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09 Jul 2014 Enjoy Delicious Cuisines at Reasonable Price in Your Favorite New York Restaurant


New York is an appealing proposition with the multicultural blend of shining neon, bars and restaurants, the gourmets and attractive night life. City offers exotic fusion of western and eastern flavors cuisines with wide range of culinary delights. The sumptuous taste of various cuisines offered by restaurants in NYC is most appealing. City offers many delightful options that make it a paradise for foodies. This city is located at the crossroads of US that means various sorts of cuisines are represented including Thai, continental, regional cuisines, etc. There are numerous restaurants which are famous for its delicious cuisines:


The Four Seasons: This restaurant is symbol of Manhattan and well known due to its celebrity clients and sumptuous cuisines. It is most beloved by local people of New York as well as outside tourists or visitors. It has two dinning room and one pool room. The rooms are romantic and airy with lots of space between the tables.


Hard Rock Caf International: The Hard rock caf is located in the heart of city at Time Square. Rock your sense with sumptuous cuisines and drinks. It also features rock n roll memorabilia from awe-inspiring hard rock collection. Moreover, the caf also offers private space for private parties with unmatchable services.


Le Cirque: This 16,000 square foot restaurant features main dinning room, private event space and separated bar. It offers sumptuous cuisines and drink to its customer to make their visit memorable. This is the highly popular restaurant of New York that is most visited by local as well as foreign visitors.


Lutece: The name evokes grace, luxury, elegance and refinement. This restaurant has different varieties of setting which includes main dinning room, two private rooms and crystal chandeliers in order to form great intimate setting for their guest’s convenience and enjoyment. This restaurant offers delicious menu that consist of two or three course meal that includes seasonal mixture of entre, appetizer and dessert. With their reasonable prices and delicious cuisines they are able to create faith among their clients.


The Rainbow Room: The rainbow room is one of the leading restaurants that offer dinner with dancing with a big band orchestra on weekends Friday and Saturday. You can spend your enchanted evening in this exotic restaurant by revolving around dance located in the center of dinning room.


Tavern on the Green: Magical, enchanting and resplendent all these words explain Tavern on the Green for dinning purpose in glittering crystal room. During the spring days, dinning in the garden is equally divine. The American cuisines are quite expensive here. It attracts lots of tourists as most of them come to enjoy the view of the wonderful park.


These are the name of few restaurants that offer sumptuous cuisines at reasonable price. Their delicious cuisine and reasonable prices makes the restaurants more demanding and you can’t miss them. If you are planning to visit New York, you must visit these few restaurants in NYC. You can also reserve these restaurants for your parties or any other events as these restaurants also provide private spaces to organize a small party or event. They have adequate staff and support to provide unmatchable service to their guests.

02 Jul 2014 The best Italian restaurants in New York City, New York

New York has some of the best Italian food in the world. America is a melting pot and most of that perception stems from this one city. The Italian culture is proud and deep. From Robert Deniro to Scorcese to any of a thousand other Italian New York giants, the restaurants are almost obligated to be the best.

After doing a thorough survey of restaurant comments, I have found the following three to be the best in the New York area:

1. Via Oreto-This is where you are likely to see some stars. They eat here all the time. You can get a meal for a little over fifty, very inexpensive, considering their Italian food is some of the the best in the world. Five stars.

2. Stark’s Veranda Restaurant-The best low budget choice. Friendly staff. Lots of specials. Their menus come with a translation under the names.

3. Carmine’s Italian Seafood-Like seafood? This is a restaurant that hasd th best in the world. Even though it may seem an odd choice, I had to add it here.Simply the best seafood, if you are into that sort of thing.

The New York scene is one of the best in the world. Just by going you become an accidental conissuer. with a little luck, you might even see a star!

28 Jun 2014 A singles guide to visiting New York City

New York city is a heaven for single people! I have been to New York city many times. I started going there when I had a friend who lived there because of his studies. I did New York with him many times. I then started going alone because I was familiar with the city and found out that is what I preferred. I also brought my boyfriend and though I loved going around and making him discover the city for the first time, I did not have the feeling of being by myself in that fabulous city.

Many single people, especially women, are afraid to travel alone. There is no need to worry about traveling alone. Some women fear for their safety alone and some other fear of finding being alone lonely. Don’t fear about both things! If you follow simple safety rules, like you would do in your own native city, you won’t have anything to fear. I always buy a Metrocard and take the bus everywhere, even at night. I always stay in Murray Hill and the buses leave you in front of your hotel so there is nothing to fear. If you are still skittish, take the bus and not the subway. That will probably make you feel more safe. You can cab it at night if you went out someplace that is less convenient for public transportation and you don’t feel safe.

