28 Aug 2010 A singles guide to visiting New York City

New York city is a heaven for single people! I have been to New York city many times. I started going there when I had a friend who lived there because of his studies. I did New York with him many times. I then started going alone because I was familiar with the city and found out that is what I preferred. I also brought my boyfriend and though I loved going around and making him discover the city for the first time, I did not have the feeling of being by myself in that fabulous city.

Many single people, especially women, are afraid to travel alone. There is no need to worry about traveling alone. Some women fear for their safety alone and some other fear of finding being alone lonely. Don’t fear about both things! If you follow simple safety rules, like you would do in your own native city, you won’t have anything to fear. I always buy a Metrocard and take the bus everywhere, even at night. I always stay in Murray Hill and the buses leave you in front of your hotel so there is nothing to fear. If you are still skittish, take the bus and not the subway. That will probably make you feel more safe. You can cab it at night if you went out someplace that is less convenient for public transportation and you don’t feel safe.

As for being lonely in New York…I shop and sight see during the day. I often take walking tours and every time I meet people like me who are alone or like last time I met a woman and her daughter, who was around my age and a teacher like me, and we ended up chatting it up during the tour. I sensed that I could ask them for dinner and that they would have been happy to include me in their plans because the older woman, being a mother, was concerned about me being alone in the big city! Since I don’t get lonely, I did not push for dinner with them. I did another walking tour once where we ended up going out for a beer afterward. You get more occasions of meeting new people when you are alone then you are with a boyfriend.

As for eating alone…I love eating alone at the bar with a magazine. You always end up chatting with other single people like you or chatting with the bartender. I once had dinner at Campanile, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, and ended up talking with 2 NYPD retired cops and spending the evening there and having a wonderful time. They even payed for my dinner! Since they were well into their sixties, it was really a conversation without flirting involved.

I have a hard job, I am a high school teacher, and going to New York alone helps me take my mind off my job. I never think about the stress of my job when I am in New York. I always feel light and bubbly. Shopping and eating does that to you!

28 Aug 2010 New York Hotels- a Perfect Retreat

The discounted hotels situated in New York are regarded as bliss for tourists who drool over lavishness and fine furnishings, well-appointed rooms, facilities and amenities along with out of this world view of the sea along with a cheap tariff to exploit the benefits of the same. Most of the cheap New York hotels reveal interiors that have been designed in such a way that it provides the ideal mood to chill out and unwind. Apart from that these cheap and discounted hotels provides the best venue to host meetings and conference.

Discounted booking are also available for New York hotels in order to enjoy the perfect blend of beauty, recreations activities, amenities, excellent staff and everything else that makes up living a high style. There are several hotels that offer discounts on rooms, accommodations all inclusive packages. These discounted hotels boast of roomy and extremely spacious rooms with tall, metaphorical ceilings and the kindness and affection with regards to the service. The rooms are centrally air-conditioned, every room has a balcony, which is the place to unwind and free your mind of all the worries!

The world class destination for tourist to visit also boast of cheap hotels in las Vegas that provides world-class facilities. It is unbelievable but the kind of service and amenities provided at discounted hotels situated in Las Vegas hotel is simply unparalleled and top-notch and certainly remarkable. This is bound to contribute to making the trip much more worth while, entertaining and more enjoyable and comfortable.

Cheap hotels booking are one of the most important factors that attract a lot of tourist to make prior bookings and hence increase the revenues and the goodwill of the hotels. Cheap Accommodation is easily available on different sites online. A lot of information is stated online and one could simply browse through the same and find the right type of discounted hotel that comes with a right room tariff rate along with cheap bookings.

27 Aug 2010 Travel to New York This Summer

All eyes are on New York this week as the Sex and the City film premieres here in London.

Travel experts believe that the film will attract many British tourists to New York as they see the beautiful setting of the film. Fans of Sex and the City can now also do tours where they visit the locations of famous scenes from the series and the movie.

The New York tourist board, NYC and company, are keen to use this opportunity to remind tourists that New York does not have to be a winter destination.

Many consider New York a winter destination, picturing snowy scenes and shopping experiences in one of the most famous cities in the world.

