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30 Jun 2014 New York: New York, New York and New York!

The sentiments behind the words “I love New York” is one you’d certainly feel the moment you step out of the plane and see for yourself what the Big Apple has in store for you. With a population of over eight million people, thousands of high rise buildings dominating the scene and blinking lights all over, sometimes it’s hard not to be overwhelmed when you first set your eyes on the city that never sleeps.

Although a lot of people believe that New York is one of those big bad cities with crime rates that would make your heart palpitate in fear, official reports actually claim that New York is one of the safest places to be these days, with crime rates reaching an all time low since the 1960’s.

If it’s your first time to travel to New York, here are a few tips for you to make your visit in New York safer, cheaper and more memorable.

Where To Stay : If you don’t have some friends with pads in New York that you could bunk in for a night or two then there are a wide range of hotels for you to choose from. Most of the hotels in New York are concentrated in Manhattan but if you’re flying for business purposes then maybe you’d prefer to stay somewhere near Wall Street. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something quirky and fun, then maybe Chelsea and Greenwhich are good places to start.

Where To Eat : One good thing about New York: the food is a fusion of a bit of everything from the four corners of the globe. If you desire lasagna, then Italian eateries are just around the corner. If you desire some good old fashioned beef stew and yangchow rice then there are a lot of Chinese delis that are willing to deliver food right on your doorstep. From ultra-posh, exorbitantly expensive first class restaurants to bohemian dining to fixed rates for eat all you can buffets, New York will have no problems in satisfying your gastronomical inclinations.

Where to Go : New York has a lot of points of interest to boast of and the list just keeps getting longer and longer. Remember the animation movie, Madagascar? Well, that’s Central Park in drawing but wait till you see the real one and all eight hundred acres of it. And then there’s Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. They say that a visit to New York isn’t complete until you check out the lifelike “creatures” in that particular museum. And who can forget the Empire State Building, once the tallest among them all high rise buildings? And of course there’s the Statue of Liberty, the very symbol of American welcome. Then there’s the Rockefeller Center, with its famous Christmas tree right in the middle of all the action.

How to Stay Safe : Although New York is considered as “safe”, it wouldn’t hurt to take the necessary precautions and avoid the attention of pickpockets on the lookout for out-of-towners. Don’t make a fuss when going to the ATM and always go out in groups.

How Not to Get Lost : New York is a very busy city so the bustling city may end up overwhelming first time visitors. Hence, it’s advisable that you always carry your map and cellphone with you. If unsure of the destination, don’t just board the subway but instead, spend extra cash for a cab ride.

Lastly, enjoy your New York tour!

30 Jun 2014 Visiting New York City on a modest budget

New York City is the least expensive city in the world. Where else can you see a play, a t.v. show, a film, world class art, and get food – all on the house? An insider’s tour of the city doesn’t take a park view apartment. All you need is a little planning and a sense of adventure.

If you’re dying to see a hot Broadway play you can pay the high prices for sold out shows, or you can simply usher. Volunteering as an usher is a time honored tradition for theater lovers, and it’s a guaranteed way to see shows for free. Just contact one of the dozens of theaters or companies and inquire when they have volunteer ushering positions available. The best time of year is summertime when New York hosts several theater festivals allowing you your pick of shows, but calling 2-3 weeks ahead of time should get you a spot. Then simply, wear “respectable clothing,” show up an hour early, and rip ticket stubs. When it’s curtain time, enjoy the show. If you’re a charmer you might even tag along to the after party.

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, many ticket booths, like the ones in Times Square, offer half-off same day tickets. They also have free movie tickets for new films coming out. Those guys with the clip boards and tickets aren’t ALL trying to get you to go inside for a “dance”.

New York is also a cultural hub with some of the most stunning art in the world for you to enjoy – for free. Places like Carnegie Hall and the Museum of Modern Art are just some of the galleries open to the public for free. In addition to free admittance, many museums have a “pay as you wish” system, which is just an artsy way of saying “free.” The best part about that system is that while you can see the art for free, by donating a few bucks you’ll feel like the Park Avenue philanthropist you really are deep down inside. When you get home, tell your friends that you went to an art benefit. Because you did, you big giver.