As for being lonely in New York…I shop and sight see during the day. I often take walking tours and every time I meet people like me who are alone or like last time I met a woman and her daughter, who was around my age and a teacher like me, and we ended up chatting it up during the tour. I sensed that I could ask them for dinner and that they would have been happy to include me in their plans because the older woman, being a mother, was concerned about me being alone in the big city! Since I don’t get lonely, I did not push for dinner with them. I did another walking tour once where we ended up going out for a beer afterward. You get more occasions of meeting new people when you are alone then you are with a boyfriend.

As for eating alone…I love eating alone at the bar with a magazine. You always end up chatting with other single people like you or chatting with the bartender. I once had dinner at Campanile, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, and ended up talking with 2 NYPD retired cops and spending the evening there and having a wonderful time. They even payed for my dinner! Since they were well into their sixties, it was really a conversation without flirting involved.

I have a hard job, I am a high school teacher, and going to New York alone helps me take my mind off my job. I never think about the stress of my job when I am in New York. I always feel light and bubbly. Shopping and eating does that to you!

25 Jun 2014 The Best New York Restaurants

In New York City, there is an endless variety of restaurants.  If you are searching for the best New York restaurants, begin by deciding on the type of cuisine you are interested in.  Whether you are looking for cuisine from American to Mexican, Asian to Indian, Cajun to Greek or anything in between, you will find it in New York City. You can dine in the best New York restaurants in Manhattan or Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx or Staten Island and have an exceptional meal.

From cozy to contemporary, you will find restaurants all over the city to delight your senses.  Dine indoors or outdoors on the most delicious food available with delectable sauces and accompanying fine wines.  Top off your meal with a scrumptious dessert then head out for a stroll through the exciting city streets.  Your taste buds will be tantalized with some of the finest dining in the world, with a restaurant to satisfy everyone’s’ desires.

Tucked in between the array of shops, homes, and larger restaurants are cozy restaurants with succulent cuisine from appetizers to desserts.  Some of the best New York restaurants are set in a more casual atmosphere where a group of friends can share old memories and make new ones as they enjoy an outstanding dinner.

Throughout the city you can dine at a restaurant, bar, or bistro.  Most of the best New York restaurants require dinner time reservations, although you may be more apt to get a seat at a bar or bistro without one.  Typical restaurants feature tables and booths with an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere.  At a bistro, you will find a more relaxing atmosphere with the menu featuring specialty items from around the world.  Meals at a Bistro are usually home cooked, simple and made with fresh, local ingredients and are often accompanied by a glass of wine.   If you are looking for a fun and very casual atmosphere, stop by one of the many local bars and join “the regulars” for a quick bite to eat and a beer.  Many corner bars are rich in family history and date back to early immigration.

So before you are ready to head into the city, visit www.NewYork.com to see the selection of the best New York restaurants.  While browsing our site, check out the discounted dining certificates for our featured restaurants.  But remember, no matter which restaurant you choose, you will be guaranteed a wonderful night out in the city with a delightful meal at one of the best New York restaurants.


18 Jun 2014 Best steakhouses in New York City

Most guides to New York Steakhouses spend a lot of time telling you about the ambience, the decor: heck, they even tell you how cute the waiters are. What is frequently glossed over is the steak. Isn’t that what you go to a steakhouse for? I’m here to tell you about the meat: which cuts are recommended and how good they are. While other details are worth a mention, this time they can take a backseat to the special steaks at the five best steakhouses in New York City. Tie on a bib, because we’re going to be slinging some serious sizzle!

#1) Monkey Bar (60 E 54th St., 212-838-2600)

In a city where steaks can sometimes cost well over fifty dollars a person, The Monkey Bar features a different cut of meat each night for $24. In New York, that’s a price you can’t beat, especially at a restaurant this nice. The steaks themselves are a cut above the rest. Chef Chris Cheung learned his cooking skills from his Tai San parents, and he shows them off with flair in his Wok-Seared Sirloin Steak. The Wok-searing seals in the juices like you won’t believe. It might even beat the trusty grill for steak perfection.

#2) Knickerbocker Bar and Grill (33 University Place, 212-228-8490)

The Knickerbocker does a T-Bone ($39) that’ll make you cry. Honestly, when a steakhouse in New York is well-known for one specific cut of steak, you know they’ve achieved something. A New York restaurant can’t boast “the best T-Bone in town” and lie and get away with it. I think the mafia would burn it down, so there’s the proof. If you can tear yourself away from your steak, you might notice that the lobster mashed potatoes are one heck of a side item.

