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27 Jul 2014 Best hot dog stands in New York City

New York owes a hot dog cart full of gratitude to Jimmy Durante and Eddie Cantor. Why? Because in 1916 these two celebrities encouraged young Nathan Handwerker to open a hot dog stand on Coney Island.

He listened to them and started selling his hot dogs for a nickel each to the thousands of the well heeled but hungry New Yorkers visiting this vacation mecca every day.

Nathan’s is still only a wee walk from the ocean. The hot dogs now cost a whole pile of nickels but the sensation of eating a Nathan’s hot dog on Coney Island is well worth the price. Nathan’s is about more than hot dogs. It’s about history an aspect that has a direct bearing on how the hot dog tastes…to me anyway.

When you take that first mouthful, I strongly suggest you close your eyes and open your ears. If you listen very closely you can still hear the soft rustle of heavy skirts, the thumping of thousands of little feet on the boardwalk and the far off sound of a brass band playing.

If you listen very intently you can also hear the crack of bat meeting ball as Babe Ruth, the Yankee’s Sultan of Swat, puts another one out of the reach of frustrated outfielders…all while New Yorkers chowed down on hot dogs.

New York and hot dogs.

For taste…sheer New York Taste…I have to suggest “A Hot Dog from the Vendor Cart Guys.” Head to Central Park and look for the Vendor Cart Guys. You will find their silver carts at every entrance to Central Park.

Order a hot dog with everything and watch them slather the sesame seed bun with mustard, onions, relish, ketchup and peppers. Take your treasure into the park and find a bench or a patch of grass in the sunlight. Or try Strawberry Fields, the tiled John Lennon monument…or settle in by the Alice in Wonderland statue…or join a massive lineup of people hoping to get free Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

A hot dog will never EVER taste as good as it does in Central Park.

Or Coney Island.

A hot dog is a hot dog. But eating hot dogs from of either of these New York institutions is a vital part of the Big Apple experience.

Badda boom…badda bing!

16 Jul 2014 Best vegetarian restaurants in New York City

This is a story where I lost my hair or in other words I look like a mohawk wearing rock star to my vegetarian cousin who found a vegetarian restaurant. Now the reason why I look like Mr. T is simply I lost a bet to my cousin to find a vegetarian restaurant in New York city. You see my cousin is a vegetarian and I always wondered how was she able to find and eat at restaurants that were either vegetarian or served food for vegetarians. It turns out she was quite resourceful and found many ways to eat, while serving her beliefs to not eat meat. Although occasionally she does eat fish sometimes, but she always maintain an eating habit of not eating meat for once. Now my cousin is a traveled chiropractor and just recently she went to New York for a conference. So, now according to my cousin’s blackberry and a few pictures here is a list of vegetarian restaurants that literally cost my hair.

The first and one of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York city is Cafe Blossom, which is located in the upper west side of Manhattan. This vegetarian restaurant offers the best in wine selections and an entree menu that offers the best in organic foods. The seating according to my cousin is one of the most spacious and offers a chic modern vibe in the layout of the restaurant.

Furthermore, the pasta in Cafe Blossom is one of the most delicious dish that vegetarians should try and eat more often. In addition, to the wine selection and organic entree is the salad selections and bar is exquisite in both vegetables and style presentation.

The second best vegetarian restaurant in New York city is Mint, which is located between Lexington avenue and third avenue in New York city. Mint shares a different distinction from all the other vegetarian restaurants in New York, and that distinction is the restaurant is both a vegetarian and a Indian cuisine restaurant. The Chef of the restaurant is Gary Sikka who is Indian and knows several different cuisines from veggie to hindu. The restaurant is set in trendy orange drum lights and mint panels of banquettes. Mint is a huge restaurant with a one hundred and ten seating capacity and private rooms for audio karaoke. The food offers the best vegetarian cuisine with a variety of salads, pasta, and tofu for the veggie kind of a person.