If Broadway and Carnegie Hall are too “smarty pants” for you, get free tickets for one of the many famous television shows filmed in New York. Production companies give away free tickets to keep the seats full, so contact your favorite show for ticket information. Be prepared though, because the more popular shows, like Saturday Night Live, can have year-long waiting lists. If you wanna see “The Maury Show” you can probably show up five minutes late with no ticket and they’ll find a way to “squeeze you in.”

While theater, art, or even television might not appeal to you, there is always one clarion call of freedom that everyone can get behind – free food. New York City, home of the $80 steak dinner is also a hotbed for buffet. You just have to sniff it out.

When in doubt, head to the corner bar. Irish pubs in Manhattan are legendary for their happy hour buffets with free fare ranging from wings and hot dogs to pizza and egg rolls. Every bar or pub has some kind of happy hour deal, so just go wandering around at 4 p.m. and see what catches your eye. Be quick about it though, because the one rule about free food, like almost everything in New York, is “first come first served.”

Bottom line – enjoy your trip to the Big Apple at any price. Just know that with a little bit of knowledge you can take a big slice of it home for free.

30 Jun 2014 Car Service in New York City | Finding the right car service in New York City

Having a car is probably the biggest convenience you have while on a vacation. Chauffeured driven car, well its heaven, drive-by-yourself car, it may not be heaven but that doesn’t
matter. You have the liberty to make your own way. You can find one such convenience through a car service in New York City. Agencies vs. Airports Car service New York City is available at the airport and many can be booked from online websites of agencies other than at airport. The difference between the two is that if you hire a car from the latter it will relatively be cheaper than hiring from the airport because all rental agencies at the airport pay a fee and usually that fee will be added to your fare. It is legal. So if you have planed your visit you should get a car hired from a car service in New York City before you reach at the airport. Choose a car that fits your need If you are coming to the city for fun and leisure than instead of renting an exquisite car you can go for a luxury yet economical car that fit you needs. This will keep your budget down as well. Large exquisite cars like Rolls Royce usually have premium charges, low fuel economy and since you will rent it for a few days your overall transportation fare will be high.Busy conferences?If you are coming to attend some workshops and conference than you will be spending most of your time attending them and if you have hired a car for the first few days you will just pay the agency for a car resting in the parking. The best way to plan such a trip is that you hire only a point to pint transportation probably a good looking luxury to arrive at the venue and afterwards when you have less busy days or off-days you can hire a car rental service. This will keep your overall costs low and in some cases you may have to have on the average 15% gratuity to the driver which means more time he spends with you the more you pay him. Some car rental agencies also provide discount coupons if you are booking the cars for longer periods. Don’t miss on such opportunities because you will get a better car at a lower price. Searching online Finding a car service in New York City is very easy by using the internet especially if you are coming from some other state or country. There are many car rental services that have easy to use websites with lots of information about their cars and prices. Once you are finished selecting your plan, reserve your car so that once you arrive at New York you have a chauffeur waiting.
Applying online may get you discount coupons as well and you will also be able to compare Car services in New York City. has all you need to find the best suited
car for your vacation.

29 Jun 2014 New York Requires Business Auto Insurance

America is the land of opportunity. Thousands of people come to our country for a better life. Some even risk their lives to arrive and face possible deportation if caught. They take these risks because of the dream of a stable environment. They are even free to start their own business if so desired. Citizens born and raised here will also strive for years to find their financial niche.

Every year, small businesses are created across the nation. Vehicles used for business purposes need to be insured as commercial vehicles. Your personal vehicle insurance excludes coverage during commercial use of your car or truck. Cheap commercial car insurance is available if you do your research. The New York auto insurance department can assist with this process.

When a vehicle is used for business purposes, it requires special insurance called a commercial or business insurance policy. If you tow a commercial trailer with a personal vehicle, you may also be required to obtain commercial business policy If you tow or haul anything that doesn’t belong to your company, you could need hired or non-owned vehicle coverage. These requirements vary per state so check with your state’s insurance department for a complete list of standards. The commercial insurance may be more expensive, but there are ways get cheap car insurance for your commercial car.

*Only hire the best drivers. Insist upon drivers license checks for anyone who may be behind the wheel. Drivers with numerous tickets, accidents or a combination of both with cause your rates to be high.

*As with personal vehicles, safety equipment such as anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, side impact airbags, etc. will save you money.

