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10 Aug 2014 Find your Black Cars Services in New York City

If you go to New York on business, or if you are just tourists to this city you may find yourselves in the need for black cars services in New York, as there is probably more to see in this city than in any other part of the world. You could just be flying through New York City, or could be staying for a couple of days. Either way, you should not miss out on the very amazing attractions of this city. Trying to find your way around New York City may turn out to be a little too much of a hassle. If you are here on holiday, you do not want to spoil it by getting lost in this big city. Taking the bus for a tour of the city does not seem like such a great idea either, considering how many other people you would be sharing it with, and how many stops there will be.

Here is what you can do. You can search the net for a company that provides black cars services in New York, and you’ll see that the results are quite a lot. It is up to you now to choose who you want your limo service provider to be, according to how close to you they are, what their rates are, and so on. The black cars services in New York are available for any destination, including all the attractions in the area. Some of the all-time favorite tourist destinations in New York City include Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, WTC Ground Zero, United Nations, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. But you probably already know this. What you need to know is that there is no better option for getting around the city and seeing all these than choosing the black cars services in New York. Such services are available around the clock, to meet the needs of all potential customers, either tourists or people traveling on business. Any special event that you may participate in within the city of New York and that requires flexibility is no problem for the black cars services. You can call or you can make reservations online; either way, you are sure to receive high quality services if you know what company to choose.

If you are part of a group flying in or out of New York City, or if you and your large family are planing a trip out of the city, you can always request the stretch limo services at JFK Airport, or any other airport. These stretch limousines come in different sizes, so as to meet the different needs of clients, such as corporate business needs, extra room for shopping or lots of luggage, celebration of anniversaries or birthdays, etc. The stretch limo services at JFK Airport ensure quality rides from and to the airport for your family, friends or business partners. And they are just one click or phone call away!

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03 Jul 2014 New York City hotel guide

The best place to stay when visiting New York City is New Jersey.

That’s right, JERSEY! Yes, yes, I can hear all the Jersey and Soprano jokes coming already. The fact is, if you stay in Jersey, you’re just 45 minutes at most outside the city and any destination within it. You’ll spend that much time in a cab, bus or subway trying to get across town from your hotel to whatever point of interest you want to see.

Rates are reliably lower once you cross the bridge (or tunnel) into Jersey and there are some outstanding hotels and resorts within an easy commute of both the city and major airports. Plus, Jersey itself has a lot to offer (I can say, that because I’m from there).

Sure Manhattan has some of the most wonderful hotels in the world. And you’ll pay wonderful prices for a room in one too. Or, if you don’t have a big budget, you’ll wind up in some questionable places with characters who look like they came straight out of “Vacancy” (and I don’t mean Luke Wilson).

In Jersey, there are some great hotels within an easy commute, like Hilton Short Hills in Short Hills, the Doubletree in Jersey City and the Governor Morris Inn in Morristown. All are great hotels at reasonable prices and easily within driving/commuting distance to the city.

So on your next trip to Manhattan, stay in Jersey!

20 Jun 2014 Comparing driving and public transportation in New York City, NY

If you’ve ever lived, worked or spent time in New York City you know how difficult it can be getting from one place to another. Traveling through the city largely depends on many factors such as time of day, time of year or if you are driving a car or taking public transportation.

Whether you drive or use public transportation, navigating the Big Apple is typically an adventure.There are many advantages and disadvantages between driving your own vehicle versus taking public transportation in New York City:


If you’re going to drive, you should possess a combination of patience and good reflexes. You’ll need patience to deal with the many impatient drivers which plague the streets of NYC, and you’ll definitely need to possess the reflexes necessary to deal with the bold drivers who will consistently and often unpredictably cut you off.

Should you opt to drive in NYC it is a good idea to know exactly where you’re going and the route to get there. There are many factors to consider which align with driving: construction, one-way streets, traffic and the time of day. Additionally, parking is another consideration, most people who live in NYC don’t own a car because it is too expensive to keep and if they really need a car, renting for a day (or longer!) is always an option. For the visitor, parking is also a challenge because lots and spaces aren’t always easy to find and if you do find an open lot, it’s costly.

Having your own car gives you a definitive amount of freedom because you aren’t constrained to train, bus or subway schedules. Additionally, there are no worries about figuring out what transfers you need to get you to your destination, just hop in your car and go. Another benefit is you have privacy of your own car to listen to music or to simply think. Additionally, you’re always guaranteed a seat.


Most people who reside in the city opt to use public transportation. It’s convenient and easy – just hop on the bus or subway and go. The subway system is an efficient way to navigate anywhere you need to be. If you have to head out of the city there are a myriad of trains waiting at Grand Central or Penn Station to take you to your desired destination.

On the other hand a visitor to the city may have difficulty navigating the public transportation system. It may take multiple trips before effectively learning how to find your way using the subways. The good news is once you figure it out, there is no going back. It is probably you’ll never drive into NYC ever again. In many ways it is so much easier to simply hop the train, get out at Grand Central and either walk or take the subway.

Although relying on public transportation does has its downsides. You’ll have to pay for each subway or bus trip and depending on where you are going, the dollars may add up. However if you weigh this against car insurance, gas and parking, the former is probably much more affordable. You also are restricted to the clocks in order to make your destinations on time. Neither buses nor subways wait for anyone, and if its rush hour, public transportation can be awfully crowded; it is a good idea to plan accordingly.

