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15 Aug 2014 Big Delights in the "big Apple": What New York City Has to Offer you

New York City, located among a cluster of islands surrounding New York Harbour, has an immense amount to offer visitors. That said, many first-timers in the city often feel overwhelmed by its size and multitude of attractions. But rest assured that by keeping a few handy travel tips in mind, you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience in the “Big Apple.”

New York City, like many large cities, has a number of small, distinctive boroughs. Atmospheric neighbourhoods such as Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown emanate the splendours of the city, yet stand on their own characteristically. Even relatively compact regions of the city are known for their unique attributes, such as the farmer’s market in Union Square or the iconic lighted advertisements of Times Square. But one thing is certain: no matter where in the city you go, you’re bound to encounter a host of treasures.

When organizing an outing in New York City, it’s a good idea to arrange an approximate sightseeing route; after all, with a city that’s so vast in size, sticking to some sort of plan might save time and help you get the most out of your visit. Getting around New York City is simple: the city’s subway network is one of the most comprehensive in the world, connecting all parts of Manhattan in rapid time.

However, the best way to see New York is undoubtedly on foot. Central Park is an ideal place to start a walking tour of New York City: 843 acres of shimmering ponds and lush greenery beckon to locals and tourists alike as a haven alongside the concrete backdrop of the city. And apart from offering breathtaking scenery, the park is a centre for New York recreation. Visitors can listen to music groups, watch performers, walk along the trails and even take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. The Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Ellis Island and Coney Island also offer great opportunities for outdoor family fun in New York City.

If you’re an art buff, you’ll certainly want to take advantage of New York City’s many museums and galleries. A section of Fifth Avenue has now been officially deemed the “Museum Mile” due to the number of famous museums located there. Among the most famous are: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Moreover, a trip to New York City simply isn’t complete without a visit to its famous Theatre District. With world-class performances being staged year-round, visitors are always sure to find a show that suits their theatrical taste. Furthermore, half-price discounted tickets are available at the TKTS centre on Broadway – so you don’t have to pay a fortune to see a fantastic show.

Avid shoppers will be thrilled with New York City’s shopping scene – one of the most prominent in the world. With Stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales and Macy’s, there’s something to keep every shopper smiling. And children – as well as the young at heart – will enjoy visiting the world famous toy store, FAO Schwarz. New York also plays host to countless annual festivals and events, such as the International Food Festival, the New York State Fair, New York Film Festival and the New York City Marathon, the world’s largest road race. So no matter what time of year you decide to visit, you’re sure to come across some seasonal excitement.

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, you’ll find a number of superb hotels – like the Jumeirah Essex House – which offer first-class accommodation. And if you stay at a hotel near Central Park New York, you’re guaranteed an experience which encompasses both the animated attractions and serene splendours of the city. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags – complete with a pair of walking shoes – and get ready to experience one of the most iconic cities in the world.

12 Aug 2014 My experience with an independent car rental agency

We’d traveled a fair way,and now we were right in the heart of bustling Fort Lauderdale. Almost time to stretch the legs, refuel the car and change drivers. But first and foremost, I was going to choke the life out of Lola and Tahlia my two best friends.

‘Summer Holiday’ is an excellent song, yet my driving companions had killed my love for it hours ago. Lola certainly had a nice voice, and Thalia should not give up her day job, but her singing was tolerable. But, there’s definitely a limit to how many versions of one song you can tolerate. I’d hate to think what they both do for an encore!

The sun was strong and the skies were that typical aqua blue, with not a cloud to be seen. It was my turn to sing “New York.” This was what I’d be saving up for,for so long. A vacation to beautiful New York with my best friends. The fun we’d had along the way was awesome, the scenic views a treat indeed, and the panoramic mountain views were magnificent.

Yet we were now in Fort Lauderdale, and this is where the trouble began. We’d no sooner refueled, grabbed a burger and coke, turned the car on and then realized we had trouble. Expensive trouble, the car kept holding back, it was the motor. Yes, Lola’s little Volkswagen had gone to Herbie Heaven.” It was expected eventually, but right now wasn’t a good time at all.

Fortunately Lola had been born and bred in Lauderdale, she knew where an excellent independent car rental establishment was. Tahlia and I couldn’t comprehend why Lola was laughing so hard, until we realized that we were right across the road from it! There it stood, ‘Quality Car and Van Rental.’

An independent, family owned business, which had been there for seven years. Not only family owned, but family operated as well. We had cash, but none of us had credit cards, would they rent a car to us? They sure would, and they also offered an airport shuttle service as well. But usually prior arrangements must be made.