*Higher deductibles = lower rates.

*Late model four door sedans and economy cars are a lot cheaper to insure than sports cars and expensive trucks.

*Store location directly affects commercial New York auto insurance premiums. If possible, choose a suburban location instead of a downtown area.

*If you have several vehicles, consider fleet insurance to cover all of them instead of individual policies for each vehicle. It may save you money too.

New York auto insurance companies are experts at finding you the best deals for your situation. They are also adept at explaining every aspect of commercial insurance policies. Take the time and allow them to walk you through the process. They can also explain all the regulations of the Federal Department of Transportation that pertains to interstate travel.

28 Jun 2014 A singles guide to visiting New York City

New York city is a heaven for single people! I have been to New York city many times. I started going there when I had a friend who lived there because of his studies. I did New York with him many times. I then started going alone because I was familiar with the city and found out that is what I preferred. I also brought my boyfriend and though I loved going around and making him discover the city for the first time, I did not have the feeling of being by myself in that fabulous city.

Many single people, especially women, are afraid to travel alone. There is no need to worry about traveling alone. Some women fear for their safety alone and some other fear of finding being alone lonely. Don’t fear about both things! If you follow simple safety rules, like you would do in your own native city, you won’t have anything to fear. I always buy a Metrocard and take the bus everywhere, even at night. I always stay in Murray Hill and the buses leave you in front of your hotel so there is nothing to fear. If you are still skittish, take the bus and not the subway. That will probably make you feel more safe. You can cab it at night if you went out someplace that is less convenient for public transportation and you don’t feel safe.

As for being lonely in New York…I shop and sight see during the day. I often take walking tours and every time I meet people like me who are alone or like last time I met a woman and her daughter, who was around my age and a teacher like me, and we ended up chatting it up during the tour. I sensed that I could ask them for dinner and that they would have been happy to include me in their plans because the older woman, being a mother, was concerned about me being alone in the big city! Since I don’t get lonely, I did not push for dinner with them. I did another walking tour once where we ended up going out for a beer afterward. You get more occasions of meeting new people when you are alone then you are with a boyfriend.

As for eating alone…I love eating alone at the bar with a magazine. You always end up chatting with other single people like you or chatting with the bartender. I once had dinner at Campanile, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, and ended up talking with 2 NYPD retired cops and spending the evening there and having a wonderful time. They even payed for my dinner! Since they were well into their sixties, it was really a conversation without flirting involved.

I have a hard job, I am a high school teacher, and going to New York alone helps me take my mind off my job. I never think about the stress of my job when I am in New York. I always feel light and bubbly. Shopping and eating does that to you!

28 Jun 2014 Best places to stay when visiting New York City

New York City has some of the most famous hotels in North America. There are literally hundreds of options, so how do you choose? One way is to locate accommodations close to the attractions you are most interested in. If you want to see Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, or Battery Park be sure to check out the Lower Manhattan listings below. The Midtown and Central Park listings put you near attractions such as Times Square, Broadway, the empire state building, and, of course, Central Park. In both Lower Manhattan and Midtown there is a luxury hotel ($350+), a comfortable lodge ($225 – $350) or a wallet-friendly inn ($110 – $225 per night) just for you.


Lower Manhattan is the hub of the American financial world, and the epicenter is historic Wall Street. Whether it’s history of the financial markets or a tour of the New York Stock Exchange, you’ll find it here. Lower Manhattan is also the starting point for ferry tours of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, some of the most famous icons in American history. Lower Manhattan is also the site of the World Trade Center disaster and there are plenty of artifacts and surreal visuals from that tragic event. To stay near any of these attractions, try one of the following hotels:


Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park

Two West Street

New York, NY 10004

(212) 344-0800

The Ritz-Carlton offers views of the statue of liberty, Ellis Island, and the financial district what more could be said! The accommodations are comfortable and spacious, and the service is excellent. If you’re looking for the complete package, the Ritz-Carlton is it. There are even telescopes in the rooms for up close viewing of the sights!


Embassy Suites Hotel New York

102 North End Avenue

New York, NY 10282

(212) 945-0100

The Embassy Suites offers a complimentary breakfast and family-friendly amenities in every room such as a refrigerator, pull-out sofa and microwave oven. Located across from the World Trade Center site, and with views of the Hudson River, this hotel can be a comfortable home-away-from-home while staying in New York, particularly for families.