But New York can offer a fabulous summer holiday to those who venture there in the warm summer months. With an average summer temperature of 29 degrees celsius and an abundance parks and outdoor pools, New York is a real summer treat.

Commenting on some of the city’s best attractions, NYC & Company chief George Fertitta said: “Easily reachable by subway, Coney Island offers sun-worshipping on the beach, a dolphin show, and carnival rides, while the Brooklyn Museum of Art is home to one of the world’s best Egyptian collections.”

With over a million British tourists visiting New York each year the city is already a highly popular destination, although not enough people consider it a summer break.

In addition to its many attractions, New York is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Whatever precautions you take, travelling to New York, you are at risk of being the victim of a crime.

The most common type of crime, especially for tourists, is mugging and theft. To protect against occurrences such as this ruining your holiday, make sure you have travel insurance before you fly.

26 Aug 2010 How To Find The New York Apartment That’s Right For You

So you’ve made the decision to move to New York and now it’s apartment hunting time. Here are a few tips that will help get you pointed in the right direction.

First, as you’ve probably determined by now New York is one of the most interesting places in which to live in the world. It’s a city with a lively and ongoing pulse of it’s own. But… for all of it’s upside living in New York can be an expensive proposition, and finding an affordable apartment in New York can be a frustrating experience. Especially if you intend to make a go of it without subletting or taking on a roommate.

It will take a little creativity a fair amount of planning of to find the apartment in New York that’s right for you and your budget.

You’ll want to look in the outer Burroughs of city if you’re really wanting to find a descent deal on an apartment. Many of these areas sometimes go neglected as apartment hunters do look in these areas.

Check in areas in and around Brooklyn, Queens and even the Bronx. In spite of the image they are depicted in films these areas provide a certain charm that’s all their own.

Even the Staten Island area is ripe with great inexpensive apartment alternatives. Locating here is an excellent option for inexpensive housing.

You should be sure to check lists in local newspapers, then view those listings that have websites online. Withhold making your final decision until you view the apartment and area so you’re sure it’s where you want to live. If you aren’t yet living in New York you may want to make a trip to see an area firsthand to make a better more informed decision.

If you’re unable to find what anything that suits you in any of the areas already listed don’t hesitate to get a little further out of the city. There are many livable areas across the Hudson and even into New Jersey. You’ll find an ample supply of inexpensive apartments in and around New Jersey. Hoboken is another city that’s rather close and has many great finds just waiting to be discovered.

If your mind is made up on living in Manhattan you should begin your search by going through the many listings you’ll find online. You will no doubt be astonished by what you’ll find.

25 Aug 2010 New York Hotels Making Fantasy Come True
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The most excellent occasion to visit New York is during the season of Christmas and New Year. Weather conditions would definitely be disturbingly wintry; but the atmosphere of the festive season makes up for everything. The city is at its utmost dynamism during this time as the store, avenues, houses, churches and everything imaginative is decorated beautifully with lights, flowers and bric-a-brac. But ideally Spring Season and Fall, are too good to experience in the New York City. A suave city accommodation in New York is not at all a problem. New York Hotels are unsurpassed and of world class standard. Well equipped with all the basic amenities and services to your delight and comfort.

Being one of the most fine- looking holiday spot with pretty tourist attractions you are sure to have a ball of time. Some of the best places to visit are:


A trip to the New York City means that visiting the celebrated Manhattan Island is a must. Sited on the port of City of New York, The Island of Manhattan is a delightful place on earth. Attractions and entertainment are galore in Manhattan.

The Cloisters

Towards the north of Manhattan Fort Tryon Park is located the Cloisters offering the best sights of the Hudson River. This place is an excellent spot to spend a quiet evening at and spend time with oneself. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and lovely pathways to stroll across, the Cloisters is one of its own kinds. Secluded from the battering and bustling world of outside this place is pleasantly serene.

Madame Tussauds Museum

This is the only place on earth where you can get close with your favorite stars. Mingle with the celebs and get your pictures clicked without much ado. And all this is possible at the Madame Tussauds Museum that showcases the life size wax dummies of the famous personalities. From Madonna to Morgan Freeman, from Britney Spears to Brad Pitt you will find them all here. And this is why this museum is the hottest attraction of New York.

