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13 Aug 2014 New York – Cheap Flights and Expensive Hotels

New York City is a destination that doesn’t hold back when it comes to luxury and with many legendary luxury hotels, such as the Waldorf and the Plaza, on offer it is no surprise that it is a popular place to stay.

Staying at one of these hotels ensures a memorable time and this is largely because they take pride in furnishing the rooms with soft bed linen, the latest in-room technology and designer branded toiletries. Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the hotel or a couple treating themselves for a once in a lifetime occasion, the large and tastefully decorated rooms that are extremely clean and boast beautiful high views over the city will make sure that you feel very spoiled during your stay.

If you are celebrating a very special occasion, you could request a strolling violinist to serenade you whilst you enjoy a gourmet picnic in Central Park or if you want a diamond ring delivered with a dessert on a terraced penthouse, these hotels have extremely resourceful concierges that will do their best to make your dreams come true.

New York has always been a very popular place to visit and with USA flights being very affordable now, more and more people are visiting the city.

With flights from the UK to New York being very long, arriving at your luxury hotel and having the concierge organise the very special moments planned for your trip will immediately show you that you are going to have a very relaxing, luxurious and special break.

Concierges are even on hand to find you tickets to the hottest Broadway shows and can even organise limos to take you to and from the theatre. Many luxury guests often ask their concierge where the best places are to see celebrities and also ask them to make reservations at restaurants owned by celebrity chefs such as Mario Batali and Bobby Flay.

If celebrity chefs aren’t your thing then you won’t go hungry as there are 32, 520 restaurants in the greater New York City area, with new ones opening constantly. If this all seems a bit daunting then your concierge will be on hand to help you by recommending the best places to eat, some of which may be closer than you think, as more than 60 hotel restaurants have been listed as some of the best you can eat at.

With cheap flights to the USA being available now, you will have more money left over for shopping and your concierge can help you out in that area as well by making sure that all of your shopping is delivered safely to your hotel room, so you won’t have to carry around all of your new luxury products that you can’t get at home yet.

08 Aug 2014 How to Get Great Deals on Published Airfares

Believe it or not, the price one passenger paid for an airline ticket could be cheaper or more expensive than the one bought by another. There are many reasons that could explain this so here are some tips on how to get great deals on vacations.

1. The first thing to do will be to call the airline company. Some promos are advertised in the newspaper or in the website while others are done without that much marketing effort.

2. If the passenger travels often on business, most carriers have mileage plus programs and instead of just collecting it, perhaps this is the best time to redeem it. If this is not enough for the trip, maybe this can be used to transfer to business class.

3. The next thing to do will be to check out low budget carriers that are also flying in the same destination. The price difference may not be that far apart but every cent saved can be used somewhere else.

4. Aside from the usual published airfares website, there are also others websites that offer budget trips. The person should look at this and compare before choosing to book the flight.

5. It is funny how a flight from California to New York only cost $199 in some months and $399 at certain times of the year. The sudden price hike is not because of the price of fuel went up. This is because the holidays are considered to be the peak months and this is the only time airline companies can make a ton of money.

Those who are planning on vacation can save money by traveling during the lean months instead of going what everyone else is doing. If this is not possible, the other way to save money is by flying during the middle of the week or during off hours because the price also goes down and the seats have to be filled.

6. The person may not know anyone in the next destination. One way to save money is by booking a flight that already includes car rental, travel insurance and hotel accommodation.

7. The other way to save a few dollars is by staying for a few days with friends and family members so that the money that is supposed to pay for the hotel can be used for shopping.

8. Another way to get great deals on vacation is by looking into courier flights. This is something that people often overlook but a few dollars can be saved in exchange for being a courier for a few hours.

9. Some airline companies give discounts for those who travel in groups of 4 or 6. The customer can ask about this or do some research on the web because every dollar counts when the family decides to go on a trip.

10. It is also possible to get last minute bargains but this means being a chance passenger to the desired destination. This happens when a passenger makes a last minute cancellation.

The tips mentioned are guaranteed to make the passenger save money and have the rest of the family enjoy the trip. After reading this information, those who have never done this before should start planning in advance the next vacation.

08 Aug 2014 The best delis in New York City

New York City is the world center of delicatessens, and there you’ll find the most welcoming and the best examples of ethnic delights. Our favorite is the Second Avenue Deli, a popular noshing place that was in Lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village for more than half a century. Three years ago, it moved uptown to Third Avenue and 33rd Street, but the deli still retains its famous name, homey atmosphere and great menu.