We were all over the required age of twenty one, although we had wished they’d ask for proof of age. Well there’s no harm in hoping, when you’re fifty and a bit I guess! But they did want other identification of course. We had a wide range of cars to choose from and these were: Vans, luxury cars, Suvs, trucks, and a medley of economy rated vehicles as well. We chose a luxury car, well why not, for years we’d saved up for this holiday!

The service was second to none, fast and friendly. We also were given a rate which was excellent in comparison to what we later found the larger hire companies charged, such as Dollar, Hertz and Thrifty. In actual fact, Thrifty is not thrifty, unless you’re used to paying with gold nuggets and have the name of Rockefeller.

We were close to the Ft Lauderdale airport as well as Port Everglades. And having been told that the company also offers a shuttle bus service, both to and from there bought music to the ears. That’d certainly save on taxi fares from our motel.

They certainly are a company that goes out of their way to gain your business. They also offer transportation to Miami International and West Palm International Airports.

Our holiday was excellent, the rates we payed for the car rental saved us in excess of $150 in comparison to elsewhere. The service was excellent, and we also understood why the company rates a three star for customer service, and expertise, in the car rental business.

28 Jul 2014 Moving To The Big Apple: Hire The Right New York Mover

Moving can be a daunting task amid an otherwise exciting time. Whether moving across the country or down the street, moving requires organization, time, and a lot of work. While hiring a New York mover can make the actual move easier, here are a few more tips to make moving day as fun and easy as possible

* Have everything packed before friends or the moving truck show up. This makes the day stay smooth, and allows packing to not descend into throwing everything in sight into boxes, which travel unlabelled to the new home, where no one can remember what was in it.

* Have all boxes labeled with what room they go in.

* Have a suitcase packed with essentials for the next day, so that unpacking can be left to the next day. Things to include might be: clothing, an alarm clock, toiletries, and any paperwork regarding the move, a new job, or your new home.

* When loading the truck, place heavy and large items on the bottom, and smaller items on top. Be sure the driver knows the correct address of the new place.

* Don’t forget to eat! Order takeout for all the helpers, so that friends don’t have to leave early because they are starving.

A New York mover can make the day much smoother, both because a one truck load is much easier to pack and unpack than having to make multiple trips, and because drivers are experienced with moves and with loading and unloading. For a move across state lines, if you are leaving the state, a New York mover is practically essential in order to get all household items to the new house or apartment in one trip. (Especially for those who don’t own a vehicle).

Selecting the correct moving company can be a difficult task. One thing to avoid is hiring any company whose only form of advertising is flyers stapled to telephone posts. What you do not need is a moving company that consists entirely of two guys and a battered truck, for they are not likely to have the proper expertise or insurance to protect your belongings. Also, if a moving company does not have the proper worker’s insurance, you can be liable for any injury that their movers receive while in your house.

All Around Moving Services is a professional New York Mover that has the capability to meet all of your moving needs. We can move you within the state or arrange for your move to another state or country. If you value your belongings, and if any are large or delicate, say antiques or pianos, then you need a quality moving company. All Around Moving is licensed and bonded by the Department of Transportation. All of our employees are experienced and committed to caring for your stuff as if it was their own.

24 Jul 2014 Guide to Central Park, New York City

Millionaires shell out for a view of it. Pets and athletes stretch their legs in it. Unfortunates sometimes sleep in it. And countless New York tourists flock to it. So the fact that Central Park, a mere two miles square and not even New York’s biggest public park, could mean so many things to so many people explains why native New Yorkers and visitors, rich and poor, refined and pedestrian alike all gravitate to this geographic and cultural heart of Manhattan.


Ironically, the green space that today seems as American as hot dogs, Snapple and silver guys that dance for a quarter was modeled after the common spaces of Europe. The reputation abroad was that the newly rich in nineteenth century America were a bunch of colloquial, capitalist frontiersmen who cared not for either high culture or public works for the masses. The affront gave aspiring upper-class New Yorkers something to prove, and they did it by instigating the country’s first landscaped park in the 1850′s.

But sadly, the bourgeoisie urge to create a space for all New Yorkers initially proved less populist and progressive than it was self serving; there was insensitive forced relocation of many of its residents, including a thriving African American community with many schools and churches. Inequity continued once the park was complete – it became a private haven for those rich free thinkers that had conjured the plan; access to undesirables was limited.