Statue of Liberty

Among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Statue of Liberty is among the most distinguished structures ever built. Entering the statue is prohibited but you may appreciate the beauty of the Statue by visiting the museum positioned at the base of the statuette or view it from the observation deck. Within every 30 minutes a ferry head off to the Liberty Island and Ellis Island from the Battery Park and takes the boarders fro a tour. On the Ellis Island you may even pop round the Immigration Museum absolutely free of cost.

When you are on a visit to the City of New York, it is worthwhile that you make prior reservations in the New York City Hotels to avoid last minute choices get on your nerves.

With exclusive hotels in New York City, good- looking sites and attractions, this place will no doubt boggle your mind and senses.

24 Aug 2010 New York Holiday Property Rentals

New York is a great destination for a holiday property rental! This amazing American state has a good selection of self catering accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, so you can plan an enjoyable vacation for all the family.

Not surprisingly, there is so much to see and do in New York! But one place you should visit is New York City, the largest city in New York State and also the largest city in the United States!

With so many sights, attractions and places to visit in New York City, which is also known as the Big Apple, you won’t know where to begin!

There are five boroughs in the city, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, and all are well worth a visit.

The Bronx is a great place to check out during your stay. Here you will find a wealth of attractions, such as Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden and more!

Brooklyn, meanwhile, is home to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, New York Aquarium and so much more. While you are in the area, why not take a walk across Brooklyn Bridge and take in the fantastic views?

Manhattan also boasts numerous visitor attractions and sights. You can see the famous Empire State Building (also admire the breathtaking views of the city from the building’s 86th Floor Observatory), the Chrysler Building, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Central Park etc.

The borough of Queens also has some interesting places to visit, such as The Museum of the Moving Image. And Staten Island, also one of New York City’s five boroughs, includes Staten Island Zoo, Staten Island Botanical Garden and Staten Island Children’s Museum among its attractions.

If you want to make the most of your visit to New York City, you should take one of the many sightseeing tours in the city that never sleeps! For example, there are hop-on, hop-off bus tours, harbour cruises and even helicopter tours available!

You can easily get around New York City, whether it’s by bus, taxi, subway, bicycle or foot! In fact, you will get to see so much more when you walk around the city, as you will be able to stop off where and when you want, take a look around you and explore the areas you might have missed if you’d travelled by bus or taxi.

If time allows during your stay, try to sample some of the fantastic entertainment in the city. There’s a huge variety of productions to choose from, with something for everyone. Why not head to Broadway and enjoy one of the many shows on offer?

New York City is also a perfect destination to go shopping! Here in the Big Apple you will be able to shop until you drop! But shopaholics beware! Here you will find the famous Macy’s Herald Square, Bloomingdales’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as numerous other stores and shops for everyone.

During your stay in New York City, you will definitely want to sample some of the food available. You will be spoilt for choice by the number of cuisines on offer here. And you should be able to find a restaurant which suits your taste, whether it’s French, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Vegetarian etc! Also, don’t forget to try some of the tasty pizza and bagels that New York City has to offer!

New York City is perfect for a long weekend break to go shopping or a longer sightseeing holiday. But whatever your reason for visiting this exciting and vibrant city the first time around, you will probably want to make another visit to the amazing Big Apple before too long.

21 Aug 2010 Tips For Finding An Amazing New York Travel Deal

Almost everybody has a dream of someday traveling to New York State. Whether it is the sights of the Big Apple or the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains and outdoor activities around the Finger Lakes.

Unfortunately, dreams of an outstanding New York travel deal are frequently turned into nightmares when potential visitors are handed opening prices on trips to NY.

However, the smart consumer should not despair OR pay the excessive prices initially offered. With the internet and numerous travel agencies in the market for your business, finding a quality New York travel deal with specifics such as airline tickets and hotel stays can be pretty simple.

Keep in mind that traveling to NY can still be very expensive with all of the “extras” involved. But if you do a bit of fact finding and take the advice of this article, finding an excellent travel deal to NY may be easier than you think.

Being that we are in the Age of Information, with answers to our needs at our fingertips, one of the most powerful resources that you have to learn about a noteworthy New York travel deal is the internet. There are abundant websites offering savings for frugal, self-motivated travelers.