The Wall Street District Hotel

15 Gold St

New York, NY 10038

(212) 232-7700

The rooms are smaller, and the view is somewhat less breathtaking, but you are right in the heart of the financial district, just three blocks from Wall Street. A very comfortable stay, especially if you are working with a

28 Jun 2014 New York Hotels- a Perfect Retreat

The discounted hotels situated in New York are regarded as bliss for tourists who drool over lavishness and fine furnishings, well-appointed rooms, facilities and amenities along with out of this world view of the sea along with a cheap tariff to exploit the benefits of the same. Most of the cheap New York hotels reveal interiors that have been designed in such a way that it provides the ideal mood to chill out and unwind. Apart from that these cheap and discounted hotels provides the best venue to host meetings and conference.

Discounted booking are also available for New York hotels in order to enjoy the perfect blend of beauty, recreations activities, amenities, excellent staff and everything else that makes up living a high style. There are several hotels that offer discounts on rooms, accommodations all inclusive packages. These discounted hotels boast of roomy and extremely spacious rooms with tall, metaphorical ceilings and the kindness and affection with regards to the service. The rooms are centrally air-conditioned, every room has a balcony, which is the place to unwind and free your mind of all the worries!

The world class destination for tourist to visit also boast of cheap hotels in las Vegas that provides world-class facilities. It is unbelievable but the kind of service and amenities provided at discounted hotels situated in Las Vegas hotel is simply unparalleled and top-notch and certainly remarkable. This is bound to contribute to making the trip much more worth while, entertaining and more enjoyable and comfortable.

Cheap hotels booking are one of the most important factors that attract a lot of tourist to make prior bookings and hence increase the revenues and the goodwill of the hotels. Cheap Accommodation is easily available on different sites online. A lot of information is stated online and one could simply browse through the same and find the right type of discounted hotel that comes with a right room tariff rate along with cheap bookings.

27 Jun 2014 Travel to New York This Summer

All eyes are on New York this week as the Sex and the City film premieres here in London.

Travel experts believe that the film will attract many British tourists to New York as they see the beautiful setting of the film. Fans of Sex and the City can now also do tours where they visit the locations of famous scenes from the series and the movie.

The New York tourist board, NYC and company, are keen to use this opportunity to remind tourists that New York does not have to be a winter destination.

Many consider New York a winter destination, picturing snowy scenes and shopping experiences in one of the most famous cities in the world.

But New York can offer a fabulous summer holiday to those who venture there in the warm summer months. With an average summer temperature of 29 degrees celsius and an abundance parks and outdoor pools, New York is a real summer treat.

Commenting on some of the city’s best attractions, NYC & Company chief George Fertitta said: “Easily reachable by subway, Coney Island offers sun-worshipping on the beach, a dolphin show, and carnival rides, while the Brooklyn Museum of Art is home to one of the world’s best Egyptian collections.”

With over a million British tourists visiting New York each year the city is already a highly popular destination, although not enough people consider it a summer break.

In addition to its many attractions, New York is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Whatever precautions you take, travelling to New York, you are at risk of being the victim of a crime.

The most common type of crime, especially for tourists, is mugging and theft. To protect against occurrences such as this ruining your holiday, make sure you have travel insurance before you fly.

27 Jun 2014 Car Rental Safety Tips

The wall rushes towards you. It is an army of bricks, indifferent to bone and flesh. Your vehicle, losing traction and gaining speed with every movement rushes forward to an inevitable collision. Your mind races with infinite possibilities in the space of a heartbeat. The decisions you make next will either save your life, or end it prematurely. Can you really rely on the protection your vehicle provides you? When you collide with the wall, will the steel cage and crumple-zone protection spots wrap you in a secure cocoon? Or will your cars safety features fail you, causing your accident to develop into a catastrophe. What exactly does it take to make your vehicle safe and secure?