One method of finally increasing public access to the park has been the remarkably thorough transportation system in New York City. And since for most of us cabs are too expensive and driving in the city too difficult, taking one of the many buses or subway lines is the best way to get there, and depending on your plans, it is also the best way to get around. Traversing the park takes a long time as it is large and the footpaths winding and hilly. So you will most likely want to plan your activities in sections and return to buses or subway stations to see other areas.

The one exception to that rule would be that if you happen to have a car in the city and aren’t afraid of aggressive drivers or one-way streets, diving around is a great way to see an overview of the inside of the park, as buses don’t go through it or across it. You just won’t be able to stop and get out. For doing that, the city’s various uptown and crosstown buses adjacent to the park provide the best way to get from

23 Jul 2014 Take a Stylish New York Break

New York is one of the world’s most exciting and busy cities to visit. With so much choice when it comes to hotels, dining, entertainment and shopping, you can opt to visit the city on a budget or splash the cash and go for a stylish New York break!

Getting around New York is easy. Walking is the preferred method for short journeys; for longer distances, opt for the Subway (or taxis if on a budget), but for a sample of the high-life book a stretch limo. Limousine hire is very competitive in New York, so if you really want to do it in style, book a three or four hour tour and let your driver do the work. He’ll pick you up from your hotel and drop you back there once your ride is complete.

Or, see the city from the air with a spectacular helicopter ride, taking in all the fabulous landmarks and experiencing vistas only available from an aerial perspective. Take off from lower Manhattan and head out south down the Hudson, round the iconic Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, before turning 180 degrees to fly back up the river and witness the city of New York from the air. It’s a great way to get a true feeling for and the sheer amount, size and the density of the buildings on Manhattan. For a more sedate experience, take a horse-drawn carriage ride under the leafy boughs of Central Park and watch the rest of the city race by in their cars, taxis and even on their cycles!

While travelling around New York, make sure you stop off at some of the more stylish buildings. Check out the magnificent art deco marble lobby and ornate carved lift doors at the Chrysler Building, and marvel at the sheer magnificence of the Rockefeller Center. The Empire State Building is one of the best examples of stylish art deco skyscrapers in the world and no trip to New York would be complete without a visit to the city’s tallest building and a trip to its famous observation deck.

If you want to experience a luxury stay in the city you’ll find the most stylish hotels in New York are to be found around Fifth and Madison Avenues, as well as in hotels bordering the south side of Central Park. From any of these locations you will be ideally placed to explore the best this city has to offer!

23 Jul 2014 New York City Nights

Which city could offer more nightlife activity than the city that never sleeps? As the day draws to an end, New York is just getting started, ready to whisk you into its playground. What sets New York nights apart is the sheer variety of things to do, all of which offer an authentic, top quality experience.

The Bright Lights
The streets of New York alone are a spectacle. Manhattan Bridge and the Rockefeller Centre are only at their full glory when they light up at night. Their forms are perfectly accentuated as they dazzle both tourist and regular time and time again. The same can be said for Times Square, where you are sure to be overwhelmed by the towering walls of lights that surround you.

NYC Bars and Clubs
There are plenty of bars in New York City that will cater for even the most unusual of tastes. New York bars are where you can go to meet the people that give our bustling city its character. From sipping on a Cosmopolitan in a trendy minimalist bar to rubbing shoulders with the punks of East Village, a night out in New York can go anywhere.

New York’s has a range of different clubs to suit all kinds of personalities. They are scattered venues:
Jazz Clubs – From the dingy basement lounge atmosphere to more modern settings, the jazz clubs in New York are home to some of the most acclaimed jazz musicians since 1940, when the jazz scene started to really take off.
Night Clubs – There is a dance floor in New York calling your name. The competitive industry means that you can expect only the best from what the DJ’s have on offer. Funk, hip-hop, salsa and high energy dance clubs, there simply are too many genres to mention. But if you can dance to it, there’s no doubt that there’s a club in New York that’s playing it.
Comedy Clubs – All the great comedy shows hail from New York. It’s no surprise then that most of the up and coming comedians are doing their rounds on the New York stand-up comedy circuit. Spend an evening sitting back and being entertained.

Broadway theatre will astound you with its array of superb quality shows. New York’s Broadway is where every aspiring stage actor hopes to get to. If a major commercial production doesn’t take your fancy, then there are theatres that offer Off-Broadway shows, which are generally smaller and more experimental.