Here are a few tricks to finding online deals for your subsequent jaunt to NY:

1. Make sure that you check around previous to making any payment toward your trip. Do not purchase the first airline ticket you see offered online and do not book the first accommodation you identify just because you think it seems like a good New York travel deal. Always check no less than three (3) sources for every aspect of your vacation.

Start with the large travel websites; they usually produce the most valid comparison starting points for prices. Then go to some of the smaller websites (believe me they are hard to miss). After you get a feel for what is out there, then you could even go straight to the website of the airline or lodging you may have seen as a good option for from the previous fact-finding. Often times going directly to the supplier can provide you with the greatest New York travel deal.

2. It is often wise to start the research for your vacation several months in advance. It is a good idea to check the prices for your airfare if booked now for your desired departure date and also check the last minute flights to your destination at the same time. If you ascertain that waiting until the last minute to book your plane could be a worthwhile New York travel deal, then you may want to reflect upon that as a part of your trip plans. You will need to be sure to be flexible in case you cannot get on the flight that you had originally wanted.

3. When considering your lodging options, you should look into hostels in addition to the usual hotels, etc. These are low-budget accommodations that are a delightful combination of a Bed & Breakfast and a dorm and provide uncomplicated travelers with an amazing New York travel deal. There are no less than 40 separate hostels scattered around the metropolitan area of the Big Apple and quoted prices start as low as $15 USD per night!

4. When you get to your destination in NY, speak with some of the locals. Most of the time there will be a friendly face available at your hotel, hostel, etc. Find out from them the greatest places to go for a nice dinner or if there are any locally sponsored events or games that you can attend. The locals normally know all of the best quaint restaurants with considerable atmosphere that will not empty your pocketbook on a single meal and some of the most interesting activities to be present at.

Visiting New York State can be very satisfying. One of the greatest ways to derive pleasure from your vacation is to know that you have found at least one New York travel deal that has helped to stretch your budgeted trip money. This way you will have more of that allocated cash to do what you really want to do, which is: experience New York.

21 Aug 2010 Airline reviews: Southwest Airlines

Following Europe’s lead, America has realized that flying locally should be a cheap and affordable option for everyone. In recent years, old airlines have re-branded themselves as discount carriers and a multitude of new airlines have appeared. Southwest Airlines is the largest of these emerging budget airlines. Southwest www.southwest.com) has been operating for 37 years.

As is the case with Europe’s discount carriers, Southwest’s best deals are online only. Like most discount airlines, there are frequent, even weekly specials that you can only discover by going to the website. The website also allows access to tools, such as fare calendars, which find those travelers with greater timetable flexibility the airline’s best available fares and specials.

I have performed a search to compare Southwest to other domestic flight options. Midweek, April (ie, shoulder season) flights have been searched to help compare Southwest Airline’s destination options and fares to those offered by the major competitors. All of the searched flights depart from Seattle and go to three popular domestic destinations – San Diego, New York and Miami. The individual airline search results have been compared to Expedia’s pricing for these destinations and all fares include taxes. Another point of comparison is the airport to which the airlines fly. It is usually best to fly into a city’s major airport, as the transportation infrastructure is usually much better for commuting onwards or into the city. Only if the savings are substantial is it advisable to fly to an out-of-the way airport.

Expedia’s average fares for the searches were the following: Seattle to San Diego was $280-330; Seattle to Miami was $290-510; and Seattle to New York was $320-400. Expedia’s airfares were for flights flying to each city’s major airport.

A midweek, April flight search yielded the following results for Southwest flights: Seattle to San Diego for $226.40, to Fort Lauderdale (its closest airport to Miami) for $400.40 and to New York’s Long Island airport for $240.40. To get the best fares, I clicked the Southwest’s “shortcut to low fares” button on its website. It connects you to its calendar fare view for the best deals. After searching other deals on the site, I found that the majority of Southwest’s best fare deals are under $300.

In my search, Southwest offered the best airfares overall. However, it does not operate to all of the large airports or directly to the desired destinations. So its fares require an airport compromise and an additional commute to the destination. Overall, compared to Expedia’s results, the various individual Southwest averaged roughly $75 cheaper than Expedia’s major airline results.

