York’s iconic patch of green in the midst of sky scrapers is a great place for the family to walk off a delicious meal. Central Park boasts gorgeous paths arched with trees that look amazing in any season.

5. Empire State Building

Get a bird’s-eye view of the city! Your teenager will never forget standing atop the Empire State Building and gazing at the busting city from above.

6. Times Square

Teenagers who love hustle and bustle will find Times Square irresistible. The glitzy ads, towering buildings, and throngs of people will enthrall your teenager. Check out the enormous Toys R Us with an indoor Ferris wheel and stop to listen to talented street performers to get a flavor of the city.

7. Shopping

Visit the East Village to see eclectic stores and get a taste of one of New York’s most famous districts. Even window shopping is amazing and a great conversation starter, so don’t hesitate to stroll down the streets with your teenager and maybe even pick up a unique souvenir.

Whether you have a day or a week, New York City is packed with special places to create vivid memories with your teen. With so many choices, your teenager won’t be disappointed.

27 May 2014 New York Restaurants – Perfect Spot for Foodies With New Tastes

New York is a tantalizing proposition with its luminous neon, the gourmet, nightlife scene, open fronted bars and restaurants. New York is the most happening city in US that never sleeps. This city offers some of the best restaurants across the world. NYC restaurants are open all the time so that you can enjoy appetizing meal with your family and friends. You will find priciest as well as cheapest cuisines in NYC. New York’s food is well known for its exotic fusion of western and eastern flavors with enormous variety of culinary enjoyments. Local visitors as well as foreign visitors keep visiting some of the best restaurants in NYC due to their excellent cuisines and services. Some of such restaurants are listed below:

Artisanal: Artisanal, lively midtown restaurant, near Empire state building, offer more than 200 ranges of cheese. Vegetable and seafood dishes lead the menu but its extensively highly praised variety of fowl, game and beef are not to be missed out. Its wine list is excellent and tops the lists of patrons and food critics over the city.

Bond Street: This Japanese restaurant in NYC although minimal in décor offers many exciting Innovative cusines. Bond Street serves the freshest sushi in NYC along with Nobu.

Brasserie: Brasserie is well known for its after party circuit due to exotic late night dinning staple. Even feast at this space-pop contemporary dinning room is also cause for celebration. This restaurant is French inspired and offers excellent cuisines and the active bar scene makes it an ideal spot for foodies who are looking for new taste.

Daniel: NYC culinary superstar Chef Daniel Boulud with impeccable credentials owns this restaurant. Originally, he was the head chef of Le Cirque. This world class restaurant offer sumptuous cuisines at cheapest price.

Della Femina: Della Femina conveys the superiority of Manhattan with relaxed elegance and high class comfort. This restaurant offers French cuisines with American twist with fine wine at affordable price. It’s difficult to ignore this hotel in NYC.

The Screening Room: Movie and dinner have never been accessible upscale. The screening room features some classic cinema with dining. Here, you can get both food and film either together or separately. Dinner can score three-course prix-frix meal with movie tickets for less than 40 bucks.

New York Restaurants offer exotic services and cuisines so that you will be delighted from the moment you enter till you exit. Restaurants are always crowded, so it is advisable to reserve your table in advance. They serve good food with perfect environment to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Therefore, whenever you go to New York next, do ensure to try these different restaurants to enjoy the different kinds of cusines available there.

25 May 2014 Enjoy a Sumptuous Dining Treat at Your Favourite New York Restaurant

With its multicultural mix of incandescent neon, open fronted restaurants and bars, the gourmet and night life scene, New York is tantalizing proposition. New York’s cuisines are known for its exotic fusion of eastern and western flavors with a wide variety of culinary delights. The succulent taste of New York restaurant is as local as it is universal- stunning home style the fresh seafood, regional cuisines and cuisine from round the world. All these delightful options makes New York a paradise fro food lovers. The city’s compact size lends itself to public crawl and evening spent zipping from food district to another.

The city location at the crossroads of US means virtually every kind cuisine is represented including plenty of continental, Italian, Thai, Indian and vegetarian restaurants spread across the city. “Whatever suits your culinary fancy, you will find it right here in a city full of the world’s pickiest gastronomes!” You can head to causeway bar for its authentic dining experiences. Here are some picks for perfect New York restaurants marketing:

21 Club

One of the glamorous restaurant of New York, it has generated renewed interest and respect its acquisition by orient-expresses hotels, train and cruises. You can afford to miss the restaurant going for last 80 years.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke, an excellent restaurant serves mouthwatering authentic pit barbecue. It offer unique services like bar and lounge, counter seating, late night, full bar, personal wines welcome, etc.

Le cirque

It is one of the most beloved restaurants offer the finest nouvelle vague haute cuisine. It is a great, polished, cruise ship of a restaurant in the Bloomberg tower in midtown.


Tamarind invites you to “take a culinary journey to India”. A wonderful restaurant in NYC, that offers Indian cuisines with decent wine. They offer excellent service and quality food.