New York Restaurants
New York is host to a number of world famous restaurants that truly live up to their reputations.
Hard Rock Café – Encapsulating the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, surround yourself with some of the greatest rock memorabilia whilst enjoying classic diner-inspired food.
Ben’s Kosher Deli – Ben’s team will provide you with authentic New York kosher deli food, no matter if you are looking for having sit down meal or ordering a takeaway.
Russian Tea Room – Recently refurbished and decadent as ever, expect lavish treatment from a restaurant that was started by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927.
Tom’s Restaurant – A pop culture landmark of sorts made famous by the Seinfeld sitcom. They sell cheap and easy meals.

Getting Around New York At Night
Walking through New York never used to be very safe but now you just need to be sensible. The fact that the city is level, as well as the slow-moving traffic, means that a popular mode of transport is walking. That said, a trip in one of the infamous yellow taxis promises to be an experience in its own. In terms of public transport, both the buses and subways are 24hrs and offer a taste of what life is like for the average New Yorker.

The vibrant New York nightlife is a feature within itself. Visiting New York can truly offer you a 24hr experience. Now you just need to budget time to sleep!

19 Jul 2014 Travel in peace by employing the services of a New York moving company

Moving from one locality to another, one city to another or even one country to another can be an exciting, adventurous and a fun experience. However, it also entails a lot of stress, tension, worry and undue pressure. Firstly, you are worried about leaving behind known places, known people and known surroundings and making a fresh start at a new place. If the move is due to a change in the job scenario, then the further tension of a new work environment is also added to the move. Also, another major concern of transferring or shifting to any new place, involves the central issue to transferring your belongings and assets in a safe and secure manner to the new location from your previous location. However, at least this aspect of a transfer can be professionally handled by a New York moving company, reducing your worries to a great deal.

When you decide to hire a New York moving company to handle the transfer of your goods and belongings, then the very first step should be assessing the reliability and experience of the service provider. The internet or the yellow pages will give you a fair idea about the top vendors in your locality and then you need to compare their services and rates and arrive at a conclusive decision about selecting the right vendor. Getting a reference from a previous client of the New York moving company you are planning to select, is also a good way to judge the abilities and the service provided by such a company.

Once you get in touch with a New York moving company of your choice, they will send an executive to your place to inspect the belongings which you want to transfer from one place to the other. The distance to be covered must also be mentioned to the executive, in order to get a complete assessment regarding the cost of service. The executive then quotes a rate for the entire job and if you are agreeable to it, the deal can be finalized. However, before deciding on the charges of the service provider, ensure what all services are being provided by them and whether the paperwork and legalities required for any kind of transfer will also be dealt by their executives. Once, both the parties agree on the terms and conditions, the deal can be finalized and the transaction implemented accordingly.

Starting from the packaging, shifting, storing, transferring, unpacking and settling the belongings in the new location, every task should be handled by the New York moving company service providers. The various states and different countries have different laws regarding the transfer of certain assets like cars, etc. Hence, you must ensure that the moving company you hire is well acquainted with these facts. Once you have the professionals taking on the responsibility of transferring your valuable assets in a safe and sound manner, with insurance for damage, loss or theft, then you can relieve yourself from the worry of transfer and concentrate on the exciting opportunities that crop up with a shift to a new place.

17 Jul 2014 Secure Affordable Car Rental in New Jersey


New Jersey, state of United States of America is located at the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the country. Located, south of New York, the state has to offer a lot for a fun and travel loving person, a big part of Apalachian trail comes within its boundary. The capital of the state, Trenton, is situated right into its center and provides better opportunities to travelers to explore the state as well by being well connected with means of Transport. The state equally has many wonderful places for touring visitors; in West Orange they can visit the old laboratory of famous scientist Thomas Elva Edison, whose inventions changed life of millions of people all over the world.

Madison, the place in the northern New Jersey can be visited for some best rated restaurants in the United States. Whereas the New Jersey Atlantic coastline has beautiful beaches from Cape May in the south all the way to the famous Atlantic City. But merely, knowing about New Jersey, just not solve your purpose of visiting this state of United States filled with natural beauty unless you have not an access to a good means of transport. Though New Jersey is will connected with all the means of public transport, but at certain distant point you can reach only by either owing or renting personal conveyance. Hence an affordable car rental in New Jersey can sort out all your transport related needs for touring New Jersey.

You can have car rental services from a number of car rental agencies in New Jersey either after reaching in New Jersey or can book them prior as part of your travel plan to the state. But it is best for you to have a secure hassle free car rental you must take services from the car rental agencies which provide their services online. The online car rental saves you from unnecessary bargain while settling on the price of car rental. To secure the rates of your choice it is better to start enquiring about prices quite before, even a week ahead. As early you book the car as better discounted rates you can have from the car rental agencies in New Jersey.