The conclusion? While Southwest’s flight pricing is competitive, when flying Southwest you must ultimately consider your priorities price or airport. And don’t forget to check out the website’s unadvertised deals. When your travel dates remain flexible and when location is not your priority, Southwest can offer phenomenal bargain flights.

20 Aug 2010 Budget New York City for senior travelers

New York City can be an expensive place to visit, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still see the sights and sounds of everything the area has to offer, no matter how small your budget. Many local attractions offer free or low-cost entrance fees, and senior discounts are available at many others. With so much to see, New York City offers something for visitors of all ages.


Air service into New York City is by three routes: JFK International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Shuttle service from the three airports to Manhattan hotels is available by bus, train, taxi or van.


If you’re look for safe accommodations within walking distance of Times Square, consider Radio City Apartments. Each apartment (studio, one or two-bedroom) includes a small kitchenette. Perfect for those wanting to avoid hefty New York City dining prices, the use of the kitchenette allows travelers to keep breakfast foods on hand, or even an occasional picnic lunch.


Dining out in New York City doesn’t need to be expensive. For simple fare, try New York City-style pizza from the numerous pizzerias found all over the city.

The famous Katz’s Delicatessen offers sandwich platters that average around $15 per meal, but can easily be shared by two people.

To create your own picnic, visit the Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District. While wandering through the numerous food specialty shops, you might even run into a Food Network personality, as the Food Network is located in the same building.


By far, the easiest way to see New York City is by double-decker tour bus. For one low fee, Gray Line New York offers packages that allow visitors the ability to “hop-on” and “hop-off” at all the main attractions.

The public transit system is even less expensive. Prices for a New York City Metrocard range from $7 for unlimited one-day fun pass to $25 for an unlimited seven-day pass. If you’re over the age of 65, you can qualify for reduced fare, saving you 50 percent off of the regular price.


Many of the area’s museums offer free admissions during certain times. Take advantage of the free evenings at The Museum of Modern Art on Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

For theatre attractions, consider productions of Cirque du Soleil or Andy Williams. Forgot to order tickets in advance? Visit one of the three TKTS ticket booths

20 Aug 2010 Before you go: New York

Anytime of year is a great time to visit New York City. Unless you are a totally spontaneous person, there are a number of directions you can take to turn your trip into the highlight of your year.

It will be impossible to see everything you want to see in the Big Apple unless you plan to stay for months, so your list of to-do’s and to-see’s needs to fit your time frame. Start by writing down absolutely everything you’ve ever dreamed of in relation to the city. Details can be added later. If your list seems bigger than your time frame and your pocketbook, save whatever is leftover for the future.

Have you been to New York City on a business trip? On a family vacation or to visit relatives? What did you do and what do you wish you had done more of? Is there anything you don’t want to repeat, any particular locations or glitches in your trip? What will you do differently this time?

Among your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers are those who have been to New York City. They have lots of ideas and advise for you on how to travel to and around the city, where to stay, what to see and where to eat. Ask for details and then take what they say with a grain of salt. Your perspectives are apt to be totally different.

Websites will supply you with the information you need for the kind of visit you want to experience. Start with the official tourism site at http://nycvisit.com. Equally useful and inspiring are http://www.nyc.gov and http://www.visitnewyorkguide.c om.

Fly into any New York airport, and you’ll find taxis and city buses to take you where you want to go. Many hotels provide airport to hotel service. Rates and accommodations are as varied as the leaves on a tree. Ask what AARP, AAA, government or other discounts are available. Find out which hotels cater to children (and do they offer babysitting services) and which allow pets. If you decide to drive, hotels offer parking, and it’s usually quite pricy. Remember, you’ll be expected to tip at the hotel, at restaurants, and in other situations.

If this is to be your first visit to New York City, having a guide will make this so much simpler. Your best bet is someone who already lives in the city and would be glad to show you around. Just remember that it’s your trip and take responsibility for all expenses, including theirs, such as meals, subway tokens, taxi fares and admission fees. Your guide will appreciate knowing ahead of time what you’d like to do and see