Although prices are much higher than they were in the 1950s, Second Avenue Deli still has the best, over-stacked, artery-bursting pastrami on rye in town. Add a couple of kosher pickles and a side of potato salad, and one platter has enough calories to keep a whole platoon of New York cardiologists wealthy for years.

Of course, that doesn’t take anything away from its famous cure-all-your-ills chicken soup, with a zoftig matsoh ball the size of a hand grenade floating in it. That also goes for the chopped liver, corned beef and slaw on onion roll, tongue on pumpernickel, latkes and apple sauce, pickled herring, stuffed kishka and whole boiled chicken in a pot.

For information about the Second Avenue Deli, go to 2ndavedeli.com, or call 212-677-0606.

The venerable Stage Deli has been at 834 Seventh Avenue for more than 70 years, and I can remember eating there almost that long ago back in my college student and Navy days whenever I was in Manhattan. Near the theater distirct, it has been a favorite of Broadway stars, including Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Ethel Merman, ex-New York Mayor Ed Koch, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and a hundred other luminaries over the years. For the past decade, it has also operated a Stage Deli clone at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The clientele is less New York ethnic and much more touristy there, but the food is just as good. You know the usual: matzoh ball chicken soup, stacked corned beef on rye, chopped liver, tongue, herring, gefilte fish and all the rest.

For more information, call 212-245-7850, or online at stagedeli.com.

The Carnegie Deli is nearby at 854 Seventh Avenue, and named for the New York music temple, Carnegie Hall, across the street. While the food is just as tasty as the other delis I’ve named, this joint seems to proudly serve everything, cash only, extra $3 for sharing a sandwich, with a snarl and a wise guy remark. It was the model for the deli in the Broadway musical, “Guys and Dolls”, where waiters took no lip and handed out lots of it. As in the joke: Customer: What’s this fly

06 Aug 2014 How to Book Airfares to Avoid Problems

Most people focus on saving money while booking airfares, but may not focus enough on how to avoid potential problems with connecting flights.

Here are several tips to keep in mind when you book your flights.

Pad your connections

Pad your connection time, especially when there very few flights you can take if you miss yours.

In the U.S., airlines are operating fewer flights and filling these flights with more passengers. This means more flight delays, as it takes a fuller airplane additional time to board and deplane. Airports have also become more congested and spread out.

Yet, in many cases, the minimum connecting times allowed between flights have not changed for years. If you’re booking flights with connecting times of 30 – 40 minutes or so at airports like Chicago O’Hare, you’re drastically increasing the chances that you will miss your connection. And even if you barely make it, your checked luggage may not make that flight.

This may not matter much if you’re flying into Chicago and connecting into New York’s LaGuardia Airport early in the day, as there usually are lots of other flights available through the day if your incoming flight is late.

But, it matters a lot if you’re connecting into Billings, Montana late in the day at Salt Lake City, when there are no more flights to Billings that day if you miss your connection.

And, it matters even more if you’re connecting to an overseas point, where you may find only one flight available on that route each day. Your missed flight may bag you a 24-hour wait, or a trip via a far-less-direct routing.

Common airline rules for connections

For flights within the U.S., most airlines allow you to take any available connection within four hours. In many cases, you don’t have to book the shortest connecting time to get the lowest fare.

For international destinations, you may be allowed to book any available connection within 24 hours, depending on the airline. This means that if you’re flying from Dallas to Cape Town, you don’t have to reserve an uncomfortably short 45-minute connection, instead of a much safer two- or three-hour one.

Using Priceline and Hotwire tickets

When you use Hotwire and Priceline, you don’t usually get to choose your connecting times for the cheapest fares.

Nevertheless, if you find that your connecting times seem too short, some airlines, such as United, will allow you to stand by for earlier flights on the same day when using tickets from Priceline or Hotwire. There’s no guarantee that you will get on an earlier flight, but you’ll still have your original confirmed reservation if you don’t.

On your departure day, call or check online for an earlier flight on the same airline that has seats available to your connecting airport. You can also check to see if there are nonstop flights on the same airline available to your final destination that leave earlier than your reserved departure time. For tips I’ve given for flying standby, see the link in the bio box of this article.

Avoid changing airlines

Expedia.com especially tends to display budget prices that involve traveling three or even four different airlines on the same day. These low rates are actually a collection of cheap individual fares, which can be very tempting to book.