The third and final vegetarian restaurant in New York city is Supermac, a restaurant that specializes in cheese as wells as the vegetarian cuisine. Located between twenty ninth and thirtieth street, Supermac is a diverse restaurant that makes low fat foods with a whole wide mix of cheese. Any kinds of cheese like American or provolone is used to makes cheese nuggets that is healthy enough for any vegetarian.

So there you have it there are some cities that have vegetarian restaurants. Perhaps it was dumb to think there was no vegetarian restaurant in New York city, since the city is cultural boiling point in every cultural styles. Only in New York though where I could lose a bet to my vegetarian cousin.

12 Jul 2014 Things to do in spring in New York City

Take a walk around beautiful Central Park and catch the Spring sun as it creates the most beautiful scenes of nature your eyes will ever see. To be so close to nature, and yet so close to one of the biggest and proudest cities in the world, is mind boggling. Take a glorious breath of Central Park’s fresh air and thank your God you were fortunate enough to witness such a beautiful vision in the Spring. It is a great crecsendo of life. The Spring in New York presents its visitors with so many glorious opportunities, where you can be in a vast, lush park at one moment, and shortly thereafeter, in the heart of Metropolitan Heaven. By the way, be sure to get the horse and carriage ride as they run fairly cheap and add to the romantic feel. After your trip to Central Park you must take the cruise and see Ms. Liberty; The Statue Of Liberty in all her beauty. Catch a glimmer at her in a golden Spring sun and you will not forget it.

Speaking of the Statue of Liberty, you may feel a humanitarian need to see Ground Zero. Although it was a horrific time in our history, visiting the memorial site will give you the opportunity to offer a moment of silence in honor of those Americans who lost their lives that fateful day and to their loved ones.

Spring in New York also means it is baseball season. Baseball means a great deal to New Yorkers and most have to choose between the Bronx Bombers (The New York Yankees) and The Mets. Either way, you will feel baseball in the air and embedded in most conversations throughout the streets of New York. The New York Yankees will be playing their first game in their new stadium (where a Big Papi-David Ortiz #34 jersey was recently dug up). It is important to mention here that the New York Yankees fans are not terribly fond of The Boston Red Sox fans. Remember this to be spared as joking fodder at any city cafe while talking baseball and proclaiming your love for The Red Sox. They just hate them, remember that.

Nothing says New York City in the Springtime like a pleasurable sampling of the various plays, on and off of famous Broadway. You may see a star of tomorow, or if your timing is good, a big star of today. Putting this on your evening regiment will definitely add to the glitz, glamour, and romance of your New York City trip. So many things go hand in hand with New York City and one of those things to end your evening after a play, or a baseball game, is PIZZA. There truly is nowhere else on the planet that has better Pizzarias where you can simply sit down and join in one of the greatest local culinary treats.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, when I think of New York City I think about shopping. Yes, and shopping to our hearts content because New York is the heartbeat of the retail world, I mean, heck, these are the little extravagances we all work so hard to for. New York City has skyscrapers that seem to go on forever and this is a site to see for country folk. Go see as many broadway shows and plays as possible and enjoy some of the finest dining spots on the globe. New York City in Spring, a time to behold.

18 Jun 2014 Best steakhouses in New York City

Most guides to New York Steakhouses spend a lot of time telling you about the ambience, the decor: heck, they even tell you how cute the waiters are. What is frequently glossed over is the steak. Isn’t that what you go to a steakhouse for? I’m here to tell you about the meat: which cuts are recommended and how good they are. While other details are worth a mention, this time they can take a backseat to the special steaks at the five best steakhouses in New York City. Tie on a bib, because we’re going to be slinging some serious sizzle!

#1) Monkey Bar (60 E 54th St., 212-838-2600)

In a city where steaks can sometimes cost well over fifty dollars a person, The Monkey Bar features a different cut of meat each night for $24. In New York, that’s a price you can’t beat, especially at a restaurant this nice. The steaks themselves are a cut above the rest. Chef Chris Cheung learned his cooking skills from his Tai San parents, and he shows them off with flair in his Wok-Seared Sirloin Steak. The Wok-searing seals in the juices like you won’t believe. It might even beat the trusty grill for steak perfection.

