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11 Jun 2014 The life of a New York travel nurse

Taking a job as a New York travel nurse can be a very rewarding and financially beneficial choice for any RN, especially if you’ve always had a dream of working in the Empire State. Healthcare recruiter employment agencies are typically the most effective tools for placing nurses at medical positions across the state of New York, allowing nurses to fulfill short-term assignments at different locations. As a New York traveling nurse, you can avoid such problems as job burnout, which is a major contributor to the shortage of nursing in the first place. And the benefits go on.

After accepting a full time New York travel nurse job, you can enjoy the fact that it is a well-paid job compared to the standard full-time pay for a registered nurse. New York traveling nurse jobs also offer employee benefits such as medical coverage, dental insurance, workers compensation and good retirement plans. Healthcare recruiter employment also offers the excitement and challenges of working in new and different situations all the time. New York traveling nurse positions can help you to gain more stability and strength in your career, as well, since you will be able to rise to any challenge and face any obstacle with this kind of tough work experience.

A healthcare recruiter employment agency can provide you with great fun and excitement, and can create a beneficial situation in which a shortage of medical personnel is largely avoided, which is especially important during a crisis. You might find work as New York traveling nurse in hospitals and health clinics, which have more positions for travel nurses because they need additional help and are often understaffed. Above all, being a New York travel nurse is a well paid job, and it can be really thrilling. More nurses are continuing to come to New York, and are accepting travel nursing assignments instead of full-time positions in the same locations every day.