#3) Old Homestead Steakhouse (56th 9th Ave., 212-242-9040)

Old Homestead’s advertisements state that they specialize in the four food groups: beef, beef, beef and beef. Didn’t I tell you we were focusing on the steaks? Well so does Old Homestead. They concentrate on hand-massaged Kobe beef, grilled to order. That attention to detail also shows in the signature steak, a 16 oz. Filet Mignon on the bone ($45). If you can’t choose between the Kobe steak and the Filet, go for a burger. No kidding, the Old Homestead does a whopping 20 oz. Kobe beef burger ($41) that could put other steak places out of business.

#4) Keens Steakhouse (72 W. 36th St., 212-947-363)

I could spend your time telling you about Keens origins in “Merrie Olde England” but that would deprive you of precious meat time. Instead, let me tell you that if you take a date to Keens

25 May 2014 Enjoy a Sumptuous Dining Treat at Your Favourite New York Restaurant

With its multicultural mix of incandescent neon, open fronted restaurants and bars, the gourmet and night life scene, New York is tantalizing proposition. New York’s cuisines are known for its exotic fusion of eastern and western flavors with a wide variety of culinary delights. The succulent taste of New York restaurant is as local as it is universal- stunning home style the fresh seafood, regional cuisines and cuisine from round the world. All these delightful options makes New York a paradise fro food lovers. The city’s compact size lends itself to public crawl and evening spent zipping from food district to another.

The city location at the crossroads of US means virtually every kind cuisine is represented including plenty of continental, Italian, Thai, Indian and vegetarian restaurants spread across the city. “Whatever suits your culinary fancy, you will find it right here in a city full of the world’s pickiest gastronomes!” You can head to causeway bar for its authentic dining experiences. Here are some picks for perfect New York restaurants marketing:

21 Club

One of the glamorous restaurant of New York, it has generated renewed interest and respect its acquisition by orient-expresses hotels, train and cruises. You can afford to miss the restaurant going for last 80 years.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke, an excellent restaurant serves mouthwatering authentic pit barbecue. It offer unique services like bar and lounge, counter seating, late night, full bar, personal wines welcome, etc.

Le cirque

It is one of the most beloved restaurants offer the finest nouvelle vague haute cuisine. It is a great, polished, cruise ship of a restaurant in the Bloomberg tower in midtown.


Tamarind invites you to “take a culinary journey to India”. A wonderful restaurant in NYC, that offers Indian cuisines with decent wine. They offer excellent service and quality food.

You can do New York restaurant marketing with various strategies such as

1) To call or visit hotels and motels near your restaurants and ask them to place your menus and coupons in the rooms and lobby areas.

2) After any big concert or any event, people are ready to have a meal. You can advertise at screen and have someone stationed at the entry or exit and give out menus when to patrons go inside.

3) The other better way to promote your restaurant is to enter in chef contest and win. It will bring lots of customer.

NYC venue guide will help you in searching New York restaurants and New York restaurant marketing strategies to promote their restaurants. Checkout NYC venue guide to view the restaurants and effective marketing strategies.


24 May 2014 A locals guide to Central Park, New York City

For the New York City local, Central Park is one of the most popular spots to take a break from the city that never sleeps. Within the park there is something for everyone: peaceful lakes, sports fields, the Central Park Zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and much more. At 843 acres in size, it is no surprise that Central Park is the most visited park in the United States.

No matter what time of the year, the park boasts several fun activities for people of all ages. Here is a list of some of the most popular events and spots in the park:

Entertainment options:

Central Park holds many different entertaining events from free theatre productions at the Delacorte Theater, a famous summer festival of “Shakespeare in the Park,” concerts that are performed at the Great Lawn, and a series of Summerstage performances given throughout the summer. There is always something fun and exciting to attend in the park!

Athletic options in the park:

Within Central Park there is a 6-mile-long path that is a popular spot for bicyclists, joggers and inline skaters. In addition, the park holds many formal races, and is the official finish of the New York Marathon. The Wollman Rink and Pool are also fun places to enjoy ice-skating in the winter and swimming in the summer. Finally, there are several tennis courts and baseball fields within the park for public use.

Horse carraige rides:

Everyone has to go on a famous New York City horse carraige ride through Central Park at least once in their life. These rides are offered year-round, and leave from the southern edge of the park.

Fun for children:

There are many activities throughout the year in Central Park that are tailored for children. For instance, the Cottage Marionette Theatre holds puppet shows in addition to the many story-telling hours within the park. The Central Park Carousel is also very popular amongst children, and finally, the Central Park Zoo is always a hit.

Dining options within the park:

There are many areas within the park that offer food. One of the most popular is the Boat House restaurant, which offers nice views of the lake at a sit-down dining style. Also available is the Tavern on the Green and the Leaping Frog Caf, which is located at the Central Park Zoo. Finally, there are the more casual options found at hotdog, pretzel and ice cream stands located throughout the park.