However, in most cases, you significantly increase your chances of problems each time you connect to a different airline, making limited savings just not worth it. Here are some aggravations you could encounter:

The airlines may operate from different buildings that are not close together.

They may refuse to transfer checked luggage.

But, most importantly, they may claim NO responsibility whatsoever if you miss your connection to the other airline. This can become a very serious problem because budget fares tend to be non-refundable with heavy penalties for changes, or with no changes allowed at all.

For example, if you miss your connection from United to Southwest, which never allow each other’s flights on the same ticket, Southwest Airlines will charge you the full difference between your advance purchase fare and the much higher same-day ticketing fare for that leg of your trip. You can’t stand by. (United is kinder – if you miss your connection from Southwest to United, you’ll be allowed to stand by for a United flight on that same day at no extra fare, in most cases. Still, standby is not as good as a confirmed seat.)

Using more than one airline (with more than one ticket) for the same trip may be tempting when traveling overseas, because of the potential savings. But, be very careful when setting up these trips. In the bio box at the bottom of this article, see the link on how to save using separate tickets.

In summary, pad your layovers and keep your trips as simple as possible, and they will usually be trouble free.

Good luck for a smooth and pleasant trip!

02 Aug 2014 International Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets

Airfares are rising almost daily and finding a cheap or discounted airline ticket can be next to impossible. While this is true it IS still possible to find cheap airline tickets even for international and overseas travel.

These are five discount travel companies you can check out for some really dirt cheap airline tickets.

Aer Lingus – This airline is Irish and based out of Dublin. If you’re looking for cheap fares to Ireland and even some other major European cities you’ll find them here. They offer flights to San Francisco, Chicago and Washington among others and you can get flights as cheap as $340 one way from New York to Dublin.

Canadian Affair – The airline services primarily Canada and the U.K. and if you’re flying between those two this is the last place you’ll need to look. Flights start as low as 99 Pounds from major Canadian cities and the U.K. which I believe is the cheapest flights to be had. If you’re flying from Canada to the U.K. just go to Canadian Affair.

Zoom Airlines – Zoom airlines is a major discounter flying to London, Paris, New York, Rome and Montreal among others. Booking more than 2 weeks in advance with then can score you some of the best dirt cheap airline tickets available. Currently they are offering round trip tickets from JFK to London for only $277!

Condor – Condor is a German discount airline that flies to the Caribbean, Alaska, Las Vegas and obviously many major European cities. Although the prices are a bit steeper than other discount airlines you can still find some great deals here from time to time. The site is fast and intuitive and definitely worth checking out.

ThompsonFly – Discount airline located in the United Kingdom offering dirt cheap flights from London to Jamaica and Cancun. Go get some sun for just 125 Pounds one way.

This list is not complete as there are literally dozens of discount airlines and travel outlets available. As ticket prices continue to rise I think you’ll start to see more small airlines stepping up with huge discounts on tickets. You’ll still need to research to find the best dirt cheap tickets, but I think it will be easier to find them with little or no work. These are five great places to start your search for discount tickets, now go get yourself a bargain!

27 Jul 2014 Arab B2b Takes New Direction in North America

The New York Times conducted an interview with Ms. Janine Jaouni, Director of Business Solutions, an entrepreneurial e-commerce figure in the Middle East; the interview was part of a research and collaborative efforts by Microsoft, Google and eBay to explore markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for introduction of new product lines and services. According to Ms. Jaouni, the e-commerce environment in the Middle East and North Africa faces several obstacles which deprived consumers in the region from commodities which [surprisingly] they can afford.

“The major issue is lack of a free market economy, companies are encouraged to export, yet customs and red-tape are a trade mark of most Arab economies, perhaps with the exception of the Emirates.” Ms. Jaouni continues: “the population of MENA stands at approximately a quarter-billion people, yet the economic boundaries have defeated the purpose when it comes to creating economies of scale.”

Microsoft, Google and eBay realize that MENA is an untapped consumer environment, yet the challenge remains on how to make such fragmented demands make economic sense, after all, the American business model is based on centralized operations of scale, particularly when it comes to the services sector, the challenge is the many borders, each with its own set and often contradictory rules of doing business.

Ms. Jaouni points out that her company Business Solutions has identified three challenges. The first challenge is lack of infrastructure for transportation and speedy delivery and reliable mail services; the second is lack of credit (less than 2% of the population of MENA has credit cards, 5% of those in her estimates have PayPal accounts), and the third is lack of trust – this is due to the fact that prosecuting someone in a different country is very difficult, particularly for consumer size transactions. Ms. Jaouni discounts the challenge of the centralized business model; “the web and e-commerce in particular lend themselves to a decentralized model,” she adds.