#2) Knickerbocker Bar and Grill (33 University Place, 212-228-8490)

The Knickerbocker does a T-Bone ($39) that’ll make you cry. Honestly, when a steakhouse in New York is well-known for one specific cut of steak, you know they’ve achieved something. A New York restaurant can’t boast “the best T-Bone in town” and lie and get away with it. I think the mafia would burn it down, so there’s the proof. If you can tear yourself away from your steak, you might notice that the lobster mashed potatoes are one heck of a side item.

#3) Old Homestead Steakhouse (56th 9th Ave., 212-242-9040)

Old Homestead’s advertisements state that they specialize in the four food groups: beef, beef, beef and beef. Didn’t I tell you we were focusing on the steaks? Well so does Old Homestead. They concentrate on hand-massaged Kobe beef, grilled to order. That attention to detail also shows in the signature steak, a 16 oz. Filet Mignon on the bone ($45). If you can’t choose between the Kobe steak and the Filet, go for a burger. No kidding, the Old Homestead does a whopping 20 oz. Kobe beef burger ($41) that could put other steak places out of business.

#4) Keens Steakhouse (72 W. 36th St., 212-947-363)

I could spend your time telling you about Keens origins in “Merrie Olde England” but that would deprive you of precious meat time. Instead, let me tell you that if you take a date to Keens

27 May 2014 New York Restaurants – Perfect Spot for Foodies With New Tastes

New York is a tantalizing proposition with its luminous neon, the gourmet, nightlife scene, open fronted bars and restaurants. New York is the most happening city in US that never sleeps. This city offers some of the best restaurants across the world. NYC restaurants are open all the time so that you can enjoy appetizing meal with your family and friends. You will find priciest as well as cheapest cuisines in NYC. New York’s food is well known for its exotic fusion of western and eastern flavors with enormous variety of culinary enjoyments. Local visitors as well as foreign visitors keep visiting some of the best restaurants in NYC due to their excellent cuisines and services. Some of such restaurants are listed below:

Artisanal: Artisanal, lively midtown restaurant, near Empire state building, offer more than 200 ranges of cheese. Vegetable and seafood dishes lead the menu but its extensively highly praised variety of fowl, game and beef are not to be missed out. Its wine list is excellent and tops the lists of patrons and food critics over the city.

Bond Street: This Japanese restaurant in NYC although minimal in décor offers many exciting Innovative cusines. Bond Street serves the freshest sushi in NYC along with Nobu.

Brasserie: Brasserie is well known for its after party circuit due to exotic late night dinning staple. Even feast at this space-pop contemporary dinning room is also cause for celebration. This restaurant is French inspired and offers excellent cuisines and the active bar scene makes it an ideal spot for foodies who are looking for new taste.

Daniel: NYC culinary superstar Chef Daniel Boulud with impeccable credentials owns this restaurant. Originally, he was the head chef of Le Cirque. This world class restaurant offer sumptuous cuisines at cheapest price.

Della Femina: Della Femina conveys the superiority of Manhattan with relaxed elegance and high class comfort. This restaurant offers French cuisines with American twist with fine wine at affordable price. It’s difficult to ignore this hotel in NYC.

The Screening Room: Movie and dinner have never been accessible upscale. The screening room features some classic cinema with dining. Here, you can get both food and film either together or separately. Dinner can score three-course prix-frix meal with movie tickets for less than 40 bucks.

New York Restaurants offer exotic services and cuisines so that you will be delighted from the moment you enter till you exit. Restaurants are always crowded, so it is advisable to reserve your table in advance. They serve good food with perfect environment to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Therefore, whenever you go to New York next, do ensure to try these different restaurants to enjoy the different kinds of cusines available there.