You can do New York restaurant marketing with various strategies such as

1) To call or visit hotels and motels near your restaurants and ask them to place your menus and coupons in the rooms and lobby areas.

2) After any big concert or any event, people are ready to have a meal. You can advertise at screen and have someone stationed at the entry or exit and give out menus when to patrons go inside.

3) The other better way to promote your restaurant is to enter in chef contest and win. It will bring lots of customer.

NYC venue guide will help you in searching New York restaurants and New York restaurant marketing strategies to promote their restaurants. Checkout NYC venue guide to view the restaurants and effective marketing strategies.


24 May 2014 A locals guide to Central Park, New York City

For the New York City local, Central Park is one of the most popular spots to take a break from the city that never sleeps. Within the park there is something for everyone: peaceful lakes, sports fields, the Central Park Zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and much more. At 843 acres in size, it is no surprise that Central Park is the most visited park in the United States.

No matter what time of the year, the park boasts several fun activities for people of all ages. Here is a list of some of the most popular events and spots in the park:

Entertainment options:

Central Park holds many different entertaining events from free theatre productions at the Delacorte Theater, a famous summer festival of “Shakespeare in the Park,” concerts that are performed at the Great Lawn, and a series of Summerstage performances given throughout the summer. There is always something fun and exciting to attend in the park!

Athletic options in the park:

Within Central Park there is a 6-mile-long path that is a popular spot for bicyclists, joggers and inline skaters. In addition, the park holds many formal races, and is the official finish of the New York Marathon. The Wollman Rink and Pool are also fun places to enjoy ice-skating in the winter and swimming in the summer. Finally, there are several tennis courts and baseball fields within the park for public use.

Horse carraige rides:

Everyone has to go on a famous New York City horse carraige ride through Central Park at least once in their life. These rides are offered year-round, and leave from the southern edge of the park.

Fun for children:

There are many activities throughout the year in Central Park that are tailored for children. For instance, the Cottage Marionette Theatre holds puppet shows in addition to the many story-telling hours within the park. The Central Park Carousel is also very popular amongst children, and finally, the Central Park Zoo is always a hit.

Dining options within the park:

There are many areas within the park that offer food. One of the most popular is the Boat House restaurant, which offers nice views of the lake at a sit-down dining style. Also available is the Tavern on the Green and the Leaping Frog Caf, which is located at the Central Park Zoo. Finally, there are the more casual options found at hotdog, pretzel and ice cream stands located throughout the park.

13 May 2014 The best cheese shops in New York City

I travel to New York times a couple of times per year and I always research my trips religiously because I love arriving in New York prepared. Eating for me is a vacation all by itself! There are so many fine restaurants and shops, and as many bad ones for that matter, that you have to look into them before eating there. I will review 3 of those shops that I have visited personnally….by the way, this is not a random order. I have placed Joe’s dairy first because I believe that it is the best one.

1)Joe’s dairy (Sullivan street south of Houston): I visited Joe’s dairy at the beginning of the month while I was doing a food tour of Greenwich village and Soho (I have to find a place in Helium where I can talk more extensively about this food tour because it was incredible!). The tour guide took us into Joe’s dairy to have a taste of their smoked mozzarella. You feel like you are entering in another era when you enter this shop. It is so small that barely 5 people can be in the shop at the same time! The back space where they make the cheese is smaller than the front shop. There were 5 people in that back store when we went in. Their smoked mozzarella, which is made daily, was incredible! We had a chat with the owner, who graciously answered our questions, about cheeses. I saw that the Stilton was about twice as less expensive than in Murray’s cheese shop, which is my #3 for good reason, and I asked him why he did not sell at a higher price. He was surprised that I would ask him such a question because he thinks that his prices are fair. He pays a price for the products he buys and thinks that the price he then sets is fair to the customer. There are not a lot of business person like him left in the world! These are the reasons I chose Joe’s dairy as my #1 because of their incredible products and their low prices.

2)Artisanal (2 Park avenue): I went into Artisanal because I had dinner twice in the last 2 months. I went in to eat their cheese fondue, which by the way is excellent, and had a look at their products. They have a very nice selection of French cheeses, and from other countries as well, and the prices are what you find in other shops. They are not higher or lower than anywhere else. The fun thing about Artisanal, other than their incredible wine list, is that you can buy the product and take it home if you ate it and loved it. It is a very nice restaurant and cheese shop.

3)Murray’s cheese shop (Bleecker west of 6th avenue): I visited Murray’s cheese shop because it is probably the better known of cheese shops in all of New York. It has been there for many years and also has a nice selection of cheeses. The reasons why I don’t really recommend it is that their prices are very high and their selection is safe. They could propose cheeses that are not well known to the public with all the buying power they have and bring excellent products to the masses. They don’t do that. They offer products that everyone offers but with a higher price tag than others!

I also which Quebec cheeses to be more present in NY cheese shops. They are excellent and not too far away:)