Then, how do you do e-business in the Middle East and North Africa, isn’t that what you do?, we asked.

Many young Arab entrepreneurs have realized that they can setup simple e-commerce (business-to-customer, B2C) sites catering to European and American customers. The nature of the products ranges from souvenirs to specialty or traditional items. These businesses, while profitable, require extensive marketing and dedication, something which is not easy to do for a part-time entrepreneur. Ms. Jaouni states: “Our approach and company philosophy is different; we help these and others setup a network of Business-to-Business (B2B), and from there B2C, thus creating a web of tiered network referred to as B2B2C.”

Business Solutions realized the potential of B2B marketing and produced its first EXPO package in 2003. This B2B package is designed for export oriented markets and includes categorized listings of businesses, each business with online catalogs, inquiry baskets, PDF brochures and utilities to export spreadsheets for large scale marketing campaigns. EXPO is most suitable for markets with specialized product sectors, like in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Morocco. The platform has significantly contributed to exports of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, marble and stone, leather products, textiles and furniture.

Based on the success of EXPO, the company launched the Arab Travel Network (ATN) in 2005. ATN is a site totally administered by travel agents, tour operators and companies which provide related travel and tourism services. For businesses, it functions as a B2B platform creating a travel and tourism marketplace in an area long ignored by Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. Tour operators are now capable of organizing tours and selling packages to travel agents world-wide. Travel agents in turn offer travel packages to customers, also online, a very successful B2B2C model. The major tourism sectors benefited by this package are in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Ms. Jaouni states that Business Solutions has also experimented with hotel reservations and other services related to Hajj and Omra in Saudi Arabia, and is currently looking for local partnership and representation. The Emirates market also has great potential, but requires a unique model which Business Solutions is looking into.

The latest release by Business Solutions is ArabCityUSA.com which is a super-portal targeting the Arab Community in North America. The planned release of ArabCityUSA.com was postponed by six months in order to re-design the site to make full use of the latest AJAX technology. This technology enables vendors and users alike to get results effectively without having to “mine” for information. The site is focused on travel services with airfares and packed offers, and online airfare quotes system to many airports in Arab countries and world-wide destinations. The portal has a comprehensive list of restaurants offering Middle Eastern and traditional Arabic (particularly Lebanese and Moroccan) cuisine, where each restaurant self publishes specialties and menus which appear in a compiled easy to browse pages. The site also offers a comprehensive business directory with categorized listings and online catalogs for products and services. In addition to AJAX, the site utilizes US zip codes to calculate distance to such businesses and sorts results by distance. The site has a social platform which offers a meeting place similar to MySpace.com; among the innovative features is Skype.com online status for members and statistics about who is online using IP-to-Country detection technology. Ms. Jaouni adds that the target Arab communities in the US are primarily in Paterson and Jersey City in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Houston, Dearborn, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. All services offered through ArabCityUSA.com are free, except for the advertisements, preferred and featured listings.

The future of e-business in the MENA region remains promising, evident by the high number of internet users. “Somehow we need to turn browsing time into a shopping experience”, Ms. Jaouni comments, “I see people taking shopping trips to London, Paris and New York; we need to make the same products available here for the middle-class, it is all products they can afford.”

23 Jul 2014 Are Cheap Flights Becoming an Endangered Species?

A few years ago back when budget airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir were first on the scene we were all promised ridiculously cheap flights to all sorts of destinations from European city breaks to viable alternatives to ferries to Ireland. There seemed to be a growing market of flights that appeared to operate at a price lower than the cost to the airline itself.

This was all well and good especially after other destinations received discount flights like New York and even locations like India and Turkey. The problem is that in the past few years most people haven’t noticed the price of these flights has managed to creep up and now the moniker of cheap flights seems false.

Holidays site Travelocity has found that prices have raised by roughly 7 percent compared to last years prices, so why has this happened? Well the price has risen due to a number of different factors and depending on which airline you select you may have to pay considerably more on top of your flight cost.

One common raise has been the rise of fuel tax, with the airline industry receiving a lot of flak in the battle to make our lives “greener” air travel is said to produce one of the most destructive gases to our environment (as well as bovine flatulence, but that’s another matter) and so fuel surcharges has been increased to discourage people from taking flights.

