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30 Jul 2014 Airport Car Service New York – Airport Car Service In New York

When you arrive at any airport in New York simply make a call or visit the websites of car rentals and reserve a car from airport car service in NYC especially on busy days and get picked and dropped immediately after you arrive without any more wait. During the holidays and special events it maybe tougher then you think getting a car to your destination.

Car service Conveniences

It’s not just that you will have a car waiting for you at airport car service in New York, you will also feel much comfortable after a long flight instead of arriving and then taking taxis or other transportation alternatives. Secondly there will be no issue of luggage handling. If you have luggage and you are alone, you will have to spend extra time and money getting someone to help you with them anyways.


“Always think ahead!” -that is what my mother used to always say. She was always thinking. Before booking a car at airport car service in NYC you should remember a few things. First call in advance to make sure your car will be available. Some car services would require a pre-booking otherwise if you reach and want a car right away they may not be able to provide you transport.

Car Service Issues

There are some issues that must be known to the traveler.

1. In an appropriate car reservation you will need to know if your current insurance is applicable or they will charge additional per day. Some states require insurance.

2. If the rental car is returned late you might have to pay extra fees. Usually if you are late by a few hours you will be charged on per hour bases, however, if you are late by quiet a few they may charge you with a full day fair.

3. Some rental service allows you to purchase your own gas. The ones who provide a full tank at the start will want the car returned with its tank filled to the brink otherwise they charge you fees.

4. Sometimes if you were in a hurry and drop the car at some other outlet of the airport car service in New York you may be charged with extra fees.

5. It’s quite clear that when you take a car from airport car service in NYC you will have to return it pretty much in the same condition.

6. Before you get into your booked car have a look around so that at the time of returning some previous dent or scratch is charged in your bill.

Saving Money

If you already have insurance try a company that lets you use it. Many people end up paying a lot because they don’t know this fact. Call your insurance company and ask them how much coverage they give and in which states. If you are coming from abroad then your insurance company may give you international insurance which is valid in New York as well. Sometimes the credit cards you own have points especially to cover the car rentals. You should also be looking for that cost cutting tip.

Making a wise selection of airport car service NYC will keeping your costs within your budget. Take a look at a couple of helpful places on the internet to help you locate the best options out there.

29 Jul 2014 Limousine Rentals New York

New York is a vibrant metropolis beyond compare, home to over 8.5 million people of different ethnicity and nationality. It is also a city of choices, from cars to homes, jobs to restaurants, and entertainment to luxury. In short, for the people residing in New York, it is just about choosing the way they wish to live in this great city.

The present article talks about limousine rentals in New York City, the car that is not just a mode of transport but also a fashion statement, symbol of pride and luxury, and above all, a moving castle on the road. Buying a limo can be a tad costly and may not sound a sensible investment for most of the ordinary people unless you are super rich and have lots of cash to blow. But, for special occasions, you can get one for rent, for few hours, at affordable rates from various limousine car rentals agencies. That way, even for the average person on the streets, riding in a limo can be an affordable/practical choice.

As you might have deduced already, a limousine is not a car for daily use. It is for special occasions. Businesses sometimes use it as a traveling office for guests as they come to the physical office location from the airport. Otherwise its uses are mostly confined to special occasions such as marriage, bachelor, corporate or birthday parties. For weddings, custom made limos are usually hired by the bride’s and groom’s families to transport their relatives and friends to the location in luxury and splendor. For the guests, traveling in the vehicle that is replete with a lounge bar, entertainment facilities, dance floor, and every conceivable luxury a car could accommodate would be a nice feeling altogether. After all, that is what guests in general expect from their hosts on a special day.

For bachelor and corporate parties as well, the basic purpose of hiring a limo is the same. It carries the luxury and party element right through out the journey, and prepares the guests to elate themselves to the party mood before they reach the party destination.

Usually, the limos are chauffer driven because, given the length of the car, it takes some amount of training and expertise to maneuver it through the traffic seamlessly. Also, experienced hands on the wheel will ensure that no guests are late for the special occasion owing to traffic snarls or bottlenecks. In a city like New York, one needs more than driving skills on the road to reach destination on time. A latest GPS navigation system installed in the limousines usually helps the chauffer to take the right route always.

There are various limousine rental agencies functioning in and around New York City limits offering custom made limos to customers depending on the occasion for which they may be hiring one. You can contact such limo rental agencies for renting custom limos to weddings, bachelor and wedding parties, city promos, and airport pickups. And for the customers it is just about choosing a car, depending on its capacity and luxury quotient as well as the rates, which he/she prefers.

23 Jul 2014 New York City Nights

Which city could offer more nightlife activity than the city that never sleeps? As the day draws to an end, New York is just getting started, ready to whisk you into its playground. What sets New York nights apart is the sheer variety of things to do, all of which offer an authentic, top quality experience.

The Bright Lights
The streets of New York alone are a spectacle. Manhattan Bridge and the Rockefeller Centre are only at their full glory when they light up at night. Their forms are perfectly accentuated as they dazzle both tourist and regular time and time again. The same can be said for Times Square, where you are sure to be overwhelmed by the towering walls of lights that surround you.

NYC Bars and Clubs
There are plenty of bars in New York City that will cater for even the most unusual of tastes. New York bars are where you can go to meet the people that give our bustling city its character. From sipping on a Cosmopolitan in a trendy minimalist bar to rubbing shoulders with the punks of East Village, a night out in New York can go anywhere.

New York’s has a range of different clubs to suit all kinds of personalities. They are scattered venues:
Jazz Clubs – From the dingy basement lounge atmosphere to more modern settings, the jazz clubs in New York are home to some of the most acclaimed jazz musicians since 1940, when the jazz scene started to really take off.
Night Clubs – There is a dance floor in New York calling your name. The competitive industry means that you can expect only the best from what the DJ’s have on offer. Funk, hip-hop, salsa and high energy dance clubs, there simply are too many genres to mention. But if you can dance to it, there’s no doubt that there’s a club in New York that’s playing it.
Comedy Clubs – All the great comedy shows hail from New York. It’s no surprise then that most of the up and coming comedians are doing their rounds on the New York stand-up comedy circuit. Spend an evening sitting back and being entertained.

Broadway theatre will astound you with its array of superb quality shows. New York’s Broadway is where every aspiring stage actor hopes to get to. If a major commercial production doesn’t take your fancy, then there are theatres that offer Off-Broadway shows, which are generally smaller and more experimental.

New York Restaurants
New York is host to a number of world famous restaurants that truly live up to their reputations.
Hard Rock Café – Encapsulating the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, surround yourself with some of the greatest rock memorabilia whilst enjoying classic diner-inspired food.
Ben’s Kosher Deli – Ben’s team will provide you with authentic New York kosher deli food, no matter if you are looking for having sit down meal or ordering a takeaway.
Russian Tea Room – Recently refurbished and decadent as ever, expect lavish treatment from a restaurant that was started by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927.
Tom’s Restaurant – A pop culture landmark of sorts made famous by the Seinfeld sitcom. They sell cheap and easy meals.

Getting Around New York At Night
Walking through New York never used to be very safe but now you just need to be sensible. The fact that the city is level, as well as the slow-moving traffic, means that a popular mode of transport is walking. That said, a trip in one of the infamous yellow taxis promises to be an experience in its own. In terms of public transport, both the buses and subways are 24hrs and offer a taste of what life is like for the average New Yorker.

The vibrant New York nightlife is a feature within itself. Visiting New York can truly offer you a 24hr experience. Now you just need to budget time to sleep!

17 Jul 2014 Why an independent car rental agency is better than major car rental chains

Even for a local, driving a familiar vehicle, the hustle and bustle of New York City streets can be difficult to navigate. It is easy to understand why so many people would flood the city. With the Broadway shows, incomparable museums, historic structures, and celebrated night life, New York City commands a volume of tourism rivaled by few other cities. Add to this the fact that New York City is also a global hub for business and diplomacy, and the endless flow of commuters begins to make sense.

That being said, what do you do if you’re a local whose own car has fallen on hard times, or if you’re a tourist who is brave or foolish enough to try to compete with seasoned New York City drivers?

Trying to successfully navigate renting a car is almost as difficult as and potentially more stressful than driving on the busy city streets. Choosing the right car rental agency is the key to getting on the road as quickly, as cheaply, and as safely as possible.

Due to name recognition, many drivers choose large chains such as Avis, Hertz, or Dollar because commonly people mistake familiarity with credibility or reliability. But don’t be fooled. Giving the little guy a chance can greatly improve your renting experience.

The fine print of the car rental industry is one major reason to deal with smaller independent rental agencies. Many people rent from larger agencies because they think it will be easier to straighten something out should a problem occur. However, the opposite is almost always true. Take this example of Kathy who wrote into Meghann Marco’s column on Consumerist.com following a bad experience with Hertz in Mexico in January 2007. She writes:

“For a pre-paid one month economy car rental for $632.03, on January 16th Hertz rented me a 2007 Blue Chevrolet, Lic#5981AVB in good condition at the Los Cabos airport. I declined to purchase insurance. Late on the night of January 20th, during a rainstorm, a tire blew out on the vehicle; so, after exchanging the tire with the spare the following morning, on January 21st, I returned the vehicle to the agency at their suggestion and wrote a full report. The agency assured me there would be no problem of any charges.

Upon returning to the airport three weeks later, the manager, Eleazar G. Leyva informed me that Hertz was demanding payment of $60.00US for damage to the tire. Anxiously on my way to a plane, I agreed to the charges, more for the sake of expediency rather than out of any sense of obligation.

15 Jul 2014 Learn All About New York City Car Rental For A Unique Touring Experience.

Situated amidst the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeastern regions of the United States of America, New York is one of the largest cities on the Earth with a great number of men made as well as natural attractions. City known as “the Big Apple” has number of attractions to lure visitors from the each corner of the world.

The mention of NewYork is incomplete without the mention of famous Statue of Liberty, which is historical landmark of the city. The other attractive places in the city of New York are The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Sqaure, Rockfeller Plaza and more.
The city also has a good number of museums and galleries that reflects the glorious past of the city. A few of all of them are The Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Cloisters, Guggenheim, International Center of Photography, Museum of Sex, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madame Tussauds and so on.

As you have set your mind after reading this much about the city, your first step after booking the flight ticket is to get you a suitable New York city car rental thus to make your travel easy in the city beyond the limitations of public transport.

But car rental in New York City is not as easy as it appears too. It can be a bit weighty when you may need to select out the best car from many available options. You can book a car online; can choose a car from car rental firm. Starting with you car rental process in New York City, you can seek information at several websites which are platforms for ample information on car rental as one can get all the information merely filling an online form at any of the websites.

Bur before making a final payment for a hired car you should also plan your strategy well in advance for a suitable car rental in New York city. First decide upon how much is your budget for a car rental and how better you are acquainted with the terminology like compact, mid-size, luxury and so on.

Always look for special offers as announced by car rental sites, they purposes schemes for long term use, weeklong specials, and week end deals. At the same time it is very necessary to read offer letter, carefully and look out for charges over and above the rate. Check out whether your rented car is well insured under auto insurance covers.

When you are over with all the formalities you can finally chose car according to your choice between the class of compact or subcompact car as to save price in comparison to full size sedan or minivan as you are traveling alone. With family you can as for car rental in New York City can opt for a large Sedan, SUV or minivan.

Apart from car renal related sites you can also hire services of car rental that provides you very reliable services on a very nominal charge of fee.

14 Jul 2014 Limousine Rental New York – Limousine Rental New York for Weddings

Wedding is the most memorable day of any couples life. For several months the only thing that keeps them busy is how to make the wedding more special. Apart from everything thing else, a limousine will add some extra flavor to all the specialties they arrange. Wedding limousines specially decorated for the job are a part of many limousine rentals in New York.

Limousine Models for Weddings

There are many models available for wedding limousines to choose from. The new models such as Chrysler 300 stretch limousine, a hummer or the classic ones. Usually white will be a preferred color choice since it fits in perfectly with the theme color of the wedding. At Limousine rental in New York you can find any type of car that fits your wedding theme.


The price depends on the level of service you have requested. The basic limousine package will of course have a driver and some beverages for the bride and groom however there are still things that you must be ensured of such as the driver will be on time and he will be properly dressed. The extras such as balloons, just married signs, flowers, interior floral decorations, red wedding carpet, champagne and wedding March horns all come with extra price but are much needed items to make it look more like a wedding. On the average for good service you will be paying around $120 an hour and for average services the rate for limousine rental in New York varies from $45 to $65.

Booking one for the big day

As you start preparation months ago for the wedding party and celebrations, you should also start searching for the right limousine. If you are searching online then the company that seems to offer good service for the money should be reputable. Before you book one you should see the limousine pictures, the amenities on offer, the dress code for chauffeurs, the timings, everything that is included in the package. Once you are satisfied then book a limousine early or you may miss the best cars near your wedding dates. Proms are held in spring so if you are setting a date in spring better have a booking earlier.

The usual package Timings

Bride and the bride’s maids are usually picked up and taken to the wedding place before they dress up which means some time out of the package will be used here. After the wedding the newly wed go to the reception. Later, the couple either goes home or to wherever they want to spend their wedding night. However you must know what the rental company’s time packages are. The usual time of limousine is 3 to 5 hours which are generally enough for the wedding but since you don’t need any hassles you should ask the rate for extra hours if things get a bit late.

Limousines will make your arrival and departure extraordinary and of course being a symbol of elegance it will make your wedding more special and memorable. The internet can help you choose the best ride from limousine rentals in New York.

12 Jul 2014 Ride Charter Buses in New York

New York has become one of the top ten tourist spots in the United States. From the hustle-bustle of the streets to nature tripping, New York has got it all for you. Touring the Big Apple for a day is not enough. New York is a big state. With so many tourist attractions and places for activities like shopping, you need a New York City charter bus.

A charter bus service in New York is always booked from tourists around the world. A certified globetrotter or a frequent traveler can even recommend you to hire a bus charter company if you are traveling in big groups. And if you travel in small groups, some shuttle buses are available too. Just ask the charter bus company for more information.

Charter Buses
The advantage of hiring charter buses is its renting period. The advantage of it when compared to other touring vehicles is that the service is tailored: you can freely discuss how long your trip will be and which places you want to visit.

Another great thing about charter buses is most of it, depending on the company, have bathroom facilities and have other sort of amusements like TV/DVD combination, tables for dining, lounge seats, and even Wi-Fi access.

One of New York City’s reliable charter bus service companies, Abraham’s Trans Service will do whatever it takes to insure your safety and provide you a different experience on every trip. With over a decade of professional traveling service in, to, and around New York, Abraham’s now welcomes corporate accounts. Special rate packages are also available for company outings, wedding service, and educational field trips. If you have other transportation needs, you can contact Abraham’s Trans Service anytime.

Top New York Destinations
· New York is probably one of the most populated in terms of tourists. Who could blame them? New York is a beautiful state. Aside from California, New York is also an entertainment capital with soaring concerts and Broadway events from time to time. If you feel like it, Times Square is your destination.

· Are you a budding broker or always in a hype for stocks? Wall Street is your destination.

· If you feel like shopping, splurge at the famous 5th Street or at the Soho — or if you want some “star sightings.”

· Club hopping? New York City has it everywhere. Just take your pick.

· Niagara Falls, yes? Enjoy the breath-taking falling of the waters and the coldness of Niagara. Who said New York is just a city? Though there is Central Park in the heart of New York, it is a big state, there are more than 12,000 acres of undeveloped natural land and 26,000 acres of parkland in the big city alone.

To know more of New York’s top destinations for tourists contact Abraham’s for charter bus service.


09 Jul 2014 How To Locate A Good Personal Trainer In New York?

Of late, have you ever felt the need to remain fit and keep your body healthy? With the increasing number of people realizing the need to stay in shape, it is good that you also joined this ever increasing club. Personal trainer is health and fitness professional that helps out people whoever needs to undergo physical training to stay fit. Personal trainers in New York are abundance in number and if you have decided that you want to hire the services of a trainer, there are certain things that you will have to take care of. The idea is to help you in finding a personal trainer in New York who is the best in helping you get the perfect health and fitness.

There are certain personal trainers who have a deep sense of sharing and caring for customers. It is this sense of duty and loyalty that drives them to provide you with the best professional services. Do proper research on the personal trainer in New York that you are hiring and find out all that you can about his capabilities of doing his work. Personal trainer is the best person who will help you out in taking wise and sensible decisions about your health. Health is an important factor and one cannot afford to take risks with that.

You can start looking for a good physical trainer in New York by asking about them in many gyms that are operating in the city. People who are regular visitor to those places will surely be able to tell you exactly who will be best for you to hire as a personal trainer. The best way for you to check out the work of a physical trainer is to take some free exercise sessions with him and see how well he/she understands your body and its requirements. Well, that should be the most important criteria for selecting a personal trainer for you in New York. Most fitness trainers give out free consult or training session to people who are interested in hiring their services.

Another thing that you need to ensure about hiring a personal trainer in New York is to find out if the trainer has undergone any certified courses provided to physical trainers. Well you will be spending your money and probably huge amounts of it, so you are entitled to hire the services of the best professionally qualified personal trainer in New York. However, there are also exceptions and you can also find certain excellent trainers who do not have any professional qualification. If possible, check out references provided by people who have previously hired the services of the personal trainer in New York.

Once you start training under your physical trainer, make sure that you listen to what he tells you to do. If you follow all the stringent workouts that he tells you to do, be assured that you will get good results. Your health and fitness is at stake, so you better make the most of this chance and do what you can to remain fit.

07 Jul 2014 Cheap Flights to New York : Car Hire Tips

Due to high prices prevailing in the market travel to destinations has become a heck for most of the people. There is a need for cab or taxi for traveling to long distances within a cheap rate.

Cities like New York have many fantastic public transportation systems to take tourists all around the city. Most of the cars need parking taxes, which are quite high.

The traveling cost is high in New York and hiring cars has many problems like

1. Tourists don’t know rates and efficiency of many taxi drivers
2. Drivers are new to routes
3. There is a lack of proper analyzing feature.

In order to find a good car first it should be know of types of cars available in the market. Car hires are provided by many companies or agencies.

Some of the car types provided by rental companies are

1. Economy car
2. Compact car
3. Mid size car
4. Full size car

The car rentals vary from $15 to $20 depending on the car type. A Full Size car can carry 5-9 passengers and it generally opted by large families or a tour group having members more than 5 and if tourists are ready to pay more they can even hire luxurious multi- facilitated vehicles.

Points to remember to have a safe car journey are

1. Car Rental period
2. Conditions for using vehicle
3. Getting informed about the daily rates + Inclusive rates + Taxes and Tips
4. Prepay amount
5. Convention rates
6. Extra days rates
7. Policies for returning vehicle

New York has many prohibited areas where the tourists are not allowed to enter and the Taxi drivers should be aware of government rules and regulations at the place. A person who is looking to hire a car should be informed in advance of the security issues by the rental company. Car rental agencies should have travel insurance of their vehicle and it will help travelers to handle any accidental disaster. The cars should be equipped with special security features to provide tourists with high security and safety.

Charge rates of the cars: Major Issues

Some taxi drivers ask for higher payment on reaching the destinations and the travelers should bargain in advance about the travel costs and get the prices fixed. The traveler should have advance knowledge of complaints numbers that is needed in case of any illegal activity done by the taxi drivers and safety should be a priority of the travelers.

07 Jul 2014 New York City Business Travel Destination Guide

New York is a city that truly has something for everyone. The diverse residents from around the globe make New York unlike any other city in the world. A major destination for business travel, New York is home to countless businesses and is a world economic capital. When traveling to New York City, business travelers are often surprised by the high cost – including meals, hotels and transportation. Some corporate per diems are not high enough to cover expenses.


Airports Serving New York City

There are three airports that you can use when traveling to New York City – John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), La Guardia (LGA) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). JFK, the largest of the three airports, began service in 1948 and has since grown to five times it original size. Located just 15 miles from downtown Manhattan, transportation options range from public transportation to taxis and hired cars.

La Guardia is smaller than JFK, servicing about half the number of passengers as JFK. It is located closer to downtown Manhattan than JFK, just 8 miles. Transportation options include public bus service from the airport to all areas of the city, bus service to Grand Central Station and Penn Station via the New York Airport Express Bus and as always, taxis and hired cars are available.

The Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), across the Hudson river in New Jersey about 16 miles from midtown Manhattan is also a good option for business travelers. Currently, Newark airport is undergoing a five year renovation project to its B terminal.

Taking the Train to New York City

For East Coast business travelers, New York City is easily accessible by taking the train. Amtrak offers several routes that travel between New York City and numerous East Coast cities.

The Acela Express train runs from Washington, DC to Boston, with stops in Philadelphia and New York City. Business travelers will find the Acela has amenities not offered on other trains, and travels at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. You will get to your destination sooner than the other trains, but a ticket on the Acela comes at a premium cost.

Getting Around the City

New York City is known for its hectic traffic – but don’t worry, getting around is not as hard as it may look. Taxis and the metro are the primary forms of transportation for business travelers.

When getting around or asking for directions, all you need to remember is compass directions and have the right vocabulary. “Uptown” is when you are heading north towards higher numbered streets while “downtown” is when you are traveling south. You will go to the “East Side” or “West Side” when you are crossing the island. And be aware of building numbers which often don’t follow logical patterns.

What to See

If you are lucky enough to have some free time while traveling to New York City, you will find you have endless options to keep you entertained. Known as the city that never sleeps, there is always something to do in New York no matter the time. Home to many world famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State and Chrysler buildings and over 20,000 restaurants and 150 museums, you will never run out of something to do while visiting this exciting city.