Road traffic accidents contribute to over a million accidents every year. That is 25% of all related accidents. Advances in vehicle technology save lives every day but the carelessness of human nature is rife with alcohol, drug use and speeding, the main causes of vehicular fatalities. Since 1930 with the invention of the safety belt, we have strived to be safe in our motorcars. Padded dashboards were invented next, thanks to the geniuses at Volvo. Again, in 1958 Volvo developed the 3 Point seatbelt system which is still in use today (albeit heavily modified). This proved to be so well-liked that it became standard for all cars the following year. Sadly, the actual law requiring drivers to wear seatbelts was only set in stone in the 80’s and for this we can thank New York, for they had the foresight to institute such a requirement. Everyone from the manufactures to the car rental companies demanded these innovative new safety features

Strangely enough, vehicle colour plays a major role in the safety of your vehicle. Black coloured cars are responsible for 47% of all accidents which occur, with pink, red and silver being the safest colour at only 12%. When a crash occurs it is the passive safety features which score greatly in accordance to your own personal safety. Passive safety refers to the moment when the vehicleis crashing or imminent to crash, allowing the safety features to automatically kick in. Firstly, the seatbelt tightens, creating a smaller target. Then the shoulder harnesses restrain the body and prevent neck dislocations, also protecting your head from impacting the windshield. If the windshield is breached, it will bend on impact and absorb the energy of your collision. Then the airbags kick in, providing extra cushioning – yet it should never be considered a replacement to a seatbelt. Finally, crumple zone technology absorbs the brunt of the impact, diverting it away from the driver and distributing it throughout the vehicle. Crumple Zone development is continually evolving and thousands of crash-test dummies are destroyed by eager scientists every day, all in the name driver safety (plus it looks amazingly cool in slow-motion).

Active safety is the more prominent safety feature, in terms of development and being able to physically see how they keep you safe. Some of the newer active safety tools include Intelligent Speed Adaption, whereby the vehicle is limited by a speed limit determined by the GPS unit. Variable power steering, which the vehicle uses to control parking and give a greater turning speed under adverse driving conditions. ESP or Electronic Sensor Control which takes complete control of the vehicle under adverse conditions, preventing it from under-steering and reducing speed if necessary. Finally, ABS or anti-lock braking prevents your wheels from locking under stringent braking conditions. None of these can of course, make-up for sloppy driving. Remember, always add insurance to an airport car rental, as these cars are usually very worn down due to foreign drivers careening them around our roads. This tip is for your safety.

None of these safety methods I mentioned here are a substitute for careful driving and respect for the road. I have seen far too many accidents in my lifetime. An overturned vehicle which looks like a bug kicking the air for surface. Oil pooling around the wreck as a limp body is pulled out. The mournful look on the casual observers face. As clichéd as this sounds, don’t be a statistic. Heed the road; it is a formidable beast which can only be tamed by safer driving.

26 Jun 2014 10 reasons to fall in Love with New York City

New York is arguably one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world and there is a nearly endless supply of wonderful things to see and do. Few tourists visit New York without great memories and a desire to return to its busy streets once again.

1. Statue of Liberty

Located on Liberty Island, this statue’s reputation precedes it. However, a visit to see it and the museum at its base is well worth any traveler’s time away from their New York hostels.

2. Central Park

This extensive and beautiful park is a favorite among local New Yorkers as much as tourists. It is also home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Central Park Zoo.

3. Times Square

Bathed in the bright lights of its many nighttime attractions, Times Square is home to some of the city’s most renowned theatres and cabaret shows.

4. Rockefeller Center

Although most famed for its huge Christmas tree and ice skating rink during the winter months, the center itself hosts significant events all year round and also offers excellent views from its observation deck.

5. Guggenheim Museum

This museum offers visitors a stunning collection of some of the world’s best and most loved artworks from such greats as Picasso, Van Gogh and Chagall.

6. Brooklyn Bridge

The historical bridge offers stunning views of the city that should be part of any visit here. It was once the world’s largest suspension bridge and is renowned for its wooden pedestrian footpath.

7. Grand Central Station

Taking ten years to construct, the Grand Central Station Terminal is an impressive architectural landmark with tours available for travelers interested in finding out more about its history.

8. Metropolitan Museum of Art

More than two million individual artworks are exhibited in this world famous cultural museum.

9. Shopping

Many New Yorkers live to shop, so it is no surprise that New York is a shopaholic’s paradise for locals and tourists alike.

10. Eating

Food buffs will also find their home in New York. Residents are renowned for eating out on a regular basis, which ensures the city’s restaurants offer excellent food at competitive prices.