25 May 2014 Enjoy a Sumptuous Dining Treat at Your Favourite New York Restaurant

With its multicultural mix of incandescent neon, open fronted restaurants and bars, the gourmet and night life scene, New York is tantalizing proposition. New York’s cuisines are known for its exotic fusion of eastern and western flavors with a wide variety of culinary delights. The succulent taste of New York restaurant is as local as it is universal- stunning home style the fresh seafood, regional cuisines and cuisine from round the world. All these delightful options makes New York a paradise fro food lovers. The city’s compact size lends itself to public crawl and evening spent zipping from food district to another.

The city location at the crossroads of US means virtually every kind cuisine is represented including plenty of continental, Italian, Thai, Indian and vegetarian restaurants spread across the city. “Whatever suits your culinary fancy, you will find it right here in a city full of the world’s pickiest gastronomes!” You can head to causeway bar for its authentic dining experiences. Here are some picks for perfect New York restaurants marketing:

21 Club

One of the glamorous restaurant of New York, it has generated renewed interest and respect its acquisition by orient-expresses hotels, train and cruises. You can afford to miss the restaurant going for last 80 years.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke, an excellent restaurant serves mouthwatering authentic pit barbecue. It offer unique services like bar and lounge, counter seating, late night, full bar, personal wines welcome, etc.

Le cirque

It is one of the most beloved restaurants offer the finest nouvelle vague haute cuisine. It is a great, polished, cruise ship of a restaurant in the Bloomberg tower in midtown.


Tamarind invites you to “take a culinary journey to India”. A wonderful restaurant in NYC, that offers Indian cuisines with decent wine. They offer excellent service and quality food.

You can do New York restaurant marketing with various strategies such as

1) To call or visit hotels and motels near your restaurants and ask them to place your menus and coupons in the rooms and lobby areas.

2) After any big concert or any event, people are ready to have a meal. You can advertise at screen and have someone stationed at the entry or exit and give out menus when to patrons go inside.

3) The other better way to promote your restaurant is to enter in chef contest and win. It will bring lots of customer.

NYC venue guide will help you in searching New York restaurants and New York restaurant marketing strategies to promote their restaurants. Checkout NYC venue guide to view the restaurants and effective marketing strategies.


11 May 2014 Guide to visiting New York City with young kids

New York City is a fun three-night get-away for families. Even young school age children will recognize many landmarks from movies, television and books.

Midtown Manhattan has good access to public transportation, and is walking distance to many attractions, kid-friendly dining and Broadway theaters, so it makes a good “home base.” Although New York is notorious for small, pricey hotel rooms, Midtown offers a variety of lodging, some with relatively larger rooms or suites that will suit a family. After a day of sight-seeing, more space makes relaxing more comfortable, and makes dining in on budget-friendly take-out easier.

Early risers might enjoy a walk toward Rockefeller Center to catch the “Today Show” broadcast, beginning around 7:00 a.m. Grab breakfast at one of the many delis, where you can choose from a selection of bagel-and-egg sandwiches, coffee, fruit and pastries filling and affordable. Head over to the NBC store at Rockefeller Center and buy tickets for the NBC tour, where you can see how a real TV news studio and the “Saturday Night Live” set.

Midtown is home to Times Square, a must-see for any first time visitor. Safer, cleaner and more tourist-friendly than a decade ago, this revitalized area is amazing at night, like standing in the midst of a neon fireworks display. Hang onto your little ones Times Square can be a little crowded when the Broadway theaters empty out in the evening.

Theater-going families can take advantage of the “Tkts” booth right in the center of Times Square, where day-of-performance tickets sell at a discount. Shopping is easy in Midtown, with a giant Toys “R” Us complete with a 60 foot tall ferris wheel. FAO Schwartz, American Girl and Nintendo stores are all within walking distance. An ambitious walk or a short subway ride from Times Square will take you to the Empire State building, an art deco landmark and a symbol of New York City. Ride up the elevator at dusk and watch as night falls and lights begin to twinkle breathtaking!

Walking to your destinations is a great way to take in the city if your kids can manage. If not, the subway is a quick and safe alternative. Ask the hotel concierge for a map and for help navigating the system and you’ll be on your way. After a few busy days, you’ll be planning your next trip with the kids to New York City!

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