You can achieve this task of securing the good price by reading and comparing tools for various vehicles and their makes as provided by the rates. The other way to have smarter car rental is to have it through reading the contract paper offered with website so you can cancel the contract and get your money refunded. The other point of considerable attention is leveling responsibility of filling the gas over the car rental agency in case of breakdown. Thus this way after following the instructions as provided above for car rental, you can enjoy a hassle free tour of New Jersey.

17 Jul 2014 Why an independent car rental agency is better than major car rental chains

Even for a local, driving a familiar vehicle, the hustle and bustle of New York City streets can be difficult to navigate. It is easy to understand why so many people would flood the city. With the Broadway shows, incomparable museums, historic structures, and celebrated night life, New York City commands a volume of tourism rivaled by few other cities. Add to this the fact that New York City is also a global hub for business and diplomacy, and the endless flow of commuters begins to make sense.

That being said, what do you do if you’re a local whose own car has fallen on hard times, or if you’re a tourist who is brave or foolish enough to try to compete with seasoned New York City drivers?

Trying to successfully navigate renting a car is almost as difficult as and potentially more stressful than driving on the busy city streets. Choosing the right car rental agency is the key to getting on the road as quickly, as cheaply, and as safely as possible.

Due to name recognition, many drivers choose large chains such as Avis, Hertz, or Dollar because commonly people mistake familiarity with credibility or reliability. But don’t be fooled. Giving the little guy a chance can greatly improve your renting experience.

The fine print of the car rental industry is one major reason to deal with smaller independent rental agencies. Many people rent from larger agencies because they think it will be easier to straighten something out should a problem occur. However, the opposite is almost always true. Take this example of Kathy who wrote into Meghann Marco’s column on Consumerist.com following a bad experience with Hertz in Mexico in January 2007. She writes:

“For a pre-paid one month economy car rental for $632.03, on January 16th Hertz rented me a 2007 Blue Chevrolet, Lic#5981AVB in good condition at the Los Cabos airport. I declined to purchase insurance. Late on the night of January 20th, during a rainstorm, a tire blew out on the vehicle; so, after exchanging the tire with the spare the following morning, on January 21st, I returned the vehicle to the agency at their suggestion and wrote a full report. The agency assured me there would be no problem of any charges.

Upon returning to the airport three weeks later, the manager, Eleazar G. Leyva informed me that Hertz was demanding payment of $60.00US for damage to the tire. Anxiously on my way to a plane, I agreed to the charges, more for the sake of expediency rather than out of any sense of obligation.

09 Jul 2014 How To Locate A Good Personal Trainer In New York?

Of late, have you ever felt the need to remain fit and keep your body healthy? With the increasing number of people realizing the need to stay in shape, it is good that you also joined this ever increasing club. Personal trainer is health and fitness professional that helps out people whoever needs to undergo physical training to stay fit. Personal trainers in New York are abundance in number and if you have decided that you want to hire the services of a trainer, there are certain things that you will have to take care of. The idea is to help you in finding a personal trainer in New York who is the best in helping you get the perfect health and fitness.

There are certain personal trainers who have a deep sense of sharing and caring for customers. It is this sense of duty and loyalty that drives them to provide you with the best professional services. Do proper research on the personal trainer in New York that you are hiring and find out all that you can about his capabilities of doing his work. Personal trainer is the best person who will help you out in taking wise and sensible decisions about your health. Health is an important factor and one cannot afford to take risks with that.

You can start looking for a good physical trainer in New York by asking about them in many gyms that are operating in the city. People who are regular visitor to those places will surely be able to tell you exactly who will be best for you to hire as a personal trainer. The best way for you to check out the work of a physical trainer is to take some free exercise sessions with him and see how well he/she understands your body and its requirements. Well, that should be the most important criteria for selecting a personal trainer for you in New York. Most fitness trainers give out free consult or training session to people who are interested in hiring their services.

Another thing that you need to ensure about hiring a personal trainer in New York is to find out if the trainer has undergone any certified courses provided to physical trainers. Well you will be spending your money and probably huge amounts of it, so you are entitled to hire the services of the best professionally qualified personal trainer in New York. However, there are also exceptions and you can also find certain excellent trainers who do not have any professional qualification. If possible, check out references provided by people who have previously hired the services of the personal trainer in New York.

Once you start training under your physical trainer, make sure that you listen to what he tells you to do. If you follow all the stringent workouts that he tells you to do, be assured that you will get good results. Your health and fitness is at stake, so you better make the most of this chance and do what you can to remain fit.