Navigating NYC is a guaranteed exciting venture. Whether you choose to drive or utilize public transportation, it ultimately comes down to preference, luck or skill. Maybe even a combination of the three!

13 May 2014 The best cheese shops in New York City

I travel to New York times a couple of times per year and I always research my trips religiously because I love arriving in New York prepared. Eating for me is a vacation all by itself! There are so many fine restaurants and shops, and as many bad ones for that matter, that you have to look into them before eating there. I will review 3 of those shops that I have visited personnally….by the way, this is not a random order. I have placed Joe’s dairy first because I believe that it is the best one.

1)Joe’s dairy (Sullivan street south of Houston): I visited Joe’s dairy at the beginning of the month while I was doing a food tour of Greenwich village and Soho (I have to find a place in Helium where I can talk more extensively about this food tour because it was incredible!). The tour guide took us into Joe’s dairy to have a taste of their smoked mozzarella. You feel like you are entering in another era when you enter this shop. It is so small that barely 5 people can be in the shop at the same time! The back space where they make the cheese is smaller than the front shop. There were 5 people in that back store when we went in. Their smoked mozzarella, which is made daily, was incredible! We had a chat with the owner, who graciously answered our questions, about cheeses. I saw that the Stilton was about twice as less expensive than in Murray’s cheese shop, which is my #3 for good reason, and I asked him why he did not sell at a higher price. He was surprised that I would ask him such a question because he thinks that his prices are fair. He pays a price for the products he buys and thinks that the price he then sets is fair to the customer. There are not a lot of business person like him left in the world! These are the reasons I chose Joe’s dairy as my #1 because of their incredible products and their low prices.

2)Artisanal (2 Park avenue): I went into Artisanal because I had dinner twice in the last 2 months. I went in to eat their cheese fondue, which by the way is excellent, and had a look at their products. They have a very nice selection of French cheeses, and from other countries as well, and the prices are what you find in other shops. They are not higher or lower than anywhere else. The fun thing about Artisanal, other than their incredible wine list, is that you can buy the product and take it home if you ate it and loved it. It is a very nice restaurant and cheese shop.

3)Murray’s cheese shop (Bleecker west of 6th avenue): I visited Murray’s cheese shop because it is probably the better known of cheese shops in all of New York. It has been there for many years and also has a nice selection of cheeses. The reasons why I don’t really recommend it is that their prices are very high and their selection is safe. They could propose cheeses that are not well known to the public with all the buying power they have and bring excellent products to the masses. They don’t do that. They offer products that everyone offers but with a higher price tag than others!

I also which Quebec cheeses to be more present in NY cheese shops. They are excellent and not too far away:)

09 May 2014 A visitors guide to New York Citys oddball laws

New York is the most densely populated city in North America. Often referred to as “The Big Apple” or even “The City That Never Sleeps” New York is always the travelers destination and should not be missed. However, as it is with any place in the world, there are things you should know before packing your bags and flying off to NYC. Like many places in this strange and unusual world, New York City is home to several unusual laws that you may just need to watch out for. Admittedly most of these ‘strange’ laws are not enforced as many of them are out of date and not known to police officers. However, well known or not these laws are still on the books so get ready for a crash course in “How you can break the law in New York City”.

Several years ago it became illegal in New York City to carry around an open can of spray paint because of serious graffiti problems. So, if you’re an artist of the can, make sure you put it away in public. If you’re a artist of the stage then feel free to perform all over New York as long as it’s after 1:05pm. Unless of course you plan to have a puppet show in your window. By holding a puppet show in your window you are violating a law and can be jailed for 30 days. Just a warning!

There are also several laws covering clothes in New York. Pay attention ladies, you can not wear ‘body-hugging’ clothing in the street but there is an upside. New York law clearly states that women can ride city subways topless because they have equal rights as men. However, if you are topless and smoking you can be arrested because smoking is illegal on the subway. Also, if you’re walking around the city on a Sunday make sure you don’t have an ice cream cone in your pocket for fear of being fined. Beware of horses if you are holding an umbrella because it is against the law to open and close an umbrella in the presence of a horse.

If you’re cleaning up your apartment or hotel be sure not to shake your dust mop out of the window, it’s illegal. And don’t get any ideas about throwing that swill out of your window either because you may have some problems explaining yourself.

Having a fun time playing ball in the park? Remember that it is illegal to throw a ball at someone’s head for fun. And don’t even think about putting a car alarm in your car. In New York, audible car alarms have been banned. Thinking of going to a restaurant? If you order a corned beef sandwich and it comes on white bread with mayonnaise that restaurant is officially breaking the law.

All you males, this one is just for you. There is an old law in New York that will land you a $25 fine for flirting. The same law states that it is also illegal for men to turn around on a city street to look at a woman ‘in that way’. If you violate this law twice you may be made to wear a pair of horse-blinders on your next little walk.

All getting a little too much? Why not get away from the bustle of the streets and elevate yourself up to see some of the views. Just make sure when you’re in the elevator you don’t talk to anyone and you fold your hands while staring at the door. And if you’re thinking of giving in just remember: it is a crime punishable by death to jump out of a New York building.

Good Luck on you travels. Stay safe and legal!