Some people think that this initiative is a direct response to the cheap flights industry as many more people flew to destinations once cheap flights were readily available. Other than this cause there are a number of trivial extra charges such as aisle seats, the boxed lunches and with some airlines if you have more than one item of baggage checked.

So are cheap flights lost to the ether, an afterthought in the history of air travel? Well not necessarily there are a few ways in which you can help reduce the cost of your flights, such as booking as early as possible. A leading travel agent explained that flight prices gradually rise in the lead up to the summer holiday period and are at their most expensive during the period of March to September. They also advised that December is the optimal time to book your flights as this is when they are at their cheapest.

Apart from booking good and early there is a number of air fares monitoring websites that can track multiple flights companies so you can hunt down the cheapest flight possible and pounce on them when the timing’s right

19 Jul 2014 How To Plan A Cheap Italian Vacation

The best course of action to take sometimes isn’t clear until you’ve listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole a cheap Italian vacation story from informed sources.

For the budget conscious traveler an Italian vacation may seem far out of reach. But many people are surprised to find that visiting this destination may be well within the cards. One of the most expensive aspects of a vacation is usually the airfare and hotel. So what are the options available for those who want to enjoy Italy and save at the same time?

Well for starters you may want to go on your vacation to Italy during the off season. This will mean that you will find cheaper airfares. There are great prices to be found for airfare especially if you plan to fly directly from a major international airport such as New York or London. All airfare rates drop dramatically after the summer. Hotel rates per night will also be more affordable. After the summer many hotels are recovering from the large numbers of people that came through their doors. You will find out that during your cheap Italy vacation most places are happy for customers that provide them with business during the off peak season.

Service could be even better simply because there are fewer people to serve and focus on. The lines are also shorter for almost everything. Peak season is the summer months of June through August. So why not plan to go in September if you can? You will still enjoy all the sights and the remnants of great summer weather. For example Rome in July can go up to 92 degrees but may be 80 degrees in September. The advantage of going on your Italian Vacation during the off-peak season is that the crowds are not there, the weather is slightly cooler and Italy becomes more of itself. You can really experience Italy and its people if you go in the off season and you will save some money too. Not only are hotels and airfares cheaper in the off season but you will also find discounts available for guided tours and concerts.

Another way to save on your cheap Italian vacation is to take public transportation whenever possible rather than a taxi. Of course this needs some planning in advance or you could spend numerous hours lost and wasting valuable time. But with an adventurous spirit and an Italian pocket dictionary in hand it can be done! Italy is well known for its extensive rail network. You can get a rail pass or buy tickets as you go. Either way this option will help you save if you are on a budget.

Another great tip for a cheap Italy vacation is to forgo the hotel altogether. Rent a house or an apartment for a few days if you are in a group and you will save tremendously. This is especially true if you also factor in the presence of a kitchen that can allow you to make some of your meals rather than rely on dining out for every meal. Even if you have to stay at a hotel you should also consider fixing some simple meals such as sandwiches when you can especially if you come across a grocery store during your cheap Italian vacation.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about a cheap Italian vacation.

18 Jul 2014 South Pacific Trip – How To Get The Cheapest Flights

Speaking about this region makes me feel inspired. At same time, speaking about finding cheap flights to go there is completely another world, and probably if somebody asked me to find a cheap flight to the South Pacific, I would make them pay for that. That is due to the amount of hours I have spent doing research on the options to go there, only to realize that it really does not exist this deal we are all looking for.

On the other hand, it exists thousands of possibilities where you can get an astronomic fee to get there, when you could have reached the zone for a lot less. So, the first thing to set is: how much should you be paying to get there? Let’s be sincere. If you travel from Europe, everything that goes up from 1500 euros the round trip… let it be, this will not be your flight, I promise. From Asia and from America, you could probably find some deals for around 700 euros, that should be a price to look at. And from Africa, there are really thousands of options, but seriously i wouldn’t take anything for more than 1500 euros also.

The second step is to look at how many flights will you need to take. One golden rule applies nearly always. The higher the number of times you change from plane, the higher the cost involved, so try to keep it simple. After this, one thing has to be considered. Believe me or not, but I can promise to you that low cost has not arrived to this part of the world. It simply does not exist. Trying to be a bit more positive, I am going to mention a couple of things that can be useful. Always use the search engines for arilines to find names that cover the route you want, but never book through them. Instead, go to the mentioned airline, and scan it to the very end until you find this low fare. I promise it will always be cheaper.

In the end, the possibility to get cheap flights to the zone turns around two airlines. One of them is Zoom Airlines, and the other Oasis Hong Kong. The first one is possibly the first low cost airline that crosses the Atlantic that has ever existed. It means it allows you to go from London to New York for just 350 euros (about 450 dollars) the round trip, and it specially connects all European destinations with Canada, and we are looking specially at the flights to Vancouver, that is placed on the eastern coast of North America. From there, you could find good options to travel to the South Pacific, but do not expect any great deal. It is simply the best you can find. Also Alitalia has normally the cheapest flights to reach America.

If you are US resident, of course this would not make sense. Your first step will be to reach Los Angeles or San Francisco with a low cost carrier, and from there take the best option.

When looking at the other side, an airline that appeared just 1 year ago, Oasis Hong Kong, is bringing low fares to the route between Europe and Asia. From London to Hong Kong you can find it for 500 euros (725 dollars) which is pretty good compared to the competition. At the day of writing this article, this option is something that will probably close you in front of some airlines that will make you pay a lot to get to Australia or New Zealand from there. But, this is about to change, as Oasis Hong Kong is already developing to get specially a new route from Hong Kong to Sydney and Canberra, which will be a real hit to competition, specially to Cathay Pacific, as they will make the cost of this trip for the half of what this last ones actually offer. We will see.

Let me now tell you about the possibilities within South Pacific, studying specially Australia and New Zealand, top touristic destinations. Still there is no way to cross the sea between them for a reasonable price. A European trip of the same distance with Ryanair would be more than 10 times less the price those guys charge to cross. Still no solution to this problem. The good news is that within the countries themselves, it does exist some low cost companies that can make the national trips affordable. For instance, the Auckland – Christchurch can be made for 40 euros, about 80 kiwi dollars, or 60 US dollars. Still it is a terrible amount compared to the distance, but I will not complain.

Finally, a last deal found at the time of writing. The airline Qantas has very good options to travel from Europe to the area. Check their prices at their web-site, specially the Hot Deals section, and you will find some good discounts, reaching the 1300 euros barrier. They are also one of the favorites between America and South Pacific.

16 Jul 2014 Tips for finding cheap flights

Gas prices are soaring, the dollar is falling, but affordable international travel and cheap flights are within reach. Great deals on tickets to international and domestic destinations are out there. The key to mastering a cheap flight search is in a little planning and flexibility.

The Off Season

Cheap airline tickets can be easily found by going against popular demand. Around Thanksgiving in the US, everyone is looking for a ticket home, but not many are planning trips abroad. Consider visiting a favorite Caribbean destination in the summer when many islands experience their off season. Popular skiing destinations, such as Park City, Utah, have a whole new charm in the summer, when hiking and river sports are popular. The brilliant website Farecast.com can calculate demand on tickets to destinations worldwide. Its prediction device offers users advice on how much and when airfare may rise or fall. It is a new way to track travel that can be planned in advance.

Cheap Flights to Europe

With the state of the economy, Europe may seem the most intangible worldly destination as exchange rates continually fall out of American’s favor. However, a few simple search techniques will help mitigate the financial blow. Most airlines are affiliated with a specific country. Cheap flight to the UK? Try British Airways; Looking for a week in Munich? Go with Lufthansa. Generally, using the country specific airline is a good way to get a cheap international flight. Carriers will often run specials directly through their websites rather than third party sites, such as Travelocity. Booking well in advance, roughly a month if not more, directly through the airlines will usually provide a choice in dates and seats on these reduced fares.

Alternate Airlines

It is also a smart idea to fly into a major European hub and then continue your journey on a smaller airline. For example, to get to Florence, Italy, it could cost roughly $1000 easily on Alitalia. However, there might be a special on flights to Paris. Connecting at Charles de Gaulle to a discount flight to Pisa, a 40 minute car ride from Florence, will save you a few hundred dollars. Travel time may increase, but budgets are a precious commodity and an extra Euro in the pocket may be worth an extra hour of travel. These airlines include easy Jet, Ryanair, Air Berlin and a host of others.

A New Airport

Alternative airports are always an excellent idea to score a cheap ticket whether traveling internationally or abroad. They are usually just a few more miles removed from a city’s center than their more known counterparts, but do the job just as well. Also, many discount airlines leave from smaller ports. Here are a few alternative airports to try for popular US and European destinations:

New York: LaGuardia, Newark

Los Angeles: Long Beach, Burbank

Chicago: Midway

Paris: Orly, Beauvais

London: Gatwick, Stansted

Rome: Ciampino

Madrid: